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Udaan 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sooraj takes Chakor’s position on the line bomb

Udaan 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chakor still had her steps over the bomb and says she can’t let Sooraj be hurt. Sooraj asks what he would do without Chakor. He asks Chakor to do what he asked her do, she must leave. Chakor wish she can spend these last moments of her life in his arms. Sooraj assures Chakor that time will teach her to live without her. Chakor wasn’t ready. Sooraj now shouts at Chakor but Chakor was stubborn. Both compel each other to let the other live. Chakor was still stubborn and requests Sooraj to go away. He must remember Chakor and Sooraj will always be part of each other. Sooraj asks Chakor if they can’t spend a few hours of life without fighting. Sooraj convince Chakor that Anjor needs her mother. Chakor says her Daddy would surely take care of Anjor well. Sooraj hugs Chakor saying they both also need each

other. Chakor tells Sooraj to let Anjor go party with her friends, he must also not scold Anjor much. She promise to be around Sooraj. Sooraj says he won’t let Chakor go anywhere, she will be a part of his dreams and thoughts. The whole world would hear her, she isn’t going anywhere. Chakor asks for last few words. She encircles Sooraj’s face with her hands and sings for him. Both hug each other. Sooraj tells Chakor he will not go, its Chakor who must leave this ground. Chakor realizes Sooraj had brought his steps over the line bomb. Chakor retreats and pushes Sooraj away. Sooraj says they can both die and their daughter might be left alone, he swears her to Anjor. The bomb disposal squad had arrived. Chakor decides to save him, she tells him to stay here. Sooraj forbids Chakor take any crazy step. Chakor cautiously comes to bomb disposal team and requests them to save her husband. The squad leader says diffusing this bomb is almost impossible. They don’t have the code which Vikram could have given to them. Only Vikram can give them the code. Chakor pleads in front of Vikram to save her husband. Vikram only laughed. Sooraj forbids Chakor lose her self-respect in front of him. Vikram enjoyed watching Chakor break in front of him, he has long awaited to see Chakor crying and pleading. A single minute is left for the bomb to explode. He begins the countdown. Chakor continue her requests for password while accepting her defeat. She runs towards Sooraj hysterically. The village ladies hold Chakor back. The devastating bomb had been planted Vikram, it explodes and Vikram fell down on floor. Chakor thinks Vikram was their last hope to save Sooraj. All at once, the line bombs begin to explode across the village. The one beneath Sooraj also explodes.

PRECAP: Chakor mourns for Sooraj in rain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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