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Lockdown Ki Love Story 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhadra loses her cool

Lockdown Ki Love Story 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Dhruv to behave well. Dhruv catches his collar and asks where is Sonam. Raghav asks did she go anywhere, she should come to me. Bablu asks where did she disappear. Raghav says I don’t know. Bablu asks why didn’t you open the door. Dhruv says I was hurt by the beating, mum has a Maun vrath, dad is having fruits, I won’t let them open the door. Dhruv shouts Sonam. Sonam is tied up. She cries. Dhruv checks everywhere. Raghav says she isn’t here, how will you get her. He asks Dhruv to give 500rs, they have spoiled the house floor, he wants to get the house cleaned. Bablu gives 500rs and asks him to apply balm to his bones. They leave. Shobha smiles. Raghav says I got this shagun from Dhruv, he isn’t your husband, he has done duty of a brother-in-law.

Milky says Dhruv isn’t answering, its all because of Sonam, I hope she dies. Shashi gets angry and scolds her. Subhadra comes there with Pratap. She shouts shut up…. talk with manners. Pratap says I knew you would be planning to kill her, you have tortured her a lot, I m warning you, it will be good that my daughter comes soon. Subhadra asks where is Dhruv, you all disappeared Sonam, we didn’t come to fight, we just want our daughter. Milky asks will we hide her, she is a cheater, she is shameless, I was ashamed to see the video, you see her act, she was enjoying with Raghav. Subhadra slaps her.

Nutan says don’t scold my Bahu. Subhadra says stop it, she is ruining my daughter’s respect, you are teaching me, I have tolerated your drama always, there is no relation now. Pratap says they don’t deserve our talks, police will talk to me now. He calls the police station and files a report. He says Sonam was going to marry Dhruv, but Dhruv’s family kidnapped her, she is missing, we came here from Mumbai, we are worried, they are dangerous, come soon. Subhadra says just pray that Dhruv finds Sonam, else you all will go to jail. Dhruv comes and says I didn’t get Sonam.

Sonam tries to open the window. Sumitra comes and asks her to have the food. Sonam refuses. Sumitra says forgive me, if you don’t eat food, Raghav will hurt you. Sonam says you maybe scared, but I m not scared of him. She throws the food. She says he can’t cage me, you can just explain him. Sumitra says if you get a chance to shoot him down and run away, then you run away, I m saying this to you. She cries and goes. Dhruv says trust me, I was trying to convince Sonam to leave from here, I don’t know where is she. Pratap says I can’t trust you, you always broke our trust. Dhruv says I will come to police station if you want. Pratap says yes, you won’t say the truth this way. Nutan says don’t talk to him like this. Subhadra says we will take Sonam with us, you did very bad with her, return her to us. Police comes and says we have got a complaint against you all.

Sumitra says Sonam doesn’t want to have food. Raghav says she did wrong to throw the food, I have to make it right, get a plate again, I will feed her. He calls his friends home. He says now Sonam will have food. Raghav and his friends wear Dhruv’s photo masks. He says you love Dhruv, right, five Dhruv have come to feed the food to you. Sonam shouts on them. Raghav asks her to have food. She refuses. Sumitra looks on. Raghav asks his friends to sing for her. He asks Sonam to have food, else she will be more troubled. Sonam cries. She breaks a bottle and points at Raghav. She asks them to get out. Raghav says you don’t break my heart. She shouts shut up, get out of here. Raghav asks his friends to leave. He says Sonam is dangerous, she kills by her beauty as well. He cracks jokes and angers her. Sonam asks him to just get out. Raghav stamps on Dhruv’s pic and goes. Sonam shuts the door. She hugs Dhruv’s pic and cries. She says I need you Dhruv. Inspector asks Dhruv to think well, why does he think Raghav kidnapped Sonam. Milky says Raghav had sent a video in which…. Dhruv asks her to keep quiet or go inside, if anything happens to Sonam, then I will shoot you first, then I will die. Everyone is shocked.

Raghav forces Sonam to marry him. Dhruv looks for Sonam. Sumitra gets bridal dress for Sonam. Guddu says Sonam is nowhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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