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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 27: Dream turned to reality :)

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The episode starts as……


Riddhima smiles looking at Vansh. Vansh notices her smiling and just looks at her.

Vansh(thinks): I still feel it’s a dream. But a dream which has now turned into reality. I can’t believe we’re now together. I really wish that I am with you always and you always with me. I want us to be with each other and grow old together.

Riddhima(thinks): Finally! After all the wait I had gone through. I have you by my side. I always want to be with you. I want to see us grow old together. I want us to achieve our dreams together.

Aryan and Ishani notice the two lost in their thoughts and smile looking at each other. But then Ishani gets a call which breaks their moments. Ishani says, “It’s Sia’s call. I don’t know why is she calling me now?”

Vansh: You need to answer the call for that.

Ishani answers the calls and then,

Ishani: Yes Sia, What happened?

Sia: You have no idea what I dreamt of?

Ishani: So now you tell me what you dreamt of.

Sia: I saw Vansh bhai proposing Riddhima and Riddhima accepting the proposal. It was a shock for me because of which I woke up.

Ishani, Aryan, Riddhima and Vansh are surprised on knowing Sia’s dream. Vansh and Riddhima look at each other while Ishani continues…

Ishani: Maine suna tha ki subha ke sapne sach hote hai. Lekin aaj pata chala ki raat mein dekhe gaye sapne bhi sach ho jate hai. ( All this time I had heard that the dreams people get in morning are fulfilled but today I realised that dreams we get at night can also be fulfilled)

Sia: Can you please explain?

Ishani: Your dream is already come true today. Bhai proposed her and she accepted his proposal.

Sia(in total surprise): WHAT! Stop joking! Bhai can never do that. It’s next to impossible!

Vansh snatches the phone from Ishani and speaks.

Vansh: What happened Sia? Why can I never do that?

Sia(stammers): Bhai, Actually bhai, bhai that actually……….. Bye!

Sia hangs the call while everyone here starts laughing.

Aryan: We never thought that Vansh would propose Riddhima so fast!

Riddhima: What do you mean?

Aryan: I thought y’all will take minimum one year to confess your feelings for each other.

Vansh: Are you trying to pull our legs?

Ishani: What do you think?

Riddhima: Ofcourse, y’all are!

Aryan and Ishani leave from there saying that the two (Riddhima and Vansh) need some personal space for sometime.

Riddhima(recalls something): I don’t want to talk to you!

Vansh: Oh God! I just proposed you and you started throwing tantrums.

Riddhima(sternly): If you can’t take my tantrums then leave!

Vansh(pulls Riddhima closer): I can take care of you also and your tantrums also. I am ready to do that forever!

Riddhima(stepping back): Good! But I am still angry.

Vansh: But atleast let me know the reason behind your anger.

Riddhima: If everything I need to say then what’s the use? There is something you need to understand. And you seriously don’t know why I am angry?

Vansh: Not at all! If I knew what made you angry I would just throw that thing out of the room.

Riddhima: You made me angry. Now throw yourself out of the room.

Vansh: *blank*

Riddhima goes and stands near the window not paying any attention to Vansh. Vansh is speechless. He wonders what has he done that made her angry. He continues looking at her and recalls every moment that took place between them. And suddenly something struck his mind.

Vansh(thinks): Am I not the most stupid person on this planet Earth? How could I forget it? How can I forget to compliment her? THE DRESS! She wore it in my insistence. I feel like banging my head to the wall. But that’s not my fault. After all, my attention was completely on her, and I didn’t even notice the dress completely. (Gives a complete look to the dress) Uff…. It’s sizzling hot! No doubt that the dress is made for her. But now that she’s angry I need to talk to her.

Vansh walks towards Riddhima. He slides his hands over her waist and pulls her extremely close to him. He brushes his cheeks next to hers. Her cheeks get red as she blushes but she also tries to avoid it and decides to remain angry. Then suddenly Vansh whispers in her ears.

Vansh: I forgot to tell you something.

Riddhima(turning her face towards him): What’s it?

Vansh: I am Sorry! Actually, I was so mesmerized on seeing you that I couldn’t notice this dress. But now that I did, you look the best! Let me tell you, you look the most beautiful girl in this world. And this dress, it’s just made for you. And when you stepped out of the room and the balloons fell over you and you smiled that’s the most precious moment for me. That’s when I actually realised that you have feelings for me. And when you read the card kept on the centre table, you realised that it was all planned by me. Your eyes were searching for me. I came to know that you too longed for me.

Riddhima started blushing on hearing every word he said and turned to him completely. She hugged him tightly and was not ready to leave him at all. He reciprocated. They were so close that Riddhima could feel his breath over her. But still she had no wish to go apart. She stayed there as long as he would take her in his embrace. Not knowing that he is always ready to keep her in his arms. She felt safe and protected. It was the first time that she had a strong instinct for someone. And after a long hug they stepped back.

Vansh: It’s the first time I have had such a connection with someone.

Riddhima: I can understand! I feel the same as you do.

Vansh(smirks): Really?

Riddhima: *blushes*

Next morning at 08:30am, 

Riddhima is in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Vansh comes from back and slides his hands over Riddhima’s waist. Riddhima twists her neck to see who it is. She winks looking at Vansh.

Vansh: Good Morning Riddhima!

Riddhima: Good Morning Vansh! Did you sleep well?

Vansh: Yes! How could I not when you were in my dreams?

Riddhima: *blushes* I am there with you in reality as well.

Vansh: I know! And I also know that you will never leave me.

Riddhima: Even if you want me to leave, I won’t.

Vansh: I would never want you to leave! And if you leave, I will get you back.

Aryan: Y’all just got together last night and are talking about leaving today.

Vansh and Riddhima turn to see who it is and find Aryan. Aryan walks towards them.

Riddhima: When did you come?

Aryan: After Vansh, it was me who came but I saw y’all together and didn’t bother to interfere in the conversation.

Vansh: And so you heard everything?

Aryan: Ofcourse! I thought y’all would talk something romantic but…… I have no words. I mean, y’all just confessed your love last night and now y’all are talking about leaving. It’s not even 12 hours since y’all confessed your feelings. I thought Vansh would have some romantic dialogues and then I will stick them to Ishani.

Vansh and Riddhima keep their mouth shut and do not utter a word because……

Ishani(angry): ARYAN!! [She comes and stands in front of Aryan].

Aryan(surprise): Ishani! You?

Ishani: You were eavesdropping their conversation to get dialogues? Seriously?

Aryan: Sorry! That actually…..

Ishani(smiling): It’s okay! Even I was doing that!

Aryan smiles and gives a five to Ishani while Vansh and Riddhima stand surprised. Ishani notices it.

Ishani: What happened bhai? Even I thought that y’all would talk something romantic. But y’all started talking about leaving each other.

Aryan: Exactly! Is that a topic to be spoken on the second day of relationship?

Vansh: Alright! We apologise to y’all.

Riddhima: And we promise y’all that we won’t talk about leaving and separating. Happy?

Aryan: Too much!


Precap: Vansh asks Riddhima to go to the hospital and so she goes to the hospital.

Loads of love from me to y’all 💕💕


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