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We Never Know (Part-1) raglak ts

Ragini’s prov

Life is dam strange two days backs I was exposed and day after that I signed on divorcee papers freeing myself and him from an unwanted relation and today I am standing here in front of badi with my luggage to return back

Life is really unpredictable

Lash’s prov

I was driving towards badi to pick her never in my wildest dreams I imagined this day

Her truth shattered me to pieces she broke my trust broke me snatched my peace she back stabbed me I blindly trusted her but what she did she misused my trust made me believe that swara was wrong

I never thought that Ragini my Ragini would stoop so low that to gain my love she would go to this extend I still get goose bump thinking of that the innocent Ragini could do anything so, but she did

It was a mutual divorcee and that was much big shock for me

He reached badi and pressed the horn she walked out

She looked pale ‘was everything ok’ his mind kept on asking him

‘Why am I caring’ he nodded his head

She was standing near the car he gestured her but she didn’t notice

He walked out and kept her luggage in

And opened the front door for her and he returned back to driver seat

She still stood rooted to her place

He pressed the horn again breaking her trance of thoughts

She got in

The journey went in silence

Flash back

We fall we rise, we cry we smile, we wish we want, we love we hate, we gain we lose

That is life all about

She loved him and she herself didn’t realize that when her love changed to want it turned her obsession a need which she felt in her life

Was that really love she questions now , Ragini the name means melody but did her life have any melody or emotions she never experienced the true emotions she never understood what it meant to be loved

She stood in between the people who called themselves her family

She scarified her life her wishes for this family who never understood her there was a huge gap between her thinking and there’s

When she was so obliged to them then how could there be gap

She was accused blamed by all but no one never tried to actually understand her she never got love in her life dadi cared for her because that was her responsibility her father never looked at her because he was still lost in past memories of his first love her mother never meant anything to him

‘Lakhs’ her love, maybe she had accepted too much from life that today she is here being accused by all

It was not like she didn’t had words to justify herself it was just she didn’t care anymore now

She was tried by playing these games and tricks she was frustrated she was never this and she could never decode her true self

She should never have built so many dreams with him she should have never excepted love from him

She didn’t love him because love is selfless but she was selfish she thought now she would get all the love which she didn’t get till now in life but alas she was wrong

She didn’t want to return back to badi nor did she wish to stay at MM anymore she just wanted to go somewhere far that would be best for all

But dadi forced her and she agreed only for time being

Reaching the place the first thing she did was speaking to her lawyer friend about the divorcee

Sasha was really a good friend of her from school times her brother Rudra was a lawyer

She didn’t have any trustworthy for this matter apart from Rudra

Rudra assured her that the papers would be ready soon he advised her to think again but she shocked him by asking him the papers by tonight

“I’ll try may be tomorrow noon I’ll get them” Rudra said

She hanged the call and walked towards the terrace

She sat at one corner leaning towards the wall and looked up at sky

Dida’s words still haunts her

She laughed at her own misery and funniest part was Swara’s reason behind exposing her

For a while everything was so filmy she turned vamp and swara became the angle


‘Life is not fairy tale my dear’ her English teacher said this and now she understands the lines well

Swara wanted to expose her so that ma and baba would unite but now it’s a different story they are together but not by hearts

Every relation stands on thin string of trust and very few relations are able to survive the rough pull and push of life

Swara was still at MM Dida asked her to stay back

On an emotional note that there was her need more there

I am confused just like you people reading there

But trust me life is dam simple it’s us who make that complicated


Lash’s prov

I was lying on bed thinking about all the happenings

Ragini I never thought she would stoop so low I don’t understand her why she had done all that just to gain my love why what’s so special about me

Every time I think I feel I am missing something big there is a still bigger image of this

This girl makes me crazy

What had I thought about her and now after seeing her so many shades I feel still I don’t know who she truly is

I need to relax my brain it’s again and again drifting to her thoughts

I was in love with swara but I doubt that was i

I felt attracted to her and my reason to propose her was to get rid of all this mess

I never wanted to marry Ragini I respect her a lot and she’s far more than perfect we don’t go well

I admit I was attracted to swara but I didn’t wish to marry her

I admitted in front of all what I felt I never said I loved swara but they misinterpreted that and it happened because of Dida she messed things

Sanskar’s entry was on total wrong timings

I was genuinely worried for him and for him I declared my and Ragini’s engagement

I know in all this no one was worst affected other than her but still I don’t know why I kept on doing what I was doing


