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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddu and Gudiya to marry

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pappu asking Radhe why are we not going there and getting angry on Guddu. Radhe asks him to calm down. Nanhe lal tells that he will clear all misunderstandings and settles the scores. Pappu says he will set off the fire. Sweety thinks her Pappu is looking as young angry man. She imagines dancing with him. Radhe asks Pappu to come out of bathroom. Nanhe lal says I am going and asks Radhe not to worry. Radhe says I will come with you. Pappu comes out and runs behind them.

Matai and Guddu are going with their baggage, when Nanhe lal aims gun at them and says you are under arrest. Guddu says let me go, my dadi amma is not fine. Matai says she is fine. Guddu says why did you lie to me? Matai says to save you. Bua scolds him and calls him shameless. Guddu asks why? Nanhe lal says we shall talk with him separately. Guddu says I haven’t done anything. Nanhe lal asks why you was running away. Guddu tells that he didn’t do anything and asks Matai to come. Gudiya tells that she has forgiven Guddu. Pappu stops Guddu and tells that he will punch him. Guddu asks what did I do? Gudiya says you have refused to become my baby’s father. Guddu says so what? She says they can’t bear that you refused to become my dolls father. Sarla asks if I made you eat ghuya ke kofte because of this. bua asks when did you make it? Gudiya says Maa doesn’t make the things you like. Sweety says Amma makes nice koftas. Nanhe lal shouts at Guddu and threatens to arrest him. Gudiya says he will listen to everyone, don’t arrest him. Guddu asks what and says yes. Nanhe lal says decision is taken. They all go to hall except Guddu and Matai. Bua ji says lets get them married. Pappu says first we will settle the scores. Bua ji says then what you will do. Sweety asks why to ruin Guddu’s brahmachari oath. Nanhe lal tells that they shall get the marriage done at the earliest. Chunni lal agrees. Nanhe lal says everyone will be saved from humiliation. Radhe says marriage will happen today. Bua ji says she got happy to listen this. Nanhe lal says I will handle the arrangements. He goes and calls Matai outside. Matai tells that Guddu is very angry. Nanhe lal says he has done a thing for which he shall be ashamed. Matai says yes. Chunni lal tells that he came with great difficulty here. Matai asks Nanhe lal, what? Nanhe lal says tonight evening, there is Gudiya and Guddu’s marriage and asks him to tell Guddu that they called him for patch up. Matai says it is a wrong thing? Nanhe lal tells that he has betrayed Gudiya. Matai asks shall I tell Putli Bai? Nanhe lal says don’t tell anyone, and says if you tell anyone then you will become a criminal too for supporting a criminal. He asks Chunni lal to stand outside haveli. Matai runs inside the haveli.

Sarla comes to Gudiya and tells that she didn’t think that marriage will happen this way. Sweety says you are getting married to Guddu. Gudiya asks if bal brahmachari can marry? Sarla says when he can do this, then he can marry too. She says he is angry. Bua ji says she will make her understand and asks Sweety and Sarla to go. She tells Gudiya that Guddu loves her. Gudiya says I didn’t know and says even I have to love him. Bua ji asks if you don’t love him then what about your toys’ father. Gudiya says why they shall marry for that. Bua looks surprised.

Later Bua tells that she is happy that Gudiya is marrying. Pandit ji comes there. Bua ji scolds Radhe. Gudiya gets ready for the marriage. Sweety says Gudiya is looking as sethani with her baby bump. Bua asks when you will become. Sweety says when Pappu becomes seth. Gudiya tells Bua that they shall clear to Guddu that he will not get 2 in 1. Sarla says he is baby’s father. Gudiya says he is not my baby’s father. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Gudiya tells that her baby’s father is not Guddu. Sarla asks who is he? Bua ji says they shall make Gudiya marry Guddu. Nanhe lal holds Guddu while the latter tries to run away.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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