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Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 27

Hello friends, I am back with another update. Sorry friends I was having some errors to post the episode so I had to write the episode twice. Hence, for this one episode I will not be replying for your comments. Please understand me friends. Love you all.

Episode starts with….

Vansh closes the door and bolts it. Ridhima gets shocked with his move. Vansh then closes all the blinds of his cabin as they are of transparent glass and anyone could peep in. Vansh turns to her and says “I will take my bonus now.” Ridhima’s eyes widen in shock. She turns speechless while Vansh slowly walks to her. She smiles awkwardly at him and moves back.

She lowers her sight and says “Vansh, What a…are you saying?” She is totally nervous as he came very close to her. Vansh slowly places his hand around her waist which brings a shiver in spine. Ridhima jumps in shock and tries to take his hand and says “Vansh, what are you doing?” Vansh holds her tight and pulls towards him. He slowly places his and on her cheeks and caresses it. He makes Ridhima look into his eyes. Ridhima is all lost in his brownish cute eyes. Ridhima thinks “How can I not be lost when you are this handsome Vansh? Day by day I am falling for this innocent face. Your eyes are the most beautiful features of yours. It contains love for me. Yes, I can notice your love for me in your eyes but you are adamant to accept your feelings. Being this close to you is very warm. I can stay in your arms for the rest of my life.”

Vansh slowly goes bends to her ears and slowly whispers, “Ridhima, can we dance now?” Ridhima holds her clothes with her hands tightly as breathe from Vansh touched her neck so seductively. She closes her eyes and nods her head for him.

He takes his phone to play a song.

Lag jaa gale plays…..

He puts the phone on the table and gives his hand to Ridhima while his other hand is still around her waist. Ridhima smiles at him and holds his hand. They both slowly move their bodies accordingly with each other. They continue to stare at each other’s eyes. Their moment breaks when Vansh gets a call.

He moves back and attends the call. He says “Yes, I will do it.” He ends the call. He then looks at Ridhima who was already staring at him. He says “Ridhima, this call is from an orphanage. My father has always funded this orphanage. Now I am funding this orphanage to maintain the promise of my father to the orphanage that he will make sure every child will achieve their dreams.” Ridhima gets surprised and says “Vansh, I am proud of you. You are a very good person. What is the name of the orphanage?” Vansh is already blushing with her praises. He rubs the back of his neck and says “It was nothing Ridhima. It gives me peace when I see them smiling. They might not have anyone but feeling that I am standing with them makes me happy. I have always learned that Kids are like gods. Serving them is my pleasure. By the way the name of the orphanage is St. Catherine trust.” By listening the name Ridhima is shocked. Why?…Because it was the same orphanage she belongs to.

Tears filled her eyes, not because she is sad but she is happy. She is happy to know that Vansh is the one who funded her orphanage. Vansh is the one with whose help she has achieved her degrees. With this revelation Vansh rose in her eyes. Her love for him became eternal. She then understood that she had a bond with Vansh since her childhood. She then recalled words of Smitha that destiny will unite people even before they meet each other. It turned to be true for Ridhima.

Ridhima walked near Vansh and placed her hands around his cheeks. Vansh was surprised with her move. He could see the some effection in Ridhima’s eyes for her. She then suddenly hugs him making him skip a heartbeat. He was shocked at first but then hugged her back even tightly. Ridhima is totally in tears due to happiness. She felt warm in his arms. She buried her head more into his chest. She could hear his heart pounding vigorously. She was totally lost in his embrace. Vansh then placed his hand on her head and the other is one her back. He pulled Ridhima back from the hug and made her look into his eyes. He noticed tears in her tears and slowly cleaned them with his fingers. He then placed an assuring kiss on her forehead for almost few minutes.

Vansh moves back and notices tears in Ridhima’s eyes. He gently clears her tears and says “Hey, what happened?” Ridhima denies and says “Shall we continue our dance?” Vansh get surprised and holds her and continues to dance with her. They both are engrossed in each other that they forgot the time. They dance very closely. Ridhima’s hands rest on his chest while his hands are on Ridhima’s back. As the song ends they both stand very close to each other that their noses were touching. Ridhima’s heart starts beating very intensely so with Vansh as well. He leans closer to her while she closes her eyes expecting his next move. He notices her red cheeks and smiles. He gently keep a kiss on her cheeks and she smiles. He moves back and says “Ridhima, this is one of my best moment.” Ridhima blushes at him. Vansh goes to his place and continues his work. Ridhima rests herself on the couch while reading few magazines. Time passes and they have lunch together. It’s evening and Vansh drives the car along with Ridhima to their house.

During this Vansh says “Ridhima, I am planning to conduct an interview for selecting my P.A as I actually need one. I have decided that my P.A should be young and active. I think appointing a girl will be best as they have much patience.” Ridhima who is totally curt with his words fakes her smile. She controls her anger and says “So you want a youngster that to a female to work as your P.A” Vansh nods at her which irks her even more. Ridhima says “No, I will not allow that. I will decide who will be your P.A then. Tell me when will that interview will happen and I will come here.”  Vansh laughs at her and says “Ridhima, you are talking as if I am getting married and you are selecting a bride for me. It is just a job and you are very serious about it.” Ridhima lifts her eyebrows in anger which makes her husband to shut his mouth.

