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Bigg Boss 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Day 49
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song twist. They all wake up and dance.

12:15 PM
Nikki is in the washroom and throws her products out. Jaan is cleaning there and glares at her. She says I will pick it up later. Jaan says fine. Nikki says don’t know why he is still here, he should find himself first. Jaan asks her to pick her items. She says I won’t. Jaan takes her bucket and tells Aly that she is throwing mess in the kitchen so I am throwing the trash on her bed. Rahul says do it. Jasmin says it’s okay, I will do it. She is doing it deliberately. Jaan says I am irritated with her, she is taunting me for being in the issue. Jasmin says don’t mess with her. Nikki takes the trashcan and cleans it.

2 PM
Rahul asks Pavitra when did you go away from Nikki? Pavitra says I was fine with her but I told her clearly that Jaan was not wrong, she was getting cozy with him too, I have seen her getting close to Jaan in the red-zone. She was hurt by my words then I stopped talking to her. She is not loyal.

5:15 PM
Eijaz tells Aly that Jaan is no show, he can’t change. Aly says Nikki still taunts him. Eijaz says Jaan was happy being Nikki’s servant, he was so happy to do her work, he has no self-respect. Nikki used to curse him but he would go back to her.

5:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you all know the captaincy tag is important in the house. We gave you a task but we had to reject it. You people lost a chance. We think the house needs a captain so we are giving you another chance to win the captaincy. But only the last 4 captains will get this chance. They are the contenders of the task, all other inmates can take part in the task by making it difficult for the ex-captains. They all see boxes in the garden. Bigg Boss asks Jasmin to bring the instructions. Jasmin starts reading the task. She reads that Eijaz, Aly, Jasmin and Kavita have a chance to win the captaincy. Jasmin reads that the four will remain inside a box. This task will be for the next captain. The 4 inmates in the box will try to spend time there and be the last person inside the box while the inmates outside should try to bring them out. Eijaz can’t sit in the box as he is not well, he will choose a representative. He can try to irritate others. You all enter the box after this read-only. Kavita says we can’t use the washroom? Eijaz says Bigg Boss I don’t need a representative, I can do this. Bigg Boss says it’s not your words, it’s the doctor’s words that we follow. Eijaz asks Abhi to talk to him. Eijaz tells Abhi that if I become the captain then I will save Rubina. Abhi says I can’t get sprayed again, I am traumatized. Eijaz calls Pavitra and says I don’t have any other option now, tell me. Pavitra says they will all attack me. Eijaz says they will do everything they can. Pavitra says I am doing it. Eijaz kisses her cheek. Eijaz says I will talk to Abhi once again. Pavitra says just let me know then.
Aly tells Jasmin that I am claustrophobic so I will come out soon, I will support you.
Eijaz tells Abhi that you will fight them easily. Abhi says I have a fear of the unknown. Eijaz says I won’t force you, just take a decision. Bigg Boss asks Eijaz to take a name. Abhi says no. Eijaz says Pavitra will go in my place. Bigg Boss says Rahul will be the referee.

6 PM
Rubina goes and hugs Jasmin. Jasmin says I want an apple and a shawl. Rubina runs and goes to bring it. Rahul says don’t make a mess here. Nikki says we have to torture them. Rahul says but be a human. Nikki says we have to bring them out. Rubina brings an apple for Jasmin. Rahul says I have the power to stop you. Nikki says I don’t care, I will do what I want. Rubina tells Abhi that I wanted you to do the task for Eijaz. Abhi says I don’t trust Eijaz. Rubina says we should have trusted him, we can’t sit here and let them become a captain. Abhi says Kavita will save Nikki. Abhi says if Jasmin becomes the captain then she will save you. I will protect her. Rubina says then we have to decide to support her.
The buzzer plays and they all go in the box.
Eijaz tells Pavitra that Abhi didn’t sit for me even when I said I will save Rubina. Pavitra says because they will make an alliance with Jasmin.
Nikki says Rahul is the referee who doesn’t know anything. Rahul mimics Nikki. Nikki laughs.
Abhi talks to Jasmin through a hole and says we will protect you. Rubina says how determined are you? Jasmin says I am not moving from here at all. Aly moves inside the box. Jaan laughs at the box moving. Abhi tells Jasmin that I will support you. Jasmin says thank you. Aly gets out of the box. Rahul says Aly is out of the task. Aly says I won’t let anyone go near Jasmin.

