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Kundali Bhagya 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishab announces Ritwik as Luthra’s new business partner

Kundali Bhagya 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeta passes by Manisha. She tells Manisha she has no ill feelings for Manisha anymore, she is now engaged to Karan and Karan is her dear friend. She hugs Manisha warmly. Manisha asks Preeta what’s going on in her mind, there must surely be something going on. She asks if Preeta wants to steal her ring. Preeta asks how she come to know… then says she might be middle class but she isn’t a thief. Is there something Karan said to her? Manisha says Karan doesn’t need to tell him what’s going on between them, it’s visible. She says taking off one’s engagement ring breaks the engagement itself. Preeta recalls Karan also said the same. Shrishti hear this conversation and comes to warn Manisha and says she won’t spare her if she doesn’t stop insulting her sister. Preeta holds Shrishti

back. Shrishti tells Manisha once in their older city there was a girl who tried to rag on Preeta, she pulled her hair and that girl still wears a fake hair wig. They leave.
Manisha comes to Sarla and tells her to put some reigns around Shrishti. Sarla was sure Manisha must have said something to Preeta. Manisha says mother, daughter are alike. Sarla accepts that her daughters are like her. Manisha deters Sarla to control Shrishti and turns to leave. Sarla holds her back and tells Manisha to control herself in front of Preeta, Shrishti must not have done what she deterred Manisha for. It’s the last time they have spared Manisha. When Sarla has left, Manisha was irritated.
Sherlin called the courier and tells Prithvi her reports have already been delivered at Luthra house. Manisha comes there to ask them if this engagement drama is over. They turn to see Ritwik enter the party. The three were tensed why he came over and what if they get caught. Rishab and Karan come to greet Ritwik. Sherlin says this is what she wanted to tell them that day, there is something cooking between Ritwik and Karan as she spotted them together. Manisha was clueless.
Mahesh stops a waiter and gives him the report of his Sherlin instead of his balance receipt. The waiter leaves the reports on table. Shrishti brings Preeta near the table with the report to speak to her. She tells Preeta to concentrate on Sherlin and find her report. Preeta tells Sherlin there is a reason she spoke nicely to Manisha. She was trying to take off Manisha’s engagement ring. Shrishti was at once dubious over Preeta’s intentions. Preeta tells Shrishti Manisha is wearing her engagement ring. Karan took it from her hand and gave it to Manisha. Shrishti cheers that this means Prithvi is now engaged to Manisha, and Karan is engaged to Preeta. Preeta jerks her idea.
Rishab brings Ritwik on stage. He says there has been an addition of two members in their Luthra family. Karan takes the mike, he says he has been engaged today. He brings Manisha to stage and says he got the freedom to love Manisha today. Manisha nods curtly. Rishab says even he got a new relation in business life, he introduces Ritwik as his new business partner. Ritwik doesn’t meet Manisha’s staring looks. Karan introduces Ritwik to Manisha. Rishab announces that Ritwik would handle their new hotel venture. Ritwik takes his turn on stage and says that this deal is the biggest achievement of his life, he had never dreamed of a partnership with Luthra’s. This deal would bring the best opportunity for him and his family (looking towards Manisha).
Prithvi comes to the room and behaves hysterically as everything had finished. Sherlin comes to console him.

PRECAP: Preeta tells Karan not to mock her future husband, Prithvi. Karan asks Preeta to keep an eye over him, she would realize herself what the truth is.

Update Credit to: Sona

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