Ridhima frowns her eyes and says “I am asking your permission to come but I am telling you that I will come. I am serious because it is my husband’s office and I want everything to be perfect. I want people who try to make this company shine with their work. Those who are capable will be appointed.” Vansh is surprised with her and says “Ok! Mrs. Ridhima Vansh Rai Singhania,  everything is under your control now.” He bows his head in front of her which makes her smile.

They reach home and head to their room. Suddenly Anupriya calls Vansh and says “Vansh, I want to talk something with you. I would be waiting in my room. Please come.” She leaves. Vansh is angry with her and doesn’t move. Ridhima holds him and says “Vansh, please go and talk with her. At least for me. I know you are angry with her but just listen what she wants to tell.” Vansh controls his rage and sighs at her. He immediately goes to Anupriya’s room.

Vansh comes to room and finds Anupriya standing with her back facing to him. As soon as she heard his footsteps she turned back to face him. Anupriya asks “Is your father alive?” Vansh stops in his tracks being shocked at her question. His eyes goes wide and he doesn’t say anything. Anupriya walks to him with pain in her voice and says “Is you father alive? Is my Pradeep alive? Tell me.” Vansh turns back to leave but Anupriya holds his hand stopping him. Vansh closes his eyes and says “What non sense? How can he be alive? He is dead long back and you even know about it. Stop your acting that you love him and your children. Reality is you don’t love your family but you pretend to get luxurious life. It is shame to call you as a woman. How can you be so selfish to leave you husband and kids? I hate you to the peaks. I wonder if you ever been pure in your relation with my father or had any extra marital affa…. His words stopped with a hard slap on his face. Yes, Anupriya hit him hard on his cheek.

Vansh recalls his words and feels ashamed on himself. How can he say those words? He couldn’t face Anupriya after this. Anupriya suddenly holds his collar and says “Don’t talk about my relation with my husband. You don’t even know what happened years back. Stay in your limits Vansh. I didn’t knew you will fall to this level to hurt me. You have questioned my character but remember you are my kid. If you have raised a finger on me then it would be even pointed on you. I am ashamed to even talk with you now. If I knew that leaving you will effect you in falling this way then I wouldn’t have left you.” Her words trailed off as tears burst from her eyes. She falls on her knees and cries aloud. She recalls his words and sobs. Vansh is devastated as he couldn’t see her like this. After all she is his mother. He was angry on her to leave him and his sisters alone in the childhood.

Vansh couldn’t face her turmoil and leaves from there. He comes to his room but her words haunt him. Ridhima comes out of the restroom and asks “What did Maa say?” Ridhima is busy in getting ready and didn’t see Vansh who is in tears. She asks him again but he didn’t respond. She turns back and finds him in tears. She suddenly comes to him and sits in front of him. She makes him look into her eyes and says “Vansh, what happened? Why are you crying? Tell me.” Vansh suddenly hugs her which makes her stumble a little. She hugs him back and places her hand on his head to console him. She is worried to see him in agony.

Ridhima moves back and holds his hand in between her hands. She says “Vansh, what happened? What did Maa say? Tell me.” Vansh controls himself and tells Ridhima bout what happened a while ago. She is hell shocked to listen it. Vansh notices it and says “Ridhima, what happened?” Ridhima takes her hand back and says “Vansh, How did you talk like that?” Vansh holds her shoulder and says “What happened?” Ridhima shoves him and shouts “How did you speak like that? How can you say those things to your mom?” Vansh tries to justify himself but Ridhima doesn’t listen.

Ridhima is totally angry recalling his words to Anupriya. She then says “I didn’t expect this from you Vansh. Aren’t you ashamed for what you said? You have raised a question on your mother’s character. Oh sorry she is not your mother right then how did you question her? Do you even imagine how worse she might feel right now? I taught you will respect women but no you are equal with many other men who suspect about women’s purity. I wonder if you have ever respected me as well. What will you do if anyone will raise a question on my character? Will you believe them?” Vansh raises up and shouts “Ridhima.”

Ridhima turns to him and says “What Ridhima? I am telling truth. The one who raised question on his mother’s character can do anything right. I know your mother left you but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. I know how she is but you failed to recognize her. You don’t know how kind she is? You don’t know how much she loves her children? She is regretting for leaving you all but you don’t understand her. You could even treated her as a human at least. From the day you told her to not come in front of you, she is not even coming out of her room when you are home. Whatever you have done is wrong? I hate you for what you did.” Ridhima immediately leaves the room. Vansh is totally devastated with her words and falls on his knees.

PRECAP: Vansh goes to Anupriya while she is sleeping and apologises to her. Ridhima comes there and smiles seeing them.

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