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His Lust Or Love Season 2 (Episode 1)

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Episode 1
The Episode Start with Swara… she was crying hard as the women slap her… Swara said in between her tears…
Swara: what happened mom
that lady is shamista.. she said
shamista: why the hell u r not ready yet I told u Sanskar Maheshwari is coming go get ready otherwise he’ll shout on me that why r u working
Swara nod in yes and left from there… she came in room and lie down on bed as it was so soft… after a long time she was sleeping on bed as before her marriage was fixed she used to stay in storeroom… she closed her eyes and start thinking how she met Sanskar….

Flashback Start
a week ago
Swara was in market buying some groceries… soon she was done when she came out she saw a kid was crying hard… she was about to go to that kid but was stopped when she saw a man who came to that kid… it was Sanskar… Sanskar took the kid in his arms and kiss his cheeks… Swara smile seeing him and kept looking at him.. Sanskar give chocolate to that kid and the kid smiled… Swara was smiling seeing Sanskar… he was handsome and was good at heart too… Sanskar put the kid down and his parents came and thank Sanskar… he nodded and turn to left… Swara was looking at him feeling so good just then he saw Swara and was Mesