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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan can’t get over Suman

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bassi coming home to meet Shravan on diwali. He finds the door locked. He says strange, he isn’t here. Shravan hugs Veer. Veer asks whose room is this. Shravan says it was my room, nothing changed here, its not mine now. Veer says this is you, right. Shravan says yes. Veer asks are these your friends. Shravan says yes. He tells about his friends. Veer asks is this Suman, did you name her Sumo. Shravan says yes, we used to tease her as Sumo, now we have no time, we used to be kids before, now we have grown up. Veer says since I came here, I didn’t talk to any friend. Shravan says even I don’t talk to any of them, I know about them. Veer says I also miss them a lot. Shravan says yes, it was my life’s best time, good memories are always there. Veer asks him not to be sad. He says Suman taught this gesture to me. Shravan recalls Suman. He says my friend had gifted this to me. Veer says Suman also makes good drawing then she stopped making drawings. Shravan gets sad.

Kanchan says I have some pending work, I have to go. Vikram says if Suman stays back then… Suman thinks to talk to Shravan and find out what’s in his heart. She says I will stay back. Beena and family leave. Vikram says I know you stayed back for my sake, thanks. He gets his dad’s call and goes. Suman sees Shravan. He says I m missing to celebrate diwali with unit guys, we spend life in missing family and unit friends. The girl asks him not to be sad. Sophie says I think the girls have ended your sorrow, you have become Mr. flirt of the evening, really sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I was teasing you.

Shravan says I told my personal things to you, its not to joke in front of everyone. He sees Suman. He gets a call. He goes. Suman thinks where did he go. Shravan comes home. He sees Bassi and hugs him. He hugs his other friend. Bassi says you were partying alone, come to cantonment with us, we will celebrate diwali. Shravan says its late, I stay here, I can get ousted if I get late. Beena says its diwali today, no rules on diwali, they were waiting for you since long, go. Ramesh asks Shravan to go and enjoy. Bassi asks Shravan to get ready. Beena says I m giving something, take it along. Ramesh wishes them. Shravan goes to change. Beena asks did Shravan go. Suman asks where. Beena says Saurabh and Bassi came to pick him, I asked them to wait, they left, I got reminded of Vijay, he used to ask me to make kheer, he always took kheer, I thought they would also take kheer, its fine. Suman says I will take it, I will change and come. She gets ready. Veer asks where are you going. Suman says Beena made kheer, I m taking it for army officers. Veer says I have to come, please. She says its time for you to sleep. He says please Sumo.

She asks what did you say. Veer says Sumo, I know Shravan kept this name for you. She smiles. She asks did Shravan say this. Veer says yes, he missed his school days a lot, he told about his friends, he got very sad while telling his story. Gujral talks to all the army men. Bassi says we got Shravan here. Suman comes and greets them. Gujral says what a pleasant surprise. She says Beena has sent kheer for you all for diwali. Gujral says now diwali has become special. The officer says this reminded me of Vijay, he used to get kheer for everyone, you also got it like him, thanks for making diwali special. Suman sees Shravan. Everyone takes the kheer. Bassi says Shravan came and this kheer also, come. Shravan goes with him. Suman waits for Shravan. She calls him out. He comes and asks did you had any work. She says no, I was trying to talk to you. He says yes, tell me. She says I know its not easy to tell everything, but hiding… He asks are you saying about me or yourself. She says I know you are hiding something from me, yourself and everyone. He recalls Avni’s words. She says Shravan… Bassi asks Shravan to come for dance. He takes Shravan. Saurabh asks her to join. She says no thanks, you guys carry on. Shravan turns to see her. Ek duje ke vaaste….plays… She thinks my words are still incomplete, don’t know what is he thinking now.

Avni says Suman and Shravan’s past, don’t discuss it again. Shravan says I will report tomorrow. Suman says you aren’t ready, I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to you. Sophie says Shravan and Suman have a strange connection, its not normal, don’t you think so. Vikram worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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