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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya’s fake pregnancy drama revealed

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gudiya telling Sarla that her baby’s father is not Guddu. Sarla says then who is he? Nanhe lal says case is getting complicated. Pappu asks who is baby’s father? Gudiya says I can’t tell this, you can ask something else. Radhe says you have made me see this day and says I have no words to tell you that I am sad. Bua ji says the guy has agreed for marriage and that’s why we shall get him married to her. Sarla says but the baby is not of Guddu. Gudiya says but….bua asks them not to listen to Gudiya and says let her marry today. She says everyone wants to become harish Chandra. Guddu comes there with Matai and tells that he is ready to become Gudiya’s baby father and asks for the dowry. Gudiya says you will not get the two in one. Guddu says elders’ dedication is good. Pappu gets angry. Radhe asks him to calm him down. Guddu tells that it is fun to be part of the game. Matai makes him sit for marriage. Guddu asks why I am sitting here? gudiya says you loves me and that’s why you are marrying me. Guddu says no and tells that he is about to run away. Pappu and Nanhe lal catch him. Gudiya asks Nanhe lal to let him go and says they have a misunderstanding, and says he don’t want to marry me. Guddu says leave me for 2 mins and says I was saying that I don’t want to do this marriage. He runs in the house, while others run behind him. They all catch Guddu. Guddu says I can’t marry. Pappu says and what you have done? Bua asks them not to waste time and makes him sit in the mandap. Guddu refuses to marry, but he is forced. They all bring Guddu and makes him sit in the mandap. Guddu asks what happened to you all, you have become against me. Sarla says didn’t you see her stomach. Gudiya asks if he don’t want to become my toys’ father then what is his mistake? Sarla says you was talking about the toys.

Guddu realizes and asks if they thought her responsible for her baby bump. He says she had come to my house and a fb is shown, Gudiya asks Guddu to play with her and tells that he shall become Gudda’s father and she will become Gudiya’s mother. Guddu refuses and asks what did you do? Gudiya insists to play, while he refuses. She says you are cruel, I will not talk to you. Guddu tells Bua ji that he is not Papa of Gudiya’s baby. Radhe and Pappu apologize to him. Nanhe also apologizes. Sarla says then who is her baby’s father? They all ask her to say? Gudiya refuses to say and runs. They run behind her, asking her not to run. The sarees come out from her clothes and they scold her. Bua ji says this is all planning to get her married. They ask what? Bua ji tells that she got this idea to teach them a lesson and gave greed to Gudiya. Gudiya says Rajjo made me eat tasty food and threatened not to give her anything to you. Bua ji says I wanted her to marry. Radhe apologizes to Guddu. Guddu says its ok. Gudiya asks him to think many times, before refusing to play game with her.

Sweety stands worried and says if Gudiya’s marriage happens like this, then how will I dance? Pappu says so you was thinking this. Sweety says you don’t love me and don’t give time. pappu says he is born to love her and they dance on the song main pyaar ka pujari….Bua and Gudiya look from outside. Pappu asks Gudiya if she brought Bua here. Gudiya says yes. Bua shouts and asks Sarla what she made of house? Gudiya says whenever they dance, Amma says that cinema started. Bua ji says if they want her to stay here then this Cinema shall be stopped. Sarla says how can I say? She says everyone will be missing you at your place. Bua ji says she will go. Pappu says I will get your tickets done. Gudiya asks if she will go without getting her married. Bua ji says yes, and until then their dance shall be stopped. Sweety asks how will I live without the dance. She cries. Gudiya smiles.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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