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Gupta Brothers 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Ganga plead infront of Police for Rajat

Gupta Brothers 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shiv asking the Police and the teacher to stop. He says I accept that Rajat has done a mistake, he is a small kid. It is our mistake that we couldn’t stop him from going to the right path. He says I shall be punished being the elder brother and folds his hands. He says I have always folded my hands before God, to ask anything for my brothers and today I am folding my hands before you. He asks them to leave his brothers and promises that Rajat will not to do this again. The teacher says someone has to take up his responsibility. Shiv and Ganga are willing to take up his responsibility. The teacher asks for the guarantee. Shiv asks neighbors to give guarantee. Amba signs no to Shukla, but the latter gives his guarantee. Other also gives guarantee. Jaya says all kachori gali can give his guarantee. The Teacher tells that they can let Rajat stay here for tonight, but tomorrow Ganga has to come to court and hear the verdict of the judge for Rajat.

Shiv thanks Ganga for saving Rajat. He says I will never forget your favors and says for the first time, he was called as an orphan. Ganga says if you are Rajat’s brother then I am his bhabhi, and like his mother. Jaya scolds Alok and Veeru for hiding this thing from Shiv. Veeru asks Jaya not to interfere between them. Amba asks her to stop. Jaya says this matter is of society, I will speak up. She says you shall thank Ganga, as Rajat is standing here because of her. Veeru says this is her acting to be good infront of everyone. He says she must have gone to Police and informed them, why she didn’t tell us. He says she is a cheat and betrayal.

Rajat says she didn’t do anything, it is just my mistake. He says you all were fighting so much, I have never seen any fights before. He says I couldn’t study this time, as Alok used to teach me every year, but he didn’t teach me, and got angry on me, that if I don’t get good marks then he will beat me. He says he felt pressurized by him. He tells Shiv that he was scared and felt lonely without him, couldn’t sleep since many days. He says punish me, but let me stay with you. He says I can’t stay without you. Shiv recalls Alok and Veeru’s refusal and looks at the partition line. Rajat asks Ganga to make him understand and says I promise that I will never do this again. He says if he don’t let me stay with him, then you only keep me with you Bhabhi. Ganga opens her arms wide. Rajat comes running to her and hugs her. Song plays…..Ganga says your Bhabhi will never let you or any of the brothers separate from Shiv. Rajat hugs Shiv and Ganga. Veeru gets upset.

Shiv tells Ganga that tomorrow they have to go to court, and if anything happens to Rajat then? Ganga says nothing will happen. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays……Rajat comes there and tells that he can’t sleep alone. Ganga asks him to sleep in their room. She makes Rajat sleep. Shiv smiles.

Veeru gets angry with Alok and asks what was the use of you being educated? Alok says you are jadh buddhi. Veeru says you are jadh buddhi without Bhaiyya and says I will take all the decisions of home and shop. Amba looks at them and thinks to use Veeru and make Alok helpless and lonely. She thinks to make Alok helpless so that he finds support with Jaya, then she will become bahu of the house.

Veeru is working in the house. Amba comes there and instigates him against Alok and others. She says you can become a more big businessman than others. Veeru says I have a good scheme and can earn more profits during Diwali. He goes to see the cooker. Amba thinks he has no mind, but got an idea. She thinks she has to find out his idea so that she can get chance to prove her intelligence. She says jai ambe and turns to look at Ganga standing. Ganga looks at her.

Precap: Shiv and Ganga are denied Rajat’s custody by the judge. Veeru gets much stuff for Diwali sale. Amba plans to destroy it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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