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All I Have Is You (Immj2 ff) ~ #1 Birthday Bash

A girl is seen walking towards the Birla university when suddenly someone blindfolds her. She is in a state of confusion when her conscience pops in and makes her realise that she is familiar to this touch, this smell and perhaps this person. Scanning all these thoughts, she had a wide smile on her face and said, “KABIR, I KNOW IT’S YOU”. Kabir opens her eyes and she turns back and hugs him. Kabir hugs her back and says,” Happy Birthday Riddhima!”. They break apart and look into each other’s eyes and smile. Then suddenly Riddhima remembers something and gets upset.

Riddhima: I thought you forgot that you have a girl in your life!

Kabir: How could I? Especially when that girl is so sweet, beautiful, caring and most importantly the love of my life.

Riddhima: Then where have you been for the past few days. I called you so many times but you didn’t even bother to pick up.

Kabir: That’s because I was really caught up in an important mission.

Riddhima: In that case, I shall forgive you. But what about my present, I ain’t letting you go without taking a present from you!

Kabir: Sure Riddhima! But not now, I have planned something really special for you this evening. So do meet me at OUR REGULAR PLACE, OK?

Riddhima: Alright Bye! See you at the beach then!

They both smile at each other as Riddhima leaves towards her university while Kabir takes the opposite road. As soon as Riddhima enters the University she is hugged by a girl who is singing at the top of her voice HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR RIDDHIMA!

Riddhima smiles and replies Thank you so much yaar Sejal!

Sejal: This is just a trailer the picture will be telecasted in our free period. You know where to come, right? She winks and leaves.

After 2 hours, Riddhima is lost in her thoughts and reaches the University cafe where she is greeted by the cafe staff on her birthday. They also direct her towards the special arena in the cafeteria. She reaches their and finds everything decorated with balloons.The place was well-lighted with colourful lamps, ribbons and bunting. There is a table in the middle with a birthday cake but she can’t see anyone so she shouts Sejal! There is a silence for sometime, then a teddy( of course someone wearing the teddy’s costume ) comes and gives her a card. It is a medium sized cards with birthday wishes written and then BOOM, A balloon bursts and a lot of flower petals fall on her and then Sejal comes in and greets her. Riddhima was so elated with the surprise that for a moment she couldn’t utter a word but could only smile. Then after a while, after collecting all her emotions all that she could say was thank you. But her eyes spoke what her mouth couldn’t and Sejal’s heart understood what her ears couldn’t listen. She knew that this wasn’t just a thank you, she knew that this meant the whole world to her best friend. Then Sejal breaks the silence and says, ” Now let’s cut the cake atleast!”, Riddhima nods and both of them go towards the table. While Riddhima cuts the cake, Sejal sings the birthday song for her. Then they both have their lunch and click a lots of pictures.

Riddhima: Thank you so much Sejal, every year you make this day so special for me. If every person has a friend like you then their life will be completed.

Sejal: Stop being so formal Riddhima and this is nothing. I have my secret benefit here…you see I get to eat so much!

They both laugh at this and suddenly Riddhima remembers that she has to meet Kabir also so she makes an apologetic face and says, ” Sorry Sejal but I have to go and meet Kabir now, he said he would give me my present now”

Sejal(smiling) : I know that how important it is for you to meet Kabir after all he is your love and you can’t live without him. For you oxygen is also nothing when compared to that Inspector of yours.

Riddhima: C’mon Sejal…get a new dialogue to tease me.

But as she says this she can’t stop herself from blushing. Sejal notices this and says,” Why should I when this works pretty well? I mean just look at you Miss Tomato🍅! Anyways get going otherwise you will be late!

Riddhima nods and takes her leave.

Precap: Riddhima receives a call and starts crying. She then goes to Kabir who proposes her for marriage but she rejects.

Sorry guys if you find this episode short but I have decided that I will keep the content short so that I can make it interesting, you can all drop your opinions or suggestions in the comment box. And can you guys guess why did Riddhima reject Kabir!

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