6:15 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that Aly will convince Jasmin to save Eijaz or Jaan so go and talk to her now only.
Jaan comes near Kavita’s box. He tells Nikki that I have to bring her out. Nikki protects her box and says please. Jaan throws a cream inside her box.
Rubina asks Jasmin who she will save from the nomination? Jasmin says you are my priority, you didn’t even have to ask me. You deserve to be here.
Jaan throws the liquid inside Kavita’s box. Nikki is pushing him away. She says he has broken the box. Abhi asks Kavita to sit in a corner.
Eijaz tells Pavitra to crawl towards the wall so they can’t use one side of the box.
Aly is spraying inside Kavita’s box. Nikki says my dress will tear like this. Rahul asks Kavita if she is fine? Kavita curses at them. She tells Jaan that you can’t hear one curse? She coughs at the spray. Jaan and Aly keep spraying inside her box.
Rahul is spraying inside Pavitra’s box. Eijaz tries to protect it and says don’t do it. Rahul asks him to worry about his shoulder. Aly says Pavitra is an enemy, she supported Rubina and not Rahul in the last task. Rubina says don’t attack others on the last task’s basis. Kavita tells Jaan is spraying directly on her face. Pavitra says how can Rahul take part as he is a referee? Rahul says it’s written that I can take part in the task. Eijaz asks Rahul to not do it. Rahul says you didn’t support me in the last task. Eijaz says you were not saving me, Rubina was saving me so I played for her. You are being unfair, you are biased as a referee. Rahul says I can do anything I want.
Jasmin asks Rahul to spray in her box also so they know that nothing happens. Rahul sprays in her box.

6:45 PM
Eijaz asks Rahul to not attack Pavitra. I am being fair, Rubina was keeping me as a priority. Rahul says I support someone else so I can attack Pavitra. Eijaz says but it’s not fair as you are a referee. Rahul says I am fair as a referee but you can’t stop me from doing anything I want as I am taking part in the task. Eijaz says go from here. Rahul says you don’t understand the task. Eijaz says I can see how biased you are. I don’t care about your preference. He pushes him from his body. Rahul says don’t push me, I will go away when I want. Eijaz says move away. Rahul says I don’t care if you are shouting at me. Eijaz says go away. Rahul asks Eijaz to do something new.
Jasmin tells Aly that Eijaz is messing with Rahul’s mind, just tell him to be fair as a referee.
Eijaz tells Rahul to be fair as a referee, he pushes his hand away. Rahul says I care about your shoulder so worry about that. Don’t push my hand away. Use your mind. Eijaz says I was playing for myself. Jasmin tells Rahul that Eijaz provokes the referee, he makes the referee crazy in every task so don’t listen to him. Don’t get angry. Rahul says he needs something new.
Jaan asks Aly to attack Kavita again. Aly sprays in her box. Nikki says it’s useless to talk to them. Kavita says just go and sit down. Nikki says they are cheap people. Nikki says Jaan is just getting influenced by Aly. Jaan keeps spraying in Kavita’s box. Rubina says give her breathing space. Rahul says Jaan can do anything. Rubina says this referee started the task by saying we will care about humanity. Rahul says the queen is here. Abhi says the gutter is opening his mouth again. Rahul says how are you nalla? Your jokes are old too. Abhi says go away. Nikki tells Jaan that they will not keep you as a first preference so why are you attacking Kavita? ,,

Kavita tells Nikki that I will never be a part of the crowd, I am not here to impress anyone. I am sitting here and I am not going anywhere.

Eijaz tells Pavitra that I am here for you if the game is fair but if they are unfair then I will make you get up easily.

Jasmin tells Aly that Jaan is sitting here and not playing against me because he is Aly’s friend. Rahul asks Jaan to play, we are not playing house-house here.

Rubina tells Abhi that it’s pretty clear that Jasmin will become the captain.

Aly laughs and says Kavita’s box is empty. Kavita says I am totally wet right now, the cameras are watching everyone. Aly sprays in her box again. Kavita says you are just a goon. Aly says she is provoking me now. Nikki tries to protect Kavita’s box.

Rahul tells Eijaz that I don’t have any issue with you, I just have a different prefrence. Eijaz throws away Pavitra’s box and says I am done. Nikki says what was that? Rahul says I told him that I have a different preference. Eijaz thanks Pavitra for playing for him. Aly asks Pavitra what was that? Pavitra says I didn’t get up, Eijaz thought it was biased, he didn’t want to make me suffer. She asks Aly if he wouldn’t attack her? Aly says I wouldn’t torture you like that. Rahul says Eijaz thinks a lot of things. Pavitra says it was not my task. Eijaz tells Aly that Rahul was torturing her, it was my decision. He says I want to play my own game.

