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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Punawala insults Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Punawala says time is up to remember script and calls Munna first for audition. He rejects him saying it was very bad acting. Next is Kamya. He sends her back too. Now Kartik comes. He selects Kartik, but says he needs to improve. Pandit, Swati are also rejected followed by bunch of other students. Preeti is called next. She keeps smiling looking at Punawala. She is rejected. Next comes Sameer. He asks whether he can play a cassette. Punawala allows. Naina imagines herself and Sameer dancing / romancing in an elevator. Everyone claps for Sameer. Naina asks what happened to song and then realizes it was her imagination.

Punawala rejects Sameer’s performance as well saying he found his dance very bad. Sameer says he did acting of so many actors in one song. Punawala says that

was no acting. He can never be an actor, he doesn’t even know “a” of acting. Sameer argues, but he says enough and asks him to get out. Sameer leaves. Naina comes to him. He asks her to leave him alone, he doesn’t want to talk. She asks he thinks she can leave him alone? He is quiet. She asks he is crying? What does Punawala think of himself. He doesn’t have any right to talk like this. Everyone liked Sameer’s dance. She asks him not to spoil his mood because of Punawala. It’s his loss that he rejected Sameer. No one will be able to justify hero’s role. He says he doesn’t want to talk about this and walks away.

Naina comes to Punawala and asks what he thinks of himself. He can say anything and they will stay quiet? He might be experienced director, but that doesn’t mean he can insult anyone. They came to learn acting, not to humiliate. There was nothing wrong in Sameer’s dance, everyone enjoyed it. He played Romeo’s role in school and won an award as well. She lectures him further that teacher’s duty is to motivate students. If he wanted to reject everyone, then why did he arrange auditions. It’s her mistake that she thought he must be good human being as well along with being a great director. But she was wrong. She says she is leaving auditions and says he can complain to principal if he wants. Naina’s friends leave. She was about to leave when Punawala claps and says what an acting. It was so natural. He chooses her as main heroine.

Munna and Pandit tell Sameer how Naina lectured Punawala and shut him up. They are confident that Punawala come to Sameer himself and requests him to be hero. Girls also come and praise Naina’s guts. Sameer asks where is Naina. They say she must be coming. Naina comes. Munna asks her to write a letter if Punawala is not removed from school, then they will go on strike. Sunaina and gang come there. Kartik makes Sameer’s fun using words that Punawala used for him. Munna and Pandit get mad. Sameer stops them and tells Kartik not today. He is in very bad mood, it won’t be good for him. Kartik and his friends leave.

Munna asks Naina to write letter now. Preeti says it’s just a drama. Sunaina offers help as Naina won’t go against Punawala as he chose her as heroine. Sameer asks Naina whether that’s true. Naina nods yes. Munna and Pandit ask how, she lectured him so much. Naina says she doesn’t know. Munna and Pandit say that Punawala seem crazy. He rejected Romeo and chose a soldier. They say acting is not Naina’s thing and asks her to write letter. Naina starts writing. Sunaina and Kartik say Naina will choose to do acting as she thinks from her brain, not heart. Sameer recalls his mother’s words saying same thing. Sameer takes Naina outside and asks her not to write letter. She was the one to bring Punawala in college. She says he insulted him and she can’t take that. He says at least she got selected and he is very happy. He asks her to give him her autograph before going to Bombay. After going there, she will become a superstar and then can’t say she will have time or no. She looks sad. He says just like how she doesn’t like him sad, he can’t see her upset either and asks her to smile. She smiles. He says that’s like his Naina.

Female narrator says that day Sameer chose her happiness over his. Punawala maybe thinking that Sameer can never be a hero, but he was her hero already. He earned more respect that day.

Precap: Naina tells Sameer that she will reject the role. If there is no Sameer, then there won’t be Naina either.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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