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RadhaKrishn 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Jatila and Ayan plan.
Ayan announces to villagers that they should arrange games n matches between the two villagers on the sprawling banks of Yamuna. Jatila smirks at Ayan.

Balram asks if Ayan was in good health because only yesterday he said he was scared of huge serpent in Yamuna and today he was asking for games to be arranged there ??
Ayan says Krishn had declared that yamuna was safe !! There was no serpent So what was the hitch now ??
Brishbhan n nand ask their youngsters to join the games. Krishn asks why only boys?? Were the girls of Barsana weak?? Radha complains to her baba. brishbhan asks Radhan Lalita , to join the games. They play game of Pithoo.

Jatila thinks that these boys were foolish..they were walking into the trap she laid for them.


yamuna Kaalia is waiting for Krishn. Krishn teases n tries to flirt with Radha n annoys her.

Soon Krishn knocks the ball into the yamuna. Ayan asks Krishn to get the ball. He denies saying Radha threw it. Radha then agrees to fetch that ball , ayan is very worried for her safety. He urges her to stop.

Balram asks Ayan why was he so worried? Ayan is scared for Radha. Balram asks krishn to stop Radha or kaliya would kill her. Krishn then stops Radha n decides to get the ball himself.

Krishn warns Kaaliya for trying to attack Radha, he would have to learn his lesson. Radha says he better get that ball because he himself had proved yamuna was safe. Krish asks Radha not to be scared of fearful hings. One had to stop fearing fear but over come their fears n fight that fear.

Krish Gets into Yamuna the huge snake curls around him…all boys watch in horror as kaliya coils around Krishn , the snake pulls Krishn in the middle river coild around him n spreads his hundred hoods over him.

Ayan runs n informs Villagers vrishbhan n Nand. yashoda fears the safety of her son. All rush to the bank n are horrified with the sight. Radha realizes that everyone could see this huge snake.. This was not magic created by krishn but reality. Balram asks Krishn why was he not killing Kaaliya. Krishn says he was waiting for some one to get over her fears.

Vrishbhaan is ready to enter the river with the villagers, fight snake n rescue Krishn. Jatila stops them saying he was the head of the village he could not sacrifice his life for a boy. Ayan and Jatila shed crocodile tears for Krishn.

Yashoda and Kirtida start weeping. Radha is very hurt to see her mothers n aunts crying. she urges Krish. To fight n kill kaliya naag n come out safely. Balram asks Krishn thru mind talks…to kill kaaliya now that radha had asked him. Krishn says he would kill kaaliya not for taking revenge or because of hatred, he would kill in order to teach love. To help concerned persons get over their pride / ego. Pride is a poison which slowly kills. He also had to save the waters of yamuna from the poison of kaaliya. Krishn tells Balram thru mind talks that he will kill when the right time comes. Under water Krishn is seen fighting Kaaliya.

Krishn fights Kaaliya.

Krishn vaani

He says in summers many birds sing melodious songs.
Koyel n parrots. Koyal sings beautifully , lives freely in the forests… Parrot lives in cages in homes. This was because parrots spoke the language of his captors.
So what would nam like to be ?? Live freely by speaking his own language / doing his own thing independently or following orders n living a life of debt/ imprisonment / servant. Nam can decide for one self.

Precap: Radha is mesmerized by the sight of Krish dancing on the giant hood of Kaaliya naag.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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