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Molkki 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mahesh and Vipul’s father get into a deal

Molkki 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Virender is about to inaugurate the mill when his Mama tells him to stop. They see 2 big bulldozers coming in. Mama tells Virender to think again. You know that this Mill was made on my land. You can inaugurate it if you will agree with me or this will be destroyed. Virender tells him he wont back down. Tell your men to back off or I will not spare them. Mama stays put. I have made up my mind. Even God cannot stop me today. He tells his men to break down the Mill. Virender stands firmly in the way of the bulldozers. Virender’s brother requests his Mama to agree with Virender. His sister tells him the same. Mama stops the bulldozers just when they are about to hurt Virender. Mama asks him to move aside. This is my land and I will order things here. Virender says my emotions got attached with it too. I can pay you for the land. Mama tells Virender to forget about the inauguration if he wont agree for second marriage. Virender holds his hand and his Mama experiences a heart attack during the confrontation. They decide to take him to hospital.

Purvi and Priyu are on their way to temple. They see the ambulance van passing by. Purvi prays for the well being of the patient.

Doc tells Virender and his family that they will try their best but Mama’s condition looks critical. They take him to ICU. Virender’s mother blames Virender for her brother’s condition.

Purvi notices Vipul leaving in a bus. She chases him but the bus drives away. She tells Priyu about it but Priyu says he cannot go as it is your haldi today. Purvi nods. They come back home and ask their mother about the guests. Mahesh is removing the decor. His wife tells the girls that Vipul’s father was asking for dowry. Purvi says that’s why Vipul left the town. Her mother assures her that they will get her married to Vipul only. Her husband says Vipul left town. It was a sham as they couldn’t ask for dowry directly. They thought we will give them dowry to avoid being badmouthed in front of people. He taunts Priyu on what she has done. I will be insulted once the truth about her pregnancy is out. Priyu goes inside her room and picks up a piece of pointed steel. She hurts herself in the stomach. Purvi and her mother run inside.

Purvi and her mother bring Priyu to the same hospital. Virender and Purvi cross each other but don’t glance at each other.

Doc tells Virender’s family that Mama ji’s condition is still serious. He should not be stressed over anything again. He should remain here under observation.

Nurse tells Purvi’s mother to deposit 5k for Priyu’s abortion. Purvi requests doc to take care of Priyu. Doc tells her that they will do it. Please arrange the money. Purvi and her mother get tensed.

Virender and his mother decide to stay with Mama in the hospital and make arrangements for their family in a hotel nearby.

Purvi’s mother goes to arrange money. Purvi is asked to fill a form. Purvi and Virender pass past each other but don’t even so much as look at each other. Purvi is passing from Mama’s ward and hears Mama asking for water. She helps him drink water. He tries to look at her but his vision is blurred.

Purvi comes to the hospital temple to pray for Priyu. Virender comes there as well. They both pray for the well being of their loved ones. They go in different directions afterwards.

Nurse asks Purvi to call her mother asap. We have to do the operation urgently or we wont be able to save her. Purvi requests her not to say so. Ma must be coming. Purvi comes to find her mother and notices her working in her fields. A lady asks her if her mother has become so greedy that she is willing to do the work of an animal. Purvi gives her swear to her mother and changes places with her. she gets hurt while working but completes the task nonetheless. Purvi’s mother asks her what she is made of. You risked your life for all of us. The owner pays her 5k.

Vipul’s father lies to Vipul that he spoke to Purvi and her family. Don’t come back till the time your grandfather is fine. Vipul nods. Tell Purvi and her family that we will do all rituals next week. His father agrees and ends the call. He laughs at Mahesh. I did what you told me to. Marry Purvi wherever you want to now. Mahesh pays him money. You wouldn’t have been able to get anything if you were Purvi’s FIL.

Virender apologizes to his Mama. I dint know you will fall ill. I wouldn’t have known anything if I knew about your health. His mama asks him if he is ready to get married.

Purvi has brought Priyu home. Why did you do that? You will get married to Navin very soon. It will be a grand wedding like you planned.

Virender’s mother tells her brother to forget about the idea of Virender’s remarriage. He has many Mills. He wont mind if he will have to let go of Sakshi Mills.

Mahesh and his wife argue over Purvi’s wedding. Mahesh lies that Vipul ran away and his father asked for dowry. Let’s finalize Purvi’s wedding before people start gossiping. I have an alliance for Purvi. They want the marriage to happen quickly.

Virender’s mother plays reverse psychology trick with Virender.

Mahesh tells his wife to understand that they might not be able to even get Priyu married if the news about her pregnancy and abortion comes out.

Virender agrees for the remarriage on the condition that he must give him the land on which Sakshi Mills is made. No one should be able to take it away from me in future. I am ready for marriage if you agree with my condition.

Mahesh asks his wife if he should fix the alliance. Purvi says yes.

Mama agrees with Virender’s condition. Virender tells his mother to make preps for his marriage.

Purvi tells her Baba to get her married asap so they can get Priyu married quickly. She cries inside.

Precap: Mama selects Purvi for Virender. He tells Kanji Bhai that she will become Virender’s wife. There is something special about her. Virender saves Purvi as she jumps in the water. Virender’s family fixes Purvi and Virender’s alliance. Vipul comes back in town and tells Mahesh that he had a disagreement with his father but he wants no dowry. I will marry Purvi asap.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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