8 PM
Jaan is spraying inside Kavita’s box. Kavita says he is spraying directly on my face. Rahul says she can get up if she wants to. Rubina says to give her time to breathe. Aly has sat down too. Let her play on the basis of endurance. Jaan says I don’t like her, I don’t want her to be the captain. Pavitra says you are just being influenced by others. You should know what is going on here. Rahul says no one is influencing Jaan. Pavitra asks Jaan to not get trapped by the hynas. Jaan tells Rubina that the task is about bringing them out of the task. Rubina says if you want to make someone the captain then you can protect them too. Jaan says I want Jasmin to become the captain and Aly is protecting her. Rubina says then you can sit down and rest. Jaan says I wanted Eijaz to become the captain. Pavitra says to give her time to breathe. Jaan says this task is not about that, I am not going to give her time. Pavitra says Jasmin will not keep you on priority. Jaan says I wanted Eijaz to become the captain. Pavitra says then you should have protected my box. Rahul was attacking me but you didn’t tell him that Eijaz would keep you on the preference. Rahul tells Jaan that why didn’t you tell me that Eijaz will save you? Jaan says I didn’t ask Eijaz. I asked Jasmin if she will save me. Rahul says but then tells me that I shouldn’t attack Pavitra. If Jasmin saves Rubina then I don’t want Jasmin to become the captain. If Eijaz would save you then I would never have attacked Pavitra. Eijaz says I tried my best. Jaan says you didn’t, we have seen your best. Abhi asks Kavita if she is fine?
Jaan says I wanted to stand up for Eijaz but he gave up easily *****. Eijaz says don’t curse at me. Jaan says I am cursing the situation. Jaan asks Eijaz why did he give up on the task? Eijaz asks him to calm down. Jaan says just wait and watch how much cost I will have to pay. Pavitra says everyone has to play for themselves here.

8:15 PM
Pavitra is fanning Kavita’s box to give her breathing space. Aly tells Rahul that she is trying to prove herself as a good person? Rahul says they are all playing house-house here. Rahul tells Jaan that you are an idiot. Jaan says I am not the first priority for anyone. Aly says what are you saying? You are my first priority from day one. Jaan wipes his tears and says all are fooling me here. I have taken a stand for everyone but no one takes a stand for me. Aly says I keep telling you that they will ditch you. Jaan says I feel bad. Nikki says I saved you in the sacrificing task. I was standing for you. Jaan says you remain silent. Aly says to Nikki that he has done a lot for you as well. Nikki says he shouldn’t take my name. Jaan says people have fooled me by selling their ****** friendships. Nikki says you are a double-faced person. Jaan says you are the biggest liar.
Eijaz tells Pavitra that if Jaan told Rahul that I will save Jaan then Rahul would have attacked Jasmin? Pavitra says no, he would have left the task on endurance. Eijaz says you really think so? ,,

Eijaz tells Jaan to not shout at him. Jaan says nothing justifies what you did there. Eijaz says everything I did was deliberate. I don’t need to explain it to you, f**k you. Jaan says then f**k you too. Eijaz says you will not understand. Jaan shouts at him that I did everything for you. Eijaz says just tell me if I am not standing up for you? Jaan says you are not standing up for me. If you were then you wouldn’t have done that. I always keep you as a first preference but I am not your first preference, Pavitra is his first preference. Pavitra says I don’t play with him, don’t bring me here. I am not his first preference. He is not my first preference also. Eijaz asks Jaan to talk to him. Jaan shouts that you know what you have done. Eijaz says I know what I have done in the last 7 weeks. Jaan says I don’t want to talk to you. Nobody has been my friend. Eijaz says if you leave the house then it’s not because I have nominated you. Rahul was torturing Pavitra, why should I let her get tortured? Jaan says Pavitra didn’t have a problem, she was sitting there. Eijaz says I took a call. Rahul says don’t bring me in this.

Nikki tells Kavita that Jaan got nominated because of Aly. Kavita says he is a fool, I am just a distraction. Aly acts sweet, right now Aly is not fighting with Eijaz, he is smart and there is nothing real about him.

Eijaz tells Abhi that I have saved Jaan two times. Abhi says Nishant was Jaan’s friend and who threw Nishant out? Eijaz says I have never nominated Jaan. The person who nominated Jaan is now standing up for him? Abhi says they are all smart.

Abhi tells Rubina that why she had to talk to Jasmin and tell her everything? The game is not about talking all the time. This game is about not saying a lot too. Rubina says I don’t trust Jasmin. Abhi says fine if you don’t want to consult me then fine.

Jaan asks Eijaz if Pavitra said that she will save Jaan? Pavitra says yes, I told Eijaz that we will save Jaan. Eijaz says Pavitra never talked to me about saving Jaan. Pavitra says how can you lie on my face? Don’t play this game with me.

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