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Love after arrange marriage Ep-37- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-37- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Episode :

Anupriya : Let me call her ..

She goes..

Riddhima : Who was the guy ?

Vansh : Aa..Aakash..

Riddhima : What , Aakash ?

Vansh : Hmm…I told mom Shweta will decide as she has to live so..

Riddhima : I don’t doubt you , you always do right..

Vansh blushes…


Meanwhile , Shweta’s room..

Anupriya : Shweta – Shweta..

Shweta : Yes mom..

Anupriya  (showing photograph) : This is a boy for your marriage ..Shall I call them at home today..?

Shweta : Hmm..

Anupriya goes to Vansh…

Anupriya :  Vansh , Shweta told that she wants to see the boy..

Vansh : That’s good…

Anupriya talks to Aakash on call..

Anupriya to Vansh : He is  coming today at 9 pm ..

Vansh : And his family..

Riddhima : He’s an orphan ..

Anupriya : How did you knew ?

Riddhima : I just guessed…

Anupriya : Ok

Everyone gets ready..

Aakash  enters..

Vansh : Mom , can I talk to Aakash once..

Anupriya : Yes

Aakash : Mr. Vansh , see I am now becoming your jiju ..

Vansh : I will be glad ..

Shweta (in Vansh’s ears) : Bhai  , I want he shall live with us…Can you give him a job ? I don’t wanna go from here ..

Vansh : You shall ask him once.I have no problem..

Aakash agrees ..

Vansh gives him a job..

Mrunal : So , we want that marriage shall happen soon…Tomorrow engagement …

Aakash : Ok…

They all go to their rooms.

Riddhima and Vansh are looking at each other ..Someone knocks ..

Vansh : Come in ..

Aakash : Vansh , I want to talk something ..

Vansh and Aakash go on a side ..

Aakash : Vansh , will you give Riddhima to me ?

Vansh : You wanna die ?

Aakash : Clear answer ?

Vansh : No

Aakash : Can you do me a favour ?

Vansh : Say ..

Aakash : Just for today can you give me Riddhima , actually not today , tonight …

Vansh in anger slaps Aakash tightly and punches him once ..

Riddhima : Vansh ..

Vansh : Ridz wait ..

Vansh throws Aakash out of his room …

Vansh tells the talks to Riddhima ..Riddhima says,”Its good , you slapped and punched ….”

Vansh : My duty is to protect you ..

Riddhima : Hmmm..Thank you ..

Then in no time , Riddhima sleeps..Vansh is doing his office work , and after sometime he too sleeps ..

Then Vansh wakes up ..

He thinks of something and goes to market ..

He comes back and sees Riddhima ready ..

Vansh : Why are you ready ?

Riddhima : Its Shweta’s engagement ..

Vansh : Oh , yes ..See what I have brought ..

Riddhima : What is it ?

Vansh : With this glass we can listen voice of others but they can’t listen ours..and with this machine if someone’s 40 m away then a beep voice will come …

Riddhima : And its need ?

Vansh : So , that (moves closer) I can romance with y dearest wife…

Riddhima smiles..


Thank Uh !




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