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Hamariwali Good News 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Adi meets with an accident

Hamariwali Good News 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Renuka thinking Mukund will be happy with money, not food. She gives him 500rs note. She says I have saved it this month. He asks am I dreaming. He checks note. He asks her to always save money. She says I have understood. He says go and do your work. She says I know that he is happy to get the note, I will talk to him today. Adi is with his friends. His friends ask him to enjoy. Adi drinks wine. He hears the friends laughing on a middle aged woman delivering a child. Adi thinks Navya is doing wrong with mummy. He angrily leaves for home.

Renuka tries to talk to Mukund. She says when Bansi wale was born, his house would have his laughter around. He says yes. She says our house should also have such laughter, everyone will be so happy, right. She says I wanted to say something to you, Navya is a good girl, but its Lord’s wish, I was saying that Navya can never become a mother, that good news was fake. She sees Mukund sleeping. She says Mukund didn’t hear me, but I had to talk to him. Adi recalls his friends’ jokes. He drinks a lot. He drives his bike. He gets hit by a truck. He falls down. Navya comes to call Renuka. She says Adi didn’t come home, I m tensed.

Renuka says I will get my purse, we will go and find him. Police comes home to ask about Adi. Mukund wakes up and comes. He asks what happened. Inspector says an accident has happened, we got the bike, we got this address on the papers, your son met with an accident, he is missing. They get shocked. He asks them to come along and confirm. Navya says I will come with you. Mukund says no, stay with Renuka. He leaves. Renuka cries. Navya says Adi is fine, maybe Adi wasn’t driving. She calls Gautam to ask about Adi. Renuka prays. Kusum, Madhu and Gautam come. Navya asks for Adi. Renuka says what’s happening with me, I want Adi back. Gautam goes to find Adi. Madhu says we are asking you not to worry for the sake of baby. Navya says there is no baby, I m not pregnant. Madhu gets shocked.

Mukund and Ashraf come to the accident site. They get shocked seeing the broken bike. Inspector says our team is finding in nearby hospitals, maybe your son didn’t take the bike. Mukund gets the keys there. He recalls Adi. He cries for Adi. Navya tries to cover up for her words. She asks what will I do now. Kusum asks what was Adi saying that day, tell me Navya. Kusum asks why was Adi calling Navya a liar. Renuka says I don’t know, do children say anything, I had called Preeti, she didn’t answer, she was going to some party with Alok. Alok and Preeti come home. Preeti says if mum and dad know that I m drinking wine in the parties, then they will faint. Alok says you are my wife now, you will do what I want, you don’t need anyone’s permission, who will see here, Sandhya will be sleeping with the kids.

Preeti says she is sweet, she is handling our kids. Sandhya says enjoy with your husband for some more days, then I won’t give this chance to you. Ashraf says we should go to hospital. Mukund gets Sanjay’s call. He asks what, Adi…. Gautam comes and says Adi isn’t there. Kusum asks Navya to see Renuka is worried, what happened. Renuka says enough, Navya is already worried. She prays for Adi. Adi gets treated. Mukund holds his hand. He thanks Sanjay. Sanjay says don’t thank me, I was passing by and saw Adi, he was drunk, it could be a police case, he isn’t much injured, he shouldn’t get too drunk, I will send his medicines. Renuka says nothing will happen to Adi, don’t worry, I have always prayed for him, don’t tell anything about the fight. Adi murmurs. He says I want a child. Mukund asks what are you saying.

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