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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihaan saves Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima recalling Kabir’s words. She breaks the mirror. She sits crying. She says its my mistake. Kabir comes. He asks what will you do Riddhima, poor Vansh, he got killed in love, and you got ruined in love. He says you lost everything Riddhima. He pours some black powder around her and makes a circle. He says sometimes I feel there is a devil in me, this is Kalyug, no Lord will come to kill a devil, when you can’t break this Chakravyuh, then compromise with it as fate, if you try to break this, then there will be bloodshed, I don’t know who will die, who will get hurt, but it will happen, bloodshed will happen in this family, you will be responsible for it. She says no Kabir, please….

He says you know my entire truth now, did you think why you are alive, because you loved me, I know to value true love, so I didn’t throw you out of the house, because you are an orphan and now a widow also, where will you go. He makes a face. He leaves. She cries. She hears Vansh’s voice and turns. She says I heard Vansh’s voice. She goes to the window. She sees Vansh standing in the lawn. She says Vansh has come back. She runs to the lawn. She calls him out. She asks where did he go. She shouts Vansh, I have come… Vansh isn’t here, was it my illusion, he left me, I have gone mad. She recalls Vansh’s words. She leaves. She reaches a temple. She goes upstairs. Bells ring. She says whenever Vansh and my relation was tested, you always helped me and saved our relation, how did you let Vansh get way from me. She walks over some stones/glass. Her feet bleeds. She says I can’t do anything even when I know Kabir and Anupriya’s truth. She says Kabir is challenging you, you have to prove your existence, that justice exists, help me, I have to protect the family, I m ready to lose life, but Kabir has to lose, you have to send Abhimanyu in this Kalyug to fight Kabir, show me the way. Vihaan is seen. She leaves. The flower falls down Bappa’s idol. The guys at the tea stall see her coming downstairs.

They surround her on their bikes. She tries to run. They stop the bikes and ask who will help you, a beautiful girl in in trouble, give your gold bangles to us. She throws the bangles. They come to her saying you have more precious things. The bad guy holds her hand and asks how can we leave this. She recalls Vansh fixing the mangalsutra. She says I won’t give this. He says give it to me. She hits him. The goon says how dare you, see what I do now. He gets a knife and goes to her. Vihaan comes and holds the knife. He beats the goon. The other goons attack. He fights them. The goons go away. Vihaan comes to her. She gets shocked seeing him. Ishq mein marjawan……….plays…. She recalls Vansh dying. She gets dizzy. She says Vansh and falls in his arms. She faints.

Dadi sees her at the gate and shouts Riddhima. She asks what happened to you. Ishani comes and checks. She asks Dadi to relax, her breath is running fine. Dadi says her feet is wounded, what happened. Angre comes and asks what happened to her, we will take her inside. He lifts her. Ishani says Riddhima in this state, what happened with her. Dadi sprinkles water on Riddhima’s face. Chanchal asks what happened. Dadi says don’t know. Riddhima gets up and says Vansh…

Chanchal says Vansh isn’t between us now, its better if you accept this soon. Dadi stares at Chanchal. She asks what happened Riddhima. Riddhima says outside the temple… Dadi asks what. Riddhima thinks I m seeing Vansh everywhere, was that my illusion too. Ishani asks her to say. Riddhima says Dadi, I went to temple, maybe I fainted, I m fine, don’t worry. Dadi says how can’t I worry, you have lost it, if anything happened to you, I already lost Vansh, Siya is in coma, understand one thing, my heart has become weak, I can’t bear more wounds, don’t be careless again, sit back. Riddhima says I m fine, I promise this won’t happen again, don’t take stress, else your health will get bad. Angre says I will call the doctor. Riddhima says no, I will do the dressing myself. Dadi asks her to come to her room. Riddhima thinks of Vansh. She thinks was it my illusion or something else, I have to find out, who was he. Vihaan pays the guys.

The guy says you really hit us….. Vihaan says I got much data from your life hard disk, you can land in jail, just take the money and go. The goon says but unlock our data first. Vihaan says its already unlocked. The guy says but we didn’t understand, you saved the girl and dropped her home, you didn’t take her praise. Vihaan recalls dropping Riddhima. He sees the house and says I have to come in, but not now, my time will come, wow already my name initial is here, I m waiting for the right time then I will be inside the gate, fruit of patience is good for digestion. He leaves. FB ends. Vihaan says I m weird, my heart and mind don’t know what’s happening, if I tell you, you won’t know it, my work is over, your data is unlocked, now out. The guys leave. Vihaan says now the real game begins. He smiles.

Kabir says tell Dadi to let me handle Vansh’s business, first business, then his house and his room. Riddhima looks at him. Riddhima comes to some place and sees Vihaan. She cries and says Vansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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