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Shakti 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Suomya fled together

Shakti 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The kinners watch Harak Singh and police headed towards the house. Malika calls Harak Singh to mislead him and says his son and daughter in law have come to their house, she will take care of them. Harak Singh tells everyone that Harman and Suomya have gone to those kinners. They watch the police and Harak Singh retreat.
Inside, Harman placed wet cloth over Suomya’s forehead, then feels her fever. Both fall asleep in sitting position. Lavneet reached outside the window of their hiding and loads a revolver pointed towards them. The kinner shuts her mouth from behind and abducts her.
Ravi comes to Preeto and asks what she is preparing for. Preeto was happily preparing for the aarti.
Malika was taking Lavneer. Lavneet screams for help. Sameer’s mother hear the scream and recognizes it

was Lavneet. They hold a kinner hostage and turn to take her. Malika signals towards her group. They charge over Lavneet and Sameer’s mother and ties their hands. Malika apologizes Sameer’s mother as she is elder and respectable, but Lavneet was taken ahead. She warns Sameer’s mother of killing her next time for any such false intention.
Suomya wakes up and finds Harman sleeping right beside her. She gets off the bed silently and opens the door to leave. Harman wakes up and follows Suomya. She runs faster and slips over uneven land, hurting her foot. Harman ties a bandage over her bruise, and asks why she was running away? Suomya says it was her parent’s last wish and she wants to marry Sameer. Harman asks what the surety that her parents are dead is, and what if Sameer is lying. Suomya asks what he would get by lying. Harman replies Sameer would get Suomya. They walk ahead together.
Preeto was preparing the aarti. A lawyer comes to hand the papers to Ravi. Shanno watch this.
Harak Singh and Sameer stopped Harman and Suomya’s way. Sameer takes Suomya’s hand to take her. Harman follows them but the police stops Harman. Harman asks her to think for once, he won’t be able to live without her. He shouts I love you Khushi. Suomya stops at once, she recalls what Harman had done to prove his love for her. Harman smiles. Suomya turns around then shouts at Jolly to run. Both Suomya and Harman run away from the capture of police and Sameer. Harak Singh stops the police from firing any bullets.
Preeto had fallen asleep beside the temple. Shanno comes there to give flame to the papers lawyer bought. Preeto wakes up at once, and was tensed that how it can happen. Ravi tells Preeto not to panic, they can make new papers. Shanno thinks she will continue burning the papers.
Malika makes a call that Lavneet is in the forest with them. Lavneet says kinner’s aren’t meant for love and marriage. Her husband must starve for his wife’s love. Malika slaps Lavneet and says she knows nothing about true love. Even the universe is compelled to unite Suomya and Harman.
Harman and Suomya ran towards a religious crowd to protect themselves from the approaching police.
The police takes Lavneet.

PRECAP: Harman and Suomya get drunk together and express their love for each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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