The new morning had to bring new changes

There was throughout silence in Maheswari bhavan everyone were quite

Swara was giving small smile to all trying to change their moods

Pari was cold towards swara

Sujatha was busy in kitchen, she never does that other than at times when her heart is not at peace and today she felt the same

She was worried and didn’t want to admit that in front of anyone

She knows once she speaks to her jiji everything will be fine

She was at kitchen for same reason waiting for AP who was in house temple from morning

Pari was helping her

“What’s taking so long for jiji today” she asked worried

“Don’t know chachi from yesterday night she is disturbed”

“I can understand her state Pari, she had so many dreams for lakhs and Ragini she was just perfect that’s what we all thought but who thought things will end this way” she said in sad tone

Swara heard it and felt bad

“Hey bhabi” she entered the kitchen

Pari faintly smiled at her

“Any help” swara asked hopefully that they would behave normally with her like olden times

“Nothing swara almost everything is done” Pari said not looking at her

Everyone gathered at the dinning

The breakfast went quite

All started to move towards their work when someone entered the hall

Sanskar moved to that person


“Rudra rather” he said smiling

Sanskar looked back and everyone had a confused look

“Sorry we didn’t recognize you”

“Don’t worry you people don’t me but I do” he replied smiling

“I have some work with lakhs Maheswari” he said

“Yes I am Laksh” laksh came forward

Rudra handed him a envelop

Laksh opened it and eyes popped in shock

“What is that Laksh” Durga Prasad asked

“Divorcee papers” he muttered all looked confused

Tadd they heard something falling and all turned their heads towards the source of sound

The puja thali fell from Anuporna’s hand her eyes started moisten her vision was getting blurred

“Ma” she could hear the faint sound but couldn’t react much


Ragini was walking here and there she was worried from the time she came to know about AP’s state

She was admitted in hospital Ragini badly wanted to meet her but she was sure no one would like her presence

Laksh was sitting lifeless on chair looking emotionless

At one point he thought he got everything and at this end he feels he has messed everything

AP got cardiac attack she suffered because of shock she got

She was in OT

He wanted to scream yell but he couldn’t do anything he felt numb the moment he saw AP lying lifeless

Everyone were worried

He needed some one’s support but he had no one

DP was standing there waiting for doctor to come out Laksh walked up to him

“Papa” he called him he turned towards him and Laksh hugged him tightly

“Laksh” DP gently rubbed his back

“All will be fine” Laksh mouthed

Soon doctor came out and informed about AP being out of danger all felt relived


It’s been evening but still there was no news she wanted to call and ask them but she was not sure

She picked her phone and dialed Sanskar’s number

Laksh heard phone ringing round

Sanskar had left his phone behind they came to medical store to take medicines and Sanskar went to canteen

Seeing the caller id he felt weird he was not sure whether to lift phone or not

Finally he picked the call

“Where the hell were you why didn’t you pick the call how is AP ma now she’s fine Na” she kept on blabbering but stopped getting no response

It’s been two days that he heard her voice he unknowingly released that it was her whom he was missing most he wanted her to be his side he didn’t knew why but he wanted that

“Sanskar” she spoke but yet there was no response

Laksh didn’t know what to speak

Ragini felt weird sensation in her heart like it was Laksh at other end

“Laksh” she whispered unknowingly

Laksh felt shocked and happy without him uttering anything she could know that it was him

How could anyone love someone to that extend

“Ragini” he called her name hearing it her heart jumped in joy

They were silent for a while

Finally she spoke

“How is AP ma now?”

“Out of danger but is under observation” he replied

“She would be fine” she spoke gently


“Take care of you eat something and make papa ji also eat something” she said

Everyone hate her now but still she didn’t forget her duties he smiled recalling the time after their marriage how taking care of everyone turned her priority how she took care of smallest need of all

“Hmmm” he nodded



“She would be fine” she spoke

“I know” he replied


Sometimes words are not needed some ones presence can give soothing feeling to heart

Laksh didn’t release that Ragini’s presence made him feel relaxed


It’s been two days AP was all fine now but was still at hospital only one person was allowed to meet her

DP met her

Soon she was shifted to normal ward but she didn’t speak to anyone much


“Ha Anuporna’s”

“I have a wish” she said

DP nodded


“Ragini “dadi called her

She was busy in kitchen

“AP wants to meet you” she said in cold tone

Ragini was confused but she agreed


“Laksh if I ask you something will you give me that” AP asked him

“Ma why are you hesitating you can ask anything”

