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Mere Sai 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Raghav and his family get out of servitude

Mere Sai 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sumati and Ashok reach the exam centre but Santa and Banta reach there at the same time. Sumati prays to Sai. Santa and Banta keep them in 2 sacks. They come to back Sarkar’s home and show the sacks proudly. They find food items inside when they open the sacks.

Keshav informs Sai that his father took Rama and Raghav to Chawdi so he can defeat you in front of the entire village. Sai picks up his bag and asks Keshav to come.

All the villagers have gathered outside Chawdi. Sarkar comes there. Everyone is curious as to what will happen now. Sarkar says today I will not just send 4 culprits to jail but I will also show someone their place. Rama and Raghav are brought there. Sarkar says they dared to go against me because of that Fakir. Today everyone will see how weak he is in front of me.

A guy comes to Shirdi to meet Raghav. He asks Chandu there Raghav lives. Chandu shares that he has become Sarkar’s servant. They are in Chawdi right now as they were unable to pay their debt. He requests Chandu to take him to Chawdi. Chandu agrees.

Raghav tells Sarkar not to blame Sai. He dint tell me anything. Sarkar tells him to be quiet. Culprits have no right to say anything! Sai says everyone has a right to explain their side of the story. Sarkar taunts Sai. It is good that you are here though. Everyone will see how you wont be able to do any miracle today! Only innocent people get to explain or speak. We have his crimes in writing. Inspector says Sarkar has shown us all papers already. Santa and Banta come there with 2 sacks. We nabbed the kids before they could go inside the exam center and brought them here in the sacks. The villagers feel disgust but Sarkar laughs. God is on my side today. He asks Sai what good are his powers when he couldn’t help the kids give exam. I don’t think you have any powers. He tells Santa and Banta to get the kids out. Raghav and Inspector question Sarkar on keeping kids in sacks. Sarkar says they were instigated by this Fakir. No criminal deserves mercy. Rama requests Sai to help them. Sai says only Kulkarni Sarkar can do something here. Everyone is taken aback to hear him say that. Sarkar looks at him in disbelief. Say that again. You gave up! Take out the kids now. Santa and Banta open the sacks but they only find lambs. The villagers have a hearty laugh. Sarkar scolds them out of embarrassment. This Fakir must have helped them elope. He is a culprit too. Keshav denies. Raghav took loan from you. You can get Rama arrested for his crimes but the kids are minor. I discussed this with Chandorkar ji after seeing your brutality. Sarkar gives in. He tells Inspector to arrest Raghav and Rama. Your kids will have no future without you two anyways. Raghav asks him why he is being unjust to them when he has snatched their house from them already. Sarkar says you don’t even know how much you owe me. Inspector agrees. We must arrest you.

Chandu brings the other guy to Chawdi. He introduces himself as the Talhati of Sakori. There is a land there which was bought by one of your ancestors. I have come to give you the papers of that land only. Sarkar connects the dots with Sai again. Raghav asks him if this is the same place where Hanuman ji’s idol is kept. The guy nods. Sai smiles. Sarkar tells Inspector to arrest Raghav and Rama. Sai says I don’t think that’s required. He tells Raghav that Hanuman ji has given him another chance as he is pleased with your efforts. You can sell a part of this land and pay him off. Sarkar refuses but Inspector checks the papers. You will get your entire debt back this way. What’s the harm? Sarkar says I don’t know when it will be sold. Inspector reasons that Raghav was earlier incapable of paying off your debt or to mortgage anything. Now he has this piece of land. You can collect the interest amount till the time he is able to sell the land and pay you back. They free Raghav and Rama. Sai chants a shloka (everything happens as per Ram ji’s wish). Sarkar walks away with Santa and Banta.

Sumati and Ashok come running there and hug their parents. Are you fine? Raghav nods. Everything has been fixed because of Sai. We are no one’s servants anymore. I was scared when Santa and Banta told us that they had caught you in the sacks. Sumati says that was true. Flashback shows Santa and Banta heading towards Chawdi with the kids in the sacks. Sai adds udi in the fire because of which smoke emanates. Santa and Banta’s vision gets blurred for a while. They stop for a few seconds but then continue walking. Sai tells someone (the lambs) to say quiet and help someone. Sumati and Ashok step out of the smoke. Ashok wonders why it turned foggy suddenly? Sumati thanks Sai. It must be His doing. Let’s go to the exam center now. Flashback ends. Sai asks Ashok about his exam. He shares that he is positive he will score great marks. Sumati walks up to Sai with folded hands. I have no words to thank you. Sai tells her to do her karma. You don’t have to say anything. Stand with your brother like this always. You have done your duty very well. you have become a Teacher like you always dreamt of. You have taught your family how to stand against wrong and have faith. You have taught the entire village how to face challenges head on. You have become the Teacher of entire Shirdi right now. I believe we should change one tradition for you. He takes out a Rakhi and asks Ashok to tie it on Sumati’s hand. Everyone smiles. Ashok ties Rakhi on Sumati’s hand. They share a hug. Everyone folds their hands in gratitude. Sai blesses them.

Srikanth, Sumati and Ashok have come to meet Sai. Srikanth shares that Ashok tops the exams and has been awarded scholarship. Ashok walks up to Sai to seek his blessings but Sai advices him to seek the blessings of his Guru’s first. You have 2 Guru’s – Srikanth ji and your sister. Ashok touches everyone’s feet one by one. He shares with them that the scholarship money can cover for the education expense of 2 kids. Now you can study as well. We can fulfil our dreams this way. Sumati gets overwhelmed and hugs her brother. Sai blesses the kids. Family is not made with relations of blood. It is made by those who are always around to help one another; who feel and share each other’s pain and happiness. They should help the other overcome their weaknesses, fears and should motivate them to walk on the right path. No obstacle can stand in their way.

Precap: Gangadhar is at Khandoba’s temple. He realizes that something is missing. We might not be able to do grahpravesh at the right time. Sai tells him to look there. You are about to get your answer. They see a girl coming from the opposite direction.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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