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Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 3

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The episode starts with all shocked to hear Dadi’s decision, Parveen asks her, “Ammi, what are you saying???” Dadi continues, “Roshni is Aman’s wife and our family’s daughter-in-law, and her respect is also this family’s respect, I understand that the circumstances in which Aman’s and Roshni’s marriage happened were such that everyone believes Roshni manipulated Aman for the marriage, while only our family knows the true reason behind Roshni and Aman’s marriage, so I’ve decided that their NIKAH shall be held with all the rituals such that Roshni will no more be called a COURTESAN, but THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of the KHAN FAMILY. So, let her go for now Aman, we will bring her officially after your NIKAH” Aman looks at Roshni and remembers how she had been attacked by jinn soldiers twice where at both times baazigar and himself had to risk their own lives to save her. He gets worried, he is about to say something, when Parveen speaks out, “Then you listen to my decision too Ammi, I’m going to bring Adaa to our family today, such that she takes over this COURTESAN’S place in my SON’S LIFE and FAMILY.” Aman and Roshni look on shocked, while everyone else widen their eyes in surprise towards Parveen. Roshni reminisces her moments with Aman, she feels a sudden pain in her heart and thinks, “Allah knows BEST!!! Why am I feeling sad??? I should be happy that this WAIYAD PRAANI, Khan baba is going away from my LIFE!!! But why is that I feel that I’m losing my OWN LIFE ITSELF!!!” Tears roll down her face, and as she is unable to control them, she breaks down completely, closing her eyes, unnoticed by anyone other than Aman. Aman catches his fists tightly, catches his breath, turns himself towards Dadi and says, “Dadi, Roshni isn’t going ANYWHERE!!!” Dadi looks at him surprisingly and says, “But Aman……” Aman interrupts and says, “I know that you want to conduct mine and Roshni’s Nikah once again!!! And it shall be done but with Roshni staying in our house and with me,” the he stares at Parveen and continues, “No matter WHOMSOEVER ELSE comes here!!!!” Parveen looks on at him shocked. Dadi, Baby, Sara, Saima and chotu smile in happiness. Chotu shouts, “Yay, Chachu and Chachi are getting married, Chachu and chachi are getting married!!!”

Aman goes forward catches Roshni’s hands and starts taking her upstairs to his room, as they are going upstairs, he stops, looks back at his family and says, “Tomorrow we shall go to Roshni’s house in broad daylight, no matter whomsoever in the streets tease us for entering a COURTESAN’S HOUSE and officially conduct the IMAM ZAMIN there, so that it will be declared that Roshni is Khan’s family’s Daughter-in-law. Roshni is amazed at Aman’s words. She feels that her heart is fluttering really fast, she touches her chest and asks herself, “Allah knows best!!! Why have my heart beats increased, why is this arrogant Khan Baba becoming more and more cute in front of my eyes!!!” As Aman turns to leave, Parveen tells, “The Imam Zamin ritual is done by the groom’s Ammi, Aman and I will never tie the silver scarf with GOLD COIN, into this COURTESAN’S WRISTS, who will not value the coin to be this family’s respect, but rather use it for her personal gain.” Aman turns backs and looks frowningly at Parveen. Dadi interrupts, “If you don’t want to do it, then Baby will do it, after all she is Aman’s phupi, and holds the same place in this family as his AMMI.” Baby continues, “Yeah, Aman’s phupi will tie the silk scarf with gold coin on Roshni’s wrists……” then Baby looks confused and asks Dadi, “But Ammi, who is Aman’s phupi???” Sara, Saima and Chotu bang their hands on their foreheads, while Dadi bangs on Baby’s head, Baby continues, “Oh yeah, I forgot, I’m Aman’s phuphi, of course, I will do the Imam Zamin rasam in the place of his AMMI.” Parveen looks on angrily and continues, “Then I too will bring Adaa to our house NOW ITSELF!!!” All are disgusted with Parveen’s decision while Aman retires to his room with Roshni.

In the morning

Rakh Jinn and Adaa are standing outside the Junaid Mahal, Adaa asks her, “Till now, whatever plans we have made to separate Roshni and Aman have all failed. I have been called to stay here by Aman’s Ammi, but how will I create a rift between Aman and Roshni.” Rakh Jinn tells her, “A Jinn knows all the evil things and negative emotions which exists in this world, till now, we were targeting Aman’s hatred against Roshni, but his Hatred has changed into SYMPATHY, AND BEFORE HIS SYMPATHY TURNS INTO LOVE, we will have to target Roshni.” Adaa asks her surprised, “But how can that happen??? Roshni is an AYAANA with an ANGEL’S HEART, her HEART IS FILLED WITH GOODNESS, so then what NEGATIVE EMOTION can we provoke inside her???” Rakh Jinn grins evilly and says, “DOUBT!!!” Adaa is amazed. Rakh Jinn continues, “We will have to instil doubt in Roshni’s heart regarding you and Aman, so that she herself distances from Aman.” Adaa smirks.


To be continued

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