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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar’s past is revealed

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartik says he has only come here to seek revenge for something that happened years ago. He said that to me years ago. Like today, we thought we would need proof to show it to you. We found a proof to convince you. He shows his phone to Akhilesh. It was recorded here but we wont be able to play it for you. Naira tells Akhilesh he must believe them. Samar Chachu has come here only to seek revenge. Akhilesh tells them to be ashamed of themselves. You are blaming an innocent guy. Kartik refuses to be quiet anymore. I will keep talking till the time you listen to me! Akhilesh pushes Kartik who is about to fall over a burning diya. His father covers his son’s face using his palm so as to save him from getting hurt. He glares at Akhilesh. You should have trusted Kartik when he said that

he dint push Samar! You should have atleast believed your upbringing as you have looked after him more than me. Sadly, you made a mistake. For once, I believe that being a kid he might have done it but how could you hate him so much. You pushed him away like that! Akhilesh asks him why he is supporting his son. You know he was wrong but you got a chance to make mountain out of a mole. They get into an argument again. Akhilesh warns him to stay away from him or he might say something untoward today! Samar tries to calm them down but Manish warns him to keep quiet when 2 brothers are talking. It is a very old matter about which no one else knows. Samar glares at Kartik and Naira. Manish says only I and Ma know it. I don’t care why Samar is here and for what reason. I only care about what you think! No one can dare to come between us! Samar has come between us as you let him come between us! You are upset with me so better take it out on me as my loved one and not a stranger! He hands over his sandal to Akhilesh. Insult me before entire world. Call the press but you what you want to! It should only be between us brothers but the matter should end right away! Akhilesh refuses to see his face ever again. Let me go or I will do something wrong today. Manish keeps trying to stop him but Akhilesh keeps shouting against it. Their mother tells them to stop fighting.

Dadi walks up to Samar. Manish tells her to stop but she raises her hand to stop him. I understand that something is about to go wrong but everyone told me I was mistaken. I was shaken up when you came here. I made myself understand that you are my own. I thought you wont repeat the mistake which was done by your! She goes quiet. You only came to take revenge. She folds her hands and kneels down. I beg you. Please spare my family. I am your culprit. I am the murderer! Manish gets tensed. Dadi accepts having killed Samar’s father. Only I should be punished. Shock registers on everyone’s faces. She begs Samar to leave her family. She passes out. Everyone rushes to her side.

Keerti, Naksh, Dadi are celebrating Dhanteras. They pray for everyone’s well-being. Keerti is worried as to how her family would be. Naksh advises her to call but she shares that no one picked up. Naksh suggests that they might have been busy in puja. Naksh is too excited to open the piggy bank.

Doc tells everyone that Dadi seems exhausted but there is nothing to worry. Kartik and Naira are sitting next to her. They turn to Manish who agrees to tell them everything today. Bau ji loved his mother immensely and so did we.

Samar says everyone only pitied him as he was!

Manish says people become handicapped from mind and nowhere else. Bau ji kept giving him whatever he wanted. One day, he turned against his brother completely.

Samar is sure there must be some reason behind Bau ji having a change of heart.

Manish shares that Bau ji became ill worrying about his brother and left us. Dadi says the last line and they all turn to look at her.

Samar reminisces the old days.

Dadi asks Avdhesh to answer where he used money. Avdhesh refuses to give any explanation. Business isn’t run like that. You need to tell everyone about how you use the money and where! He hits her using a vase. He threatens to leave her and he does not mind it. Young Manish comes there hearing the commotion. Avdhesh asks for his share. I will otherwise blame you for my death! She tells him she does not mind. Why dint God take you instead of your brother! Flashback ends.

Dadi says people are right. We must not say anything before thinking. He died that day because of what I had said! Naira and Kartik try to convince her that she isn’t at fault but she is reluctant. Manish also tells her it was an accident. Don’t know why you have been blaming yourself all along! Kartik asks them for what reason Samar has come here. Swarna says he might have come to get what belongs to him. Kartik finds it illogical as he could have filed a case then. Naira nods. He told us himself that he has only come to seek revenge.

Akhilesh asks Samar what happened that night. Did anyone tell you anything? He replies that he was right there at that day. No one had to tell me anything. Flashback shows Dadi cursing Avdhesh to die who dies in a car accident on the same day.

Naira and Kartik discuss about the incident. Samar Chachu saw his Tai ji shouting on his father at a young age. I was also young when I was in Rishikesh.

Samar says Tai ji and Bhaisahab came running there. I hate them both. I wouldn’t have become an orphan if they had saved Bau ji that day.

Naira recalls how she mistook her mother in the past. Swarna says I also did the same.

Samar says I could have forgotten everything but I couldn’t stop myself after seeing you go through the same level of discrimination that Bau ji had experienced. Tai ji has always believed that younger son cannot be better than elder son ever! She favours Manish Bhaisahab more than you!

Swarna says I broke my relation with Naira over a small misunderstanding. Naira says the same to Kartik. They all reason that misunderstandings only give way to more misunderstandings. They can only be cleared out with time. We have to be patient to overcome it all. Kartik says it means Samar Chachu isn’t wrong too. He might be worried just as I am worried for Dadi and everyone else. They all decide to win everyone’s heart just like Akshara and Naira did in the past. We have to now turn Ravan into Ram.

Precap: Naira shares an idea with Kartik to fix everything. Samar sees an ad in newspaper about some Haveli. Kartik and Naira meet Samar in a disguise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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