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Ishq Mein Marjawan – Episode 3 – Danger

Today’s episode will be longer. Hope y’all enjoy. Thank you all for the continuous support 🙂

Epi starts…

Vansh pulls up at Riddhima’s house. It is a small house not far from the city. Before opening the door to get out, Riddhima turns to Vansh and said ‘Thank you again for everything’ and cheekily lean near his cheek to give a small kiss. Vansh was surprised at first but smiled and then drove away after Riddhima goes into her house.

Vansh thinking: I don’t know what is happening to me. Why does my heart beat faster everytime I go near her. Today was the first time I met her and I feel like seeing her again. These feelings are dangerous. I don’t want them to come out but I cannot control my heart. I will see her again tomorrow somehow.

Next morning at Riddhima’s house, there is a loud knock at the door.

Riddhima opens the door and stands hell shocked seeing the person. She yells “You!!! What are you doing here? Go away, I want nothing to do with you”. She tries to close the door but the person puts his foot to stop the door from closing. Sejal comes from behind Riddhima and looked at the person and turned to Riddhima.

Sejal: Who is he??

Riddhima: Umm nobody. Just go back inside.

Sejal: No Riddhu, please I am your best friend. You never hide anything from me.

Riddhima: I am sorry Sejal but…

Unknown: Shut up! both of you.

The unknown person suddenly grabs Riddhima hand and pulls her out the door. She tries to break free and her phone drops onto the floor but he was too strong. Sejal was shocked, she tried to go after Riddhima and the person but he pushed her away and she knocked her head near the frame of the door and fell down onto the ground.

Riddhima at a distance: SEJALL! (She turned to the person and said..”Let me go!!”)

Unknown: No Riddhima, I am not letting you go anywhere, time time you are coming with me.

Riddhima sobs and just let the person pull her away.

On the other side, Vansh is in his office in a meeting but he is not able to concentrate. He tells Angre (business partner) that he is leaving.

Vansh: Angre please can you cover for me. I really need to get out of here.

Angre: Yes boss.

Vansh walks out and drives towards Riddhima house again. He thinks “Why do I feel like something is pulling me towards her?”

Vansh parks near Riddhima house 10 mins later and walks towards the house. He starts walking and is shocked to see a woman on the floor. He runs towards her. Sejal has a cut on her forehead and looks up at Vansh running towards her. She knew it was Vansh as Riddhima had told her about him when he dropped her home last night.

Vansh: Are you ok? What happened? (holding out his hand to make her stand)

Sejal: Vansh??

Vansh: How do you know me?

Sejal holds his hand and stands up holding her head.

Sejal: I am Riddhima’s best friend Sejal. I saw you dropping her home last night.

Vansh: Ohh! (blushed secretly) What happened? Why were you on the floor?

Sejal in a panic mood: Rid..Riddhima! Please save her Vansh, someone took her from here and pulled her towards the other side of the street.

Vansh was shocked and felt angry.

Sejal: She dropped her phone and there is no way to find her. What are we going to do?? (starts crying)

Vansh looks at Sejal and walks her back inside the house to sit her down.

Vansh: Don’t worry, I will find her, do me one favour and don’t leave the house. I will get someone here to stay with you, his name is Angre. I will bring Riddhima back here when I can.

Sejal: Ye..yes

Vansh stands up quickly and walks out the door.

He looks around the houses on the street and sees a small alleyway leading out onto a street. He pulls out his phone from his pocket and calls Angre.

Vansh: Angre!! Listen to me, I need you to come over here and take care of someone. Don’t leave her alone at any point. I will send you the address.

Angre: But boss, how about the meeting?

Vansh: Screw the meeting! I have more important things to do. Now hurry up!!

Meanwhile across the street, Riddhima was in a small basement of a house. She did not know how she ended up there because the person knocked her out and wandered if there was a way to escape. She looked here and there and only saw darkness. She was scared and cold. Suddenly, a person came from the darkness and spoke.

Unknown: Now Riddhima, I won’t hurt you but I want you to listen to me. We are going away from here to Sweden. You are going to marry me and we are going to have a family away from everyone else.

Riddhima: NO!! I am not going anywhere with you. Please let me go. Why are you doing this?

Unknown: I have no choice, can’t you see I love you too much. You have rejected so many times but I can’t give up on you. We are made for each other can’t you see. (he smirked) I was the one who followed you the other day when you went to the shops and you felt me but I disappeared before you could see me.

Riddhima: You are mad! I know someone will find me and I will send you to jail. You won’t get away with this. (she tries to punch him but misses)

Unknown laughs: So cute Riddhima, I like to see them try. This place has a no entry and no exit zone. There is no way in or out.

Riddhima eyes him shocked and tries to run but falls. She starts crying but thinks that she can’t give up.

Unknown: Stopp cryingg! The flight to Sweden leaves tonight. We are going and that’s final.

He walks away.

Riddhima started crying more now and wandered if she can find an opportunity to escape.

Precap: Vansh spots Riddhima and shouts her name but she is dragged away. He follows her and tries to save her but falls. Riddhima tries to run away and succeeds in leading Vansh to her. 

That’s all for today guys. Let me know how you like the episode and Can you all guess who the person is? Will reveal tomorrow. 🙂

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