“Promise me that you won’t deny”

“I promise ma now saw what you want”

“I’ll say when time comes” she said and he nodded just then they heard the door opening sound

Ragini was nervously standing there along with Dida who didn’t want to risk anything this time she was angry and confused when she found that AP wants to meet Ragini

She wanted her Shona’s future to be safe and for that she’ll go to any extent this time

“How are you AP ji” Dida asked

“I am fine”

She looked at Ragini who smiled at her

Laksh didn’t look at once he was looking at other side

“Won’t you meet your ma” AP asked

That’s it Ragini had been controlling from a long

It’s just her who knows how badly she stopped herself from coming here from the time she got to know she wanted to meet AP but didn’t dare enough to do it not sure whether AP would like that

After Janki’s death Ragini couldn’t that mother’s place to anyone though dadi and Sumi were like her mother but she couldn’t give that place that love that trust to anyone it was AP who had taken Ragini’s mother’s place truly in all senses

She hugged her

“Shh I am fine” AP said when she felt tears on her shoulder

Laksh smiled seeing there bond

He knew that Ragini was always special to AP and he knew Ragini loved AP more than anyone she had given her mother’s place to his mom

If you think from his point of view it was good in one way and bad in other

“Ji if you don’t mind I want to spend some time with my children” AP said indirectly asking Dida to move out

Dida smiled and walked out but cursing AP and Ragini

‘What are they talking I can’t let this Ragini spoil my Shona’s future again Laksh and swara loves each other and they are meant to be with each other’ Dida thought in mind


Ragini was sitting there numb

“Ragini” Laksh walked to her

“I am sorry but I didn’t want to break her heart don’t worry once she’s perfectly fine I would convince her anyways next week our divorcee hearings would start you can trust me this time I won’t back off from my words and would leave your life soon, its matter of just few days” she spoke he looked shocked he never excepted this from her

Will she go away leaving him?

No, he can’t let that happen, but what he would reason that she was right they agreed to stay together for AP who took promise from both they helplessly agreed but now

Were they sure about what they were doing was right


Flash back ends

“Ragini” Laksh called her when he found her lost

“We reached” he said and she nodded he felt irritated by her silence

When they were in badi there small talks were really special to him

Her small gestures her cute smile it made her heart flutter in joy every time

Had he ever thought and he would face this day

He never know that

Back then he didn’t need reasons to initiate conversation with her but today

His heart wants to those old days but reality was they had walked to forward


She was nervous moving back to MM was her decision, fulfilling AP’s wish was her choice

But she felt helpless

AP was like her mom and can a child deny its mother’s wish

Laksh walked towards the entrance and she took slow steps

The servants took her luggage out

She stood near stairs looking the house

This was the same place which she thought would give her all happiness of life she considered this place as her own this family as her own she wanted to live a life which she couldn’t she wanted to love all and be loved by all

“Ragini” Sujatha came out

Ragini smiled faintly at her and she returned the gesture

“You may be tried have some rest”

“Cha” her words stuck in throat she didn’t know what to ask

Sujatha understood her state

“jiji would be here by evening bhaisa and Sanskar will get her after she comes you won’t have time to rest so relax for some time” she said and walked to her room

Pari was in kitchen busy in her works

Swara was nowhere seen

Ragini didn’t know how to move towards there room

Laksh would be there what he would think

There was lot of confusion in her mind

Pushing all thoughts aside she walked towards there room

AP’s room was being cleaned the servants, they forgot the water bucket and cleaning cloth there

She walked thinking something and stepped on the watery cloth her leg slipped

“ahh” she screamed in fear of falling but then she felt that she was not on floor

There was a strong grip around her waist

She looked up and found him

Laksh was checking all arrangements of AP’s room when he saw her stepping on wet cloth in time he ran towards her and held her before she fell

She looked towards him and found herself being drowned in those dark brown orbs again

She felt herself being weak again

Laksh for the first time was so close to her

Holding her in his arms evoked many new feelings in his heart

Unknowingly he was drowning in her angelic face her every expression created havoc in him a wish to hold her like this always possessiveness

Swara at a distance saw this and felt angry

‘How can Laksh do this’ she could clearly see how they were lost in each other

‘After whatever she did still Laksh agreed to give chance to their relation’ she couldn’t digest the fact that Laksh was trying to move on and with Ragini

