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Hamariwali Good News 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka convinces Adi

Hamariwali Good News 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sandhya coming to Preeti’s room. She sees Preeti sleeping. Alok takes a bath and asks for a towel. Sandhya passes the towel to him. He thinks its Preeti and pulls her in the washroom. He gets shocked seeing her. She says I came to help, I saw Preeti sleeping and gave the towel. He says sorry. She gets another towel for him. He feels strange and thanks her. She goes smiling. Mukund brings Adi home. Renuka hugs Adi. She sends Adi with Navya. She asks how did Adi get hurt. Mukund goes. Navya cries seeing Adi. Adi is angry. Navya holds him. Renuka asks why is Mukund angry, where did you get Adi. Ashraf says Adi met with an accident, don’t know what Adi told him at the hospital, Mukund is very angry. She says fine, you take rest.

Its morning, Sumitra, Alok and Lallan come. Everyone greets Sumitra. She asks why didn’t you tell me, Adi was drunk and met with an accident, Alok told me. Alok says Sanjay called me, he told me. Sumitra asks what’s happening, will anyone tell me. Alok asks what is going on, Sanjay said Adi was murmuring something about Renuka and child, matter will come on me first. Sumitra asks why did Adi drink, what’s the fight between Navya and Adi, good news has come after 3 years, why this tension, what is hidden about the child. She asks Mukund to say. Mukund says Renuka knows it everything, ask her, why is Adi drinking, what was he trying to say in drunken state.

Renuka says you are mistaken. Sumitra asks will you explain us. Alok asks her to say the truth. Mukund says answer Sumitra, is Navya fine, is there any tension about Navya and baby. Alok asks Navya to say. Renuka says Adi’s friend Murari met with an accident, he is worried. Alok asks what. Renuka says Murari’s wife was pregnant, she fell down, she had a miscarriage, Adi was scared that this can happen with his baby also, so he was murmuring. Mukund asks will he drink for this little matter. Sumitra says he made us worry so much. She laughs. Alok asks Mukund to explain Adi, he isn’t inventing anything, many children are born every day. Mukund says I didn’t take tension ever, Renuka’s love made Adi weak, if anything happened to Adi today, it would be Renuka’s responsibility.

Sumitra asks Adi to handle her family. She says Adi shouldn’t drink again, I don’t want any problem in Anchal’s marriage. Renuka says don’t worry. Sumitra asks Alok to come. Mukund asks her to have breakfast. Sumitra, Alok and Lallan leave. Navya gives medicines to Adi. He doesn’t take. Renuka comes and gives him medicines. He takes it. She says I didn’t know that I will try to do good and it will risk your life, I will get punished for my decision, I have raised you, you didn’t think about me. She says I have more right on your life, you have no right to end it. She cries. She says you didn’t support me in my first decision, I took that decision to keep family united, so that your marriage doesn’t break, Navya becomes a mother, but now if you get snatched from me, then family will break, what’s the use for it.

She says I don’t want such decision, I have made another decision now, you have to accept it. She gets her jewellery. She says it was not for use for IVF, I got this jewellery and savings, take this and leave from here, go away from us, start a new life. Navya asks what are you saying. Renuka says go away from here, you will get a new life, no one will question you for being childless, where you don’t get any Sumitra to taunt you. Adi says sorry, I can’t go away from you, I wasn’t able to accept this, I thought people will make fun of you, they will taunt you. She says I m not doing this for your happiness, I want to give happiness to my family, I want a baby in Navya’s lap, but I can’t lose my son for it, its better you go away from us. They cry. Adi says forgive me, I have hurt your heart. He lies in her lap. He says I don’t know what to say, what about dad, he doesn’t respect you, will he agree to you. Renuka says I will convince him, I will protect my family. He says sorry mummy and cries. Navya also hugs her. Renuka thinks to complete her family.

Mukund takes care of Renuka. Renuka holds his hand. He says our distance can never end. He gets away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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