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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag brings Ronita to his home

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag helps Prerna with her blouse dori. He tells her he wants to confess something. First he used to think she’s very good looking, but then he realized all credits go to her mother. His hands touch her bare back. Both feel current. Prerna goes away and starts wearing bangles. She asks did he need anything. He says he felt something. She asks what. He says let it be. She asks he felt strange? He says yes, but didn’t feel that strange. He asks himself what he is saying. He tells her that he came to give that box which his mom gave him. He was about to leave. She holds his hand and stops him. He turns back. She asks him not to leave her. He’s confused.

Madhuri calls Ronita and asks whether she would like to meet her up. She must have a lot of questions in her mind.

Ronita asks why she would call her to meet? Madhuri says so she stops running behind cars. Ronita says she wants to meet Pradeep. Madhuri says he will come too. Ronita goes to meet them.

Anurag asks Prerna what she means. She says today it’s sangeet. He must stay by her side and not get lost like last time. He says he won’t get lost, he will be with her only. Beside her, where else he can go? He leaves and then comes back to tell her that she’s looking good.

Ronita reaches the location. She calls Madhuri and asks where is Pradeep. She says he’s coming. Naveen is in car. He asks his driver to kill her. He speeds up car. Ronita runs. The driver follows her and then suddenly stops the car. He tells Naveen that they can’t kill her now. Police often do rounds in that area. Naveen tells him to let him drive, he will kill her. Naveen speeds up the car and hits Ronita in front of public. He runs away from there. Shivani runs behind his car and notes down the car number. Anurag takes Ronita to hospital.

Naveen comes home. Mohini asks where he was and asks him to get ready fast. Naveen thinks he has won against Anurag. No matter how hard Anurag tries, he won’t find any proof. Just then Ronita is brought in on wheelchair.

Naveen comes to his room and calls Madhuri. He tells her that it was very hard to kill Ronita. She asks whether he fell in love. He says he can only love Madhuri, all others just have good face, but no brain. Out of nowhere, she thought Ronita will have to die and they finished her. Anurag comes to his room. Naveen asks whether he got any manners or no to knock the door. Anurag says he thought he wasn’t there and he needed that room. Naveen says after his marriage, he will leave. He can take his room then. He makes fun of Anurag by reminding him again and again that only 3 days are left. From mirror, he sees his stuff messed up and asks Anurag how dare he to open his bag and check his stuff. Anurag says in 3 days he can do a lot. Madhuri asks Naveen to not argue with Anurag and concentrate on his sangeet. Naveen gets quiet. Anurag asks why he stopped as if someone ordered him to. Driver tells Anurag that madam (Ronita) is waking up. Anurag tells driver to take her to his room only. Naveen wonders which friend Anurag brought home and tries to see her face, but fails to.

Ronita thanks Anurag for helping her. Anurag asks her whether that was accident or someone tried to kill her. She gets panicked and becomes unconscious again. Anurag calls doctor. Doctor says she needs proper rest and she will be fine. Anurag asks if he can come and check her once. Doctor says ok. Mohini comes and asks whose that lady. Anurag tells her how Ronita’s husband tried to sell her and now she’s fighting against him and she got into an accident. Mohini says she’s proud of him and asks him to get ready in her room.

Naveen tells Madhuri that they will need to do something about Anurag. He wishes instead Ronita, it was Anurag under his car. She asks him to calm down and not say anything which would put them into trouble if someone hears it. She tells him to wear blue for his sangeet, blue color looks very good on him. He says after Ronita, now there is no one who can possibly harm them.

Precap: Anurag and Prerna are in kitchen. Anurag has flour all over him. He touches his face to Prerna’s and make her face dirty too. They then realize what they were doing and look at each other.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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