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KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 31

The episode starts with Abhi in his cabin, checking the details for the FASHION SHOW EVENT and INTERNATIONAL CONCERT, then he gets reminded of the HOUSEWARMING PARTY, he calls up his secretary and asks her to send Prachi to his cabin. Prachi comes and asks him, what is the matter. Abhi tells her, “Look I know a lot happened with all of us during the DIWALI PARTY, and now everything is settling down, and our HOUSES have almost finished getting renovated. Rhea wants your MOM to do the aarthi during the HOUSEWARMING CELEBRATIONS.” Prachi is surprised, “It’s really funny that Rhea hates me a lot!!! But she loves my ma like her OWN!!!” Abhi gets emotional and asks her, “And what about you??? Don’t you miss your DAD???” Prachi’s smile disappears and her eyes fill with tears, “Sir, I don’t know much about my DAD, my ma tells me that he really loves me a lot and wanted to keep me with him before she left his house with me!!! But I don’t believe that he really loves me Sir.” Abhi asks her curiously, “But why???” Prachi continues with a sad smile, “Sir, today I’m known with my MOM’S NAME, as Ms. Prachi ARORA, and I don’t regret that, because I really LOVE my mom. But in school, children use to tease me for not knowing my dad’s name and said that my DAD left me because I’m ILLEGITIMATE, and after that I have always felt that my dad left me because I’mmmmm ILLEGITIMATE” Abhi is in for a shock, he never thought that he would stand in front of his daughter facing such a question from her, he wanted to hug her tightly and say that he never abandoned her nor considered her illegitimate, but then he stops himself, and catches the arms of his chairs tightly. Prachi breaks into tears. Abhi gets up and goes towards her to console her, but then she quickly wipes her tears and tells him, “I’m sorry Sir, I involved you into my family problems, excuse me sir!!!” and then she quickly exits. Abhi calls out “Prachi!!!!” but before that she had already left from there. Abhi calls Pragya, and as she picks up, he breaks down. Pragya is shocked and asks him the matter. Abhi tells her everything regarding Rhea and Prachi and continues, “I don’t know how to handle our daughters, FUGGY, on one side Rhea hates her mom, for abandoning her as a baby, while she LOVES you like her own MOTHER, while, on the other side, Prachi dislikes her father for being called a illegitimate in her childhood, while she loves and holds great respect for me as Mehra Sir, what should we do Fuggy??? I wish OUR KIARA was here!!!” he is completely in tears, while on the other side Pragya too breaks down listening to him.

Aryan and Mishti come to a jewellery shop. Aryan tells Mishti to wait outside, while he wants to get something from there, Mishti curiously asks him, “Why do you want to buy jewellery??” Aryan unknowingly blurts out, “Arrey, not for me, but for someone else.” Mishti eyes widen with even more curiosity, while Aryan gets anxious over his blunder. Mishti asks him, “Oh, so there is someone SPECIAL in your LIFE!!!” Aryan tells her nervously, “Nothing like that, you just stay here until I come.” Aryan quickly goes inside. Mishti stares at him smilingly thinking, “So you too have the same feelings for me like I have, that is why you went inside to get a gift, so I would not see it.” Inside, Aryan asks the salesman to show him SILVER ANKLETS, the salesman shows him the anklets, but Aryan is confused and is unable to choose one. Just then Rakhi arrives to pawn her childhood anklets, which unknown to her, Pragya had gifted her. Aryan looks at them and says, “Wow those anklets look beautiful, looks like ancestral jewellery, who gave them to you???” Rakhi looks at him smilingly and says, “I don’t really know, but since I don’t need them anymore, I’m pawning them, why are you here???” Aryan replies, “Oh I just came to buy SILVER ANKLETS, but since I’m bad very in LADIES’STUFF, I’m not able to choose!!!” Rakhi asks, “For your GIRLFRIEND???” Aryan blushes and replies, “No, Not really, for a FRIEND!!” Rakhi asks him, “Shall I help you??” Aryan is delighted, “Of course, thanks, I really need HELP!!!” Rakhi smiles and continues checking out the different anklets. Finally, she chooses an anklet with tiny hearts on them. Aryan is impressed with her choice, “You are SO SWEET and KIND, just like PRACHI, if she had a SISTER, she would have been just LIKE YOU.” Rakhi asks him about Prachi. Aryan thinks and then tells her smilingly, “It’s my BHABHI, and if I had another BROTHER, then I would have proposed him for YOU.” Rakhi is saddened at that, she catches her tummy while thinking of her fate and tears fill her eyes but keep them hidden from Aryan. After shopping, both of them come out together. Aryan bids adieu telling her, “It was a great pleasure meeting you, hope we meet again.” Rakhi smiles and takes leaves from him.

As she walks on the other side of the road, Tanu who had been there and searching for her notices her, she calls out, “Rakhi stop!!!! RAKHI!!!” but Rakhi does not see her and leaves taking an auto. Tanu tries to catch up behind her and note the number of the auto, but before she could a cloud of dust fills there. She thinks, “So I was right, she is HERE in the CITY where her REAL PARENTS ARE, I will have to find her before THEY DO!!!”

In Abhi’s office

Purab and Vikram are discussing with Sunny regarding the costume designs of the INTERNATIONAL CONCERT, and as they see his designs, they are really impressed with them. Vikram says, “Now I get why Abhi had chosen him, such COSTUME DESIGNS were never launched by our company for any CONCERTS before. This time, even if the SONGS are not going to be hit, the COSTUMES are surely going to be a GREAT HIT!!!” Sunny smiles and tells him, “Thanks a lot sir, sir shall I continue the project with these designs!!!” Vikram replies, “Of course, Why not!!! Sure, go on!!!” As Sunny is leaving, Purab calls him, “Sunil, there is going to be a housewarming party in our house……” but before he could continue. Sunny says, “Sorry sir but I will not be attending, and after all I’m not YOUR SON, nor YOUR FAMILY, to attend your family parties.” Sunny quickly leaves with tears in his eyes. Vikram says, “This guy is really weird, at times he is so cheerful, while at times so sober.” Purab still staring at Sunny says, “Leave it Vikram, I think he has a lot of pain filled inside him!!!”

In the evening, In Pragya’s house

The doorbell rings, Prachi runs to open the door, and as soon as she opens, Ranbir hugs her saying, “Hello Sweetheart!!!” Prachi too hugs him tightly, when all of a sudden from both sides, Aryan and Shahana clear their throat. Prachi and Ranbir get embarrassed and leave each other.


To be continued

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