Dida’s words were ringing in her mind

After her engagement with Laksh Dida had warned swara about Ragini

That she would snatch her happiness like her mother did with her mom

“shyamlal kaka” she called aloud

Breaking raglak moment they straightened themselves

“Clean this stuff from here” she said in cold tone glaring them she walked

Lakhs was confused by Swara’s behavior


It was 4 in evening

Laksh was sitting in hall with zero emotions on his face once he was a guy with so much fun he never took life seriously, but now he had changed so much

Ragini walked down stairs and Laksh was just mesmerized to see her

She was back in her traditional form but with few changes

Laksh questioned himself before also she used to dress like this but he never felt anything but why now

May be because he never looked at her

Was something changing now

He was not sure of that

“Ragini” Pari called her

“Help me” she said and Ragini walked to her

Swara watched all this and felt cheated

When she herself went forward and asked for work Pari denied but she asked Ragini

Why are they showing so much partiality?

Pari called Ragini because Ragini knew everyone’s taste, she knows well what each of them prefers and same was not in Swara’s case, swara didn’t have much knowledge about cooking and other stuffs

Everyone has reasons but only few are able to understand the true perceptive


It been a week that AP had returned home

She rarely comes out of her room

Pari, Ragini and Sujatha used to take care of her every need

Ragini and Sujatha anyone of them would always be with her

Swara was trying to make her place but you can never make your place by trying to snatch others’

Laksh had developed a small place for Ragini in his heart he cared for her and he didn’t fail to show that

Ragini felt a bit of joy but then she knew he cared for her just as a friend

It was mid night and Laksh was out of station Ragini was waiting for him and during this she fell asleep

Ragini reached home late

He walked inside home tip toeing making sure not to disturb anyone

He walked upstairs

She felt asleep in sitting position

Laksh entered the room and found her

‘Crazy girl’ he thought in mind and slowly lifted her

She cuddled more to him

He didn’t know why her comfort was mattering him these days why he lifted her in his arms he was totally unaware about these new feelings

She fitted perfect in his arms

He slowly made her lie on bed and covered her with duvet

From the time she returned she was sleeping on coach though he insisted her to sleep on bed but she denied

She held his hand tight

He smiled looking at her innocence he slowly bent and kissed her forehead

He withdrew himself back

‘What was I doing’ he thought in mind and walked towards washroom

He had changed to casual

Sleep was far because rats were fighting in his stomach he didn’t want to wake anyone and couldn’t sleep empty stomach

He walked down towards kitchen

Ragini turned around in sleep she found herself on soft pillow

Her sleep broke

‘How did I land here?’

‘Laksh’ she looked around but he was not there

The room door was open she guessed may be he went down

She moved out and looked down and found him entering kitchen

She followed him

He was struggling hard to find things

He checked some boxes but found nothing

‘Where did magi go’ he scratched his head

He secretly had some noddle’s stock in kitchen

The growling sound was irritating him

“Aheemmm” Ragini cleared her throat

He turned his head


“Yeah when did you return and why didn’t you wake me” she asked

“Woo you were sleeping”

“Hmm what are you doing here?”

“Woo” she heard his stomach growling he was embraced and she chuckled

“You could have woke me” she said walking in

“Didn’t want to disturb after days you were sleeping peacefully” he said

She looked towards him with a slight joy

“What would you eat?”

“Anything which is early to cook” he said and she laughed


She took out macaroni, cheese and other item

“What are you cooking?”

“Macaroni in white cheese sauce”

“It would take time”

“We’ll bake”

“You know baking”

“I know many things” she said

She took out a bowl and filled it with macaroni she added water to it and placed that in microwave

“Then how was your meeting” she asked

“Good but too boring” she laughed at his reply

Laksh felt a sudden urge to be reason for her smile

“Business meets are interesting” she said

“Nah they are never, how can anyone look at some oldies faces for hours and listen to their lectures” she laughed

“You’ll never change” she said laughing

“Macaroni” he asked

“Cooking wait”

After 2 minutes she took that out and added grated cheese and other spices and veggies and baked for other 10 minutes

Laksh was kneel observing her every step

“Yummy” he didn’t wait for her to take dish out he dug spoon and had the first bite

“It’s so good” he said and kept on eating like a child

She smiled at him

They kept on speaking to each other as the time passed

Laksh shared his whole experience and Ragini was just laughing hearing him

AP came out of her room and saw them

‘our decision was never wrong ji’ AP thought in mind


To be continued

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