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Nimki Mukhiya 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti goes back to haveli

Nimki Mukhiya 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Diamond says will dablo be able to bring Sweeti? Tettar says he is useless. Ritu says no he is very good at blackmailing. Annaro says dablo is her fav brother. Babbu says she always liked weak people. Tettar says if she doesn’t come here you will have to bring her forecefully. Babbbu says if she doesn’t come her dead body will.

Sweeti and Abhi are getting married in the hospital. Abhi fills her hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra. Nimki says sweeti mummy now. Elena hugs abhi. Nimki says congrats. She takes their family photo. Abhi says what will you do now? Nimki wakes up. She says I was dreaming. Ram looks at her. Nimki says papa? What are you doing here? He holds her hand and says what will you do now? BDO wanted to marry you. Nimki says no. He looks good

with Sweeti. They are made for each other. My case is closed. I chose Babbu over Abhi. God gave me option but I chose the wrong one. Sweeti chose the right now. this is life. We pay for our mistakes and I am ready. Ram is in tears. Nimki hugs him. Nimki says I hate tears. He says Tune.. Nimki says he has right to live his life. HE is holding our Mauha’s hand. And life isn’t supposed to revolve around marriage. I will be mukhiya nimki. Sleep now. She hugs him.

Nimki says dont’ worry I will find another guy like Rabnbir. You would be proud.

Scene 2
Mauha and Tune decorate the hospital. Abhi comes there. He says what is all this? Mauha says this is for your wedding.
Abhi says where is Ram? Nimki says I asked him to stay home and rest. Njimki says mauha and tune hurry up. Abhi says don’t do all this. Nimki says you stay quite. Nimki says to mausi go get the bride ready.
Abhi says what have you thought about yourself? She says Tune is there for me. Nimki says Tune you will always be there for me right? Tune is silent. He says yes I will be. Mauha drpos the basket. Nimki says happy now? I am happy in life; Go get married now. Doctor says what are you doing? Sweeti was discharged this mroning. Everyone is dazed. Nimki says where did she go? He says her family came and she left. Everyone is shocked. Nimki says we are her family. Abi says she didn’t want to go. Doctor says she went with her will. Everyone is shocked. Dablo came.

Nimki calls Sweeti. Sweeti is at door of haveli.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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