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We never know (promo) raglak ts

Ragini’s prov

Life is dam strange two days backs I was exposed and day after that I signed on divorcee papers freeing myself and him from a unwanted relation and today I am standing here in front of badi with my luggage to return back

Life is really unpredictable

Laksh’s prov

I was driving towards badi to pick her never in my wildest dreams I imagined this day

Her truth shattered me to pieces she broke my trust broke me snatched my peace she back stabbed me I blindly trusted her but what she did she misused my trust made me believe that swara was wrong

I never thought that ragini my ragini would stoop so low that to gain my love she would go to this extend I still get goose bump thinking of that the innocent ragini could do anything so, but she did

It was a mutual divorcee and that was much big shock for me

He reached badi and pressed the horn she walked out

She looked pale ‘was everything ok’ his mind kept on asking him

‘why am I caring’ he nodded his head

She was standing near the car he gestured her but she didn’t notice

He walked out and kept her luggage in

And opened the front door for her and he returned back to driver seat

She still stood rooted to her place

He pressed the horn again breaking her trance of thoughts

She got in

The journey went in silence

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