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Indiawaali Maa 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku and Balli join hands

Indiawaali Maa 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kaku asking Rohan to study well. She leaves. She calls the NRI girl and says I met you at the office, what happened, you cancelled the marriage, I got fired from job, I have 9 children, how will I raise them. The guy asks what, nine kids? I had no knowledge about it. Kaku says yes, will you come today at the office. The girl says fine. She calls Balli and asks him to help. She comes to office. Kirti says you lost the project and clients also. Kaku says clients are coming here for a party. Akshay asks which party. She signs Balli. They see the decorations in the office. Kaku asks how is it. Cheenu says beautiful. Kaku says if we need the project back, Cheenu has to do as I say.

Cheenu says you never lose. Kaku says never, mothers are stubborn, we never lose. Akshay says no need to do any work in which Rohan is involved, its my company and my decision. Cheenu says then I should leave, I should not be here, its my first project, it was much imp for me, it failed, it means I also failed, sorry, I will leave. He says wait, we will try her idea once, but there is a condition, Cheenu and I can do this drama, no need to get Rohan. Kaku nods. Cheenu says thanks, we can do this. He says good job, Kaushalya ji. Balli asks kaku why is she upset, didn’t she like the decorations, remove it. She says no, its good, I liked it, really. He says I m not your friend, but not a stranger, I respect you, share the matter, what’s the problem, tell me. She says I want my son Rohan and Cheenamma to unite again. Rohan talks to Hasmukh on call. Hasmukh ends call. Jaan comes and teases Hasmukh.

Hasmukh says I was talking to my son. Jaan asks who talks to son like this, so formal, when my dad was on death bed, he asked me to make a last peg for him, my dad was my buddy, when I miss him, I make two peg and cheers, I have it, what will you tell your dad, what will he miss about you, boring phone calls, shall I get juice for you. Hasmukh says no. Jaan goes. Kaku cries. Balli asks so much happened, Cheenu and Rohan lost their baby, I can’t imagine your suffering. Kaku says everything is over now, I want them to unite, they love each other even now. He hits the table and says its about respect now, we will unite them. He coughs. She says I have an idea, but the way is wrong. He says you are doing it right, tell me, I will do it. He goes to Akshay and says you have to go for a meeting, else we will lose a prime location. Akshay smiles seeing Cheenu in indian dress. He asks for Kaku. He goes to Kaku. He asks when are clients coming. She says 2-3 hours are there. He says then we will do meeting and come. He compliments Cheenu. Balli says Akshay will be leaving now. Kaku thanks him.

Balli asks Akshay to come. Cheenu asks where are going. Akshay says don’t worry, I will come before clients come. He goes. Kaku compliments Cheenu. Cheenu says Akshay should have not left at this time. Clients come. Cheenu says clients have come, Akshay left, what will we do now. Kaku says we will manage, maybe they came early, come. The man greets Kaku and apologizes. He says its all because of my fiancee’s stubbornness. The girl asks really, won’t you say what you did. She also wishes Kaku. Cheenu wishes them and says I m glad to see you, thanks for coming. She says I don’t know what to do now, Akshay isn’t here. Kaku says I m also thinking the same, when mum is in trouble, son comes to help. Rohan comes and says Maa.. Kaku smiles. Rohan comes in indian attire. Cheenu looks at him.

Rohan sees Cheenu. They have an eyelock. Kaku says you both have to look like lovebirds, you show that you love each other a lot and can’t live without each other. Cheenu asks how did Rohan come here, Rohan and my plan was cancelled. Kaku says by Mata Rani’s blessing, I forgot to call him and cancel, its good, Rohan will do acting and save the project, get Rohan, I will handle them. Cheenu stops Rohan. She says its just a drama, I have no feelings for you, get that straight. He says I m just interested in acting, not you, I just have to help mum. Akshay says there is no one here. Balli says we will wait, maybe he will come. Fawad says its good Kirti went home. Rohan holds Cheenu’s hand. The girl says you both look good. The guy says yes. Rohan says thanks. The girl says we know Cheenamma well, but got to see Rohan now.

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