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Siddhi Vinayak 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari refuses to help Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shankar paces angrily. He asks Vin what he did. She was already worried and you just added on to it. How can you commit such a big sin? Manjari tells Shankar to stop. Urvashi comes downstairs holding a suitcase and cries loudly. Shankar asks her where she is going. She replies that there is no point staying here anymore. I will go from here. I got the tests done as per your wish but I cannot live with this burden anymore. He assures her that nothing can happen to them till the time their family is together. She asks him which family he is talking about. I am the one who is questioned every time. I am not safe here! The saviour of this family has become a predator! Elder brother takes advantage of younger brother’s widow! Shankar speaks of Vin’s condition. She says he was drunk but the family

members kept stomping over my self-respect. I agree I am not from a rich family but I too have some respect. I kept my dignity intact till now but this family snatched everything from me! Gauri thinks she acts way too good. It will be a blockbuster film if she acts with Vin. Urvashi continues her acting. This wouldn’t have happened if Rudra was alive. Why did you leave me alone Rudra? Shankar assures her he will make sure she gets justice. I will get you married again. She asks him who will marry her. Who will marry me after what Vin has done to me? Vin volunteers to marry her shocking everyone. I misbehaved with you and only I will rectify this mistake now! He tells his father he will marry Urvashi now. Urvashi is pleased thinking she hit bull’s eye finally. Gauri thinks she hasn’t seen a cunning woman like her. Manjari asks Vin if he is mad. How can you even think of marrying this Urvashi? You cannot do this! Shankar seconds Vin. He will have to marry her to heal her wounds. You have taught him to rectify his mistakes if he makes any. She tries to say something but Vin announces his decision firmly. Shankar adds that Urvashi has been through a lot but not anymore. Vin heads upstairs with Siddhi chasing him.

Siddhi tells Vin he cannot do this. It is ok if youa re upset with me but you cannot bring any other girl in your life. It is wrong! He insists upon fixing everything. You do not have to worry. I have divorced you already. You just have to sign them so I can fix everything. She retorts that nothing has gone wrong. That girl is using you. She is playing a game. He speaks of the medical report but she is positive he can never do anything like that. I don’t know what’s written in th reports but I know you. I know it isn’t right. I will prove it! You can do anything, you can behave badly with me but I wont let you ruin your life because of that girl Urvashi! He shrugs her hands away. I am marrying Urvashi! It is my last decision / truth! Siddhi says no truth is last. Till the time I am alive, the hope inside me will also be alive. I will see how you will marry Urvashi. She walks away.

Prachi says this girl is so cunning. Right or wrong does not matter to her at all! I couldn’t understand anything behind what she was doing but now I understand that she is after Vin’s property. She is creating all this drama to gain Vin as she knows she cannot gain him easily. Rajvir asks about the marks and reports. She is sure she would have done it smartly by inebriating his drink. People will only doubt Vin in the end after all.

Shankar tells Manjari to understand just like Vin has. What’s the problem if Vin is trying to fix what he has wronged. She begins to say something when he gets a call from a guy named Prashant. He tells Prashant to make sure this news isn’t leaked. Manjari remarks that she can see that he has started caring more about his dignity instead of Vin. You do not seem to care about him nowadays. Shankar shows her the trophies that he and Vin has earned. We can earn money again but we cannot gain respect ever again in life! Do you know about the consequences if Urvashi steps out? She will be questioned by everyone and she will say that the elder DIL of the house has killed her husband while her husband has assaulted her. We will lose all the respect, name that we have gained over the years. I wont let it happen ever! Manjari tries ot object but he stays put on his decision. Vin will have to cover up for his mistakes by marrying Urvashi.

Manjari comes to the house temple disturbed. She holds Rudra’s kalash angrily and tells him that none of this had happened if he hadn’t been adamant upon marrying Siddhi. Everything is falling apart one by one and I am just watching it as a mere spectator! Siddhi asks her why isn’t doing anything then. You know everything. Why are you letting it all happen? I beg you. Don’t bring my fight between all this. I fold my hands before you today. SIddhi never lost but Vin’s wife lost today. Please listen to me. Vin will only listen to you. I have come here as Vin’s wife today. I beg you to save my wedding today. Only you can change his and Papa ji’s mind. You can understand what the place of a husband in a woman’s life is. Manjari recalls Rudra’s death. You are right. Vin and Urvashi cannot marry. It is to be stopped at any cost! SIddhi asks her if she will stop this wedding. Manjari agrees. It wont do any good to anyone. Urvashi turned out to be smarter than me but I will make sure this wedding does not happen at any cost! SIddhi hugs her. Thank you so much Ma. I will bring Prasad to thank Bappa. Manjari rings the bell so as to stop her. She picks Rudra’s kalash again. I will stop this wedding but only at one condition. SIddhi agrees to accept it. Manjari asks her to bring her son back. SIddhi looks at the kalash. Manjari asks SIddhi to return her son to her in exchange of Vin. I know you cannot so I wont stop this wedding. I can certainly stop it but I wont!

Precap: Manjari tells SIddhi she is at peace seeing her yearn for her husband. My son will be at peace seeing you wince in pain. Vin holds Urvashi’s hand. I dint hold your hand to leave it. No one will come between us now. SIddhi looks on.

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