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Kasam Se Kasam FF Episode 28

Tanuja- Mumma did you miss me
(Tanuja asked Tanu back hugging her after entering inside)
Tanu- When did you come and Mumma missed you a lot
Tanuja *teasing*- Really you missed me even after Papa was with you
Tanu- You naughty girl (Tanu said pulling Tanuja’s ears while she somehow freeing it ran away) Silly girl

Tanuja was coming downstairs rubbing her ears only to get bumped into Nakul
Tanuja- sorry
Nakul- Why are you sorry and why are rubbing your ears did you get hurt

On the other side at a safe distance from Nakul and Tanuja
Naira- Uncle and Aunty’s marriage is gonna happen soon and till now these silly people haven’t confessed now
Rakesh-Jaan jealousy works and I bet you before Uncle and Aunty’s wedding they will confess each other
Naira- Okay then let’s go

Near stairs
Tanuja- No I was doing some mischief and Mumma caught my ear
Rakesh- That’s your fault who said to make Aunty angry
Nakul *in mind*- Doesn’t he have some other work why does he always end up here
Naira-Anyways Tanuja come with me and help me na we have have to do lots of preparations for today’s sangeet come


Tanu was giving a final touch up to herself until Rishi jumped inside from the balcony making Nandini startle
Tanu-Rishi you scared me, who enters like this in his own house
Rishi-That isn’t my fault it all your mini bodyguards fault left by the big army of course
Tanu *giggling*- Haww Rishi how can you say something like this about your own family
Rishi *turning his face in anger*- I don’t care
Tanuja*from outside*- Mumma all the guests have started to arrive please come Mumma
Tanu-I am coming
(Tanu said even after Rishi’s many signals of not to)
Tanu-Rishi go away some one will again come otherwise
(Rishi went away with a grumpy face)

There hustle and bustle in the function like it has to be but the level of entertainment increased when Smiley,Rohit,Rohan, Abhishek and Aradhya entered with loud voice of drumming and they were seen dancing making everyone excited

Rohan-Tanya Natasha
(All three of them hugged each other)
Manpreet-Abhishek Aradhya I thought you were enjoying your honeymoon
Aradhya-We were but how could we miss their wedding
Rohit-Same apply’s in our case just UV chachu and Divya Chachi will come directly on your wedding because they are stuck somewhere
Rishi- No problem come let’s dance together

Rakesh-May I have the pleasure to dance with this beautiful girl
(He asked Tanuja as soon as romantic song started)
Tanuja-With pleasure handsome
(And they started to dance until the song was changed and Naira and Rakesh deliberately changed their partners who were burning in jealousy seeing their love dancing with other person, now Tanuja and Nakul were dancing on Tujhe Chahe aur and were just lost in each other until the claps brought them back)

Ahanna- How lovely seeing all this I am going back to the time we were getting married
Manpreet- But not me because that reminds me of how deliberately I was pushing myself to hell
Ahanna- How mean, remember today to sleep outside
Manpreet- Ahanna my sweet-sweet Ahanna you will do this to me your dear husband not fair
Ahanna*smiling sarcastically*- I am not doing I did it now stop disturbing me

Rishi*poking Tanu*- Tanu give me a kiss na
Rishi- Atleast let me sleep with you tonight
Tanu- No
Rishi- please
Tanu- fine only if you confess your love to me infront of everyone
Rishi- Done
(Saying this he went away and started to dance on tera Naam Doon making Tanu’s heart melt and she kiss him on his cheeks and over his heart between dancing and were again lost in enjoy their blissful moment after crossing many hurdles)
Precap:- Nakul- I love you Naira

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