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KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 32

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The episode starts in Pragya’s home, with Aryan telling Prachi, “Well, BHABHI, there are other human beings too present here.” Prachi asks surprisingly, “BHABHI???” Aryan continues, “Well since Ranbir is my brother, his wife will become my BHABHI!!!!” While Shahana tells, “So Ranbir, will become my JIJU from now on!!!! Wow so cute!!!!” Ranbir tells Shahana, “And since, I’m a really cool Jiju, you can always tell me if this Aryan troubles you, I will give him a good lesson!!!!” Prachi says, “Why only Aryan, even if Shahana troubles him, then I too will fill her ears with a nice lecture.” Aryan says, “Okay baba, enough of this Bhabhi, devar, jiju, salli drama, shall we go inside and start working for Prachi, after all the fashion show is just two days to go!!!!”

Priyanka calls Sunny and asks him to meet her outside the office, he goes outside to meet her, she shows him the photo of Sanju, Sunny stares at his photo and asks who it is. Priyanka gives him all the details of Sanju and asks him to find him and bring him in front of her. Sunny demands her that she had just asked to do spying on Rishi in extra. Priyanka catches his collar and tells, “Just do what I say, don’t forget that you got this job on my recommendation, if I can get you this job, then, I can let you lose it too!!! So better do whatever I say!!! She leaves from there after saying that, Sunny frowns at her angrily from behind.

In Pragya’s house,

Prachi and Ranbir sit together holding each other’s hands. Aryan and Shahana stare at them slowly from time to time and giggle. Finally, Ranbir gets irritated and tells them to go and sit and work together in Prachi’s room. Prachi tries to calm him, but Ranbir pulls Aryan and sends him to Prachi’s room, Shahana follows. Prachi asks him, “What was that??” Ranbir tells her, “Come on Prachi, we are a couple now, we need some privacy here!!!!” Prachi gets angry and tells him, “But why are you getting angry on Aryan for that, after all it is only because of him that you are able to come her and spend time with me.” Ranbir tries calming her down, “Okay, I understand Bhabhi’s love for her sweet devar!!!! But why is that my girlfriend not able understand my LOVE!!!” Prachi smiles and asks, “Girlfriend???” Ranbir smiles and continues, “Of course, even though not officially but unofficially you are my GIRLFRIEND now!!! And you are supposed to be very lucky, because rejecting so many HOT girls in our college, my HEART fell for a SIMPLE AND RUDE LECTUREY like you.” Prachi smiles and asks him, “Really??? And what about you???” Ranbir slowly turns Prachi around, with her back facing his chest, his head resting on her shoulder and her hands catching his in opposite sides. Ranbir whispers into Prachi’s ears, “I already told you that I’m the luckiest man on EARTH to get you in my life.” Prachi becomes happy on listening those words from Ranbir, she tilts her face towards him and kisses him on his cheek. Ranbir smiles and then tells “Okay as a responsible BOYFRIEND, Ranbir the best FASHIONISTA of our college will make you win this FASHION SHOW!!!” So, let’s get started with cat walking practice. Ranbir slowly shows the catwalks and helps Prachi learn them. Prachi listens patiently to Ranbir and learns step by step with him, Time passes by.

Inside Prachi and Shahana’s room, Shahana is checking all the necessary items for the fashion show, while Aryan helps her to gather everything together. She says, “Sarees check, dupatta check, shoes check, jewellery check…” just as she says jewellery, Aryan gets reminded of the anklets. Aryan tells her, “Oh I have got a small gift for you!!!” Shahana asks him curiously, “A gift, for what???” Aryan tells her, “Because you saved me the other day from fire!!!” Shahana is amazed and stares into his eyes, while he slowly takes out the anklets from his pocket and gives her. Shahana is on cloud nine on seeing them. She asks him, “How did you know that I love anklets the most among all jewellery???” Aryan tells her, “Remember the other day, I asked you, which jewellery you like the most, and you told about sound, well it was a lil’tough, but I got help from my DAD!!!” Shahana quickly tries to put them on, but is unable to, as her bruises have not completely healed. Aryan asks her “NEED HELP!!! And this time I’m again asking if you need help, so don’t give me lecture like you gave me when your skirt got stuck onto a nail on Ranbir’s birthday.” Shahana laughs and allows him to put on the anklets on her. She smiles as he puts them on, he looks back into her eyes. They both share an eye lock. When suddenly Ranbir calls out, “Aryan, it’s too late, Pragya auntie and Sarita auntie will be coming soon, let’s move!!!” Aryan and Shahana come into their senses.

As Prachi and Ranbir bid adieu to each other, Ranbir asks Aryan and Shahana to turn their heads around, and after they do. Ranbir kisses on Prachi’s forehead and says, “Bye!!”, Prachi replies smilingly, “Bye!!!”. Soon Ranbir and Aryan leave towards their car, while Prachi and Shahana go inside. As they are going in opposite directions, Aryan turns back to look at Shahana, at that same moment she too turns her head. Aryan smiles and tells her “Bye!!!!” Shahana nods her head.

In Ranbir’s room

Ranbir and Aryan are sleeping together, both lost in Prachi and Shahana’s thoughts, while the same is happening with Prachi and Shahana lost in Ranbir and Aryan’s thoughts. Ranbir tells Aryan, “You know LOVE is the most beautiful emotion in this world, and I’m so happy that I’ve found my LOVE!!!” While Prachi says to Shahana, “I never thought I will fall in love with a guy with whom I always fought!!!!” Ranbir continues. “You know bro, when you will fall in love, then I will support your LOVE the most!!!” Prachi says, “I will never miss a chance to tease you when I find your LUCKY MAN.” Ranbir goes and hugs Aryan, Aryan shouts, “Keep a distance from me Ranbir!!!” Ranbir asks him why. Aryan replies, “The other day you kissed me, daydreaming about Prachi, I can’t say what you will do with me in the NIGHT, thinking about her!!!” Ranbir looks on embarrassed.


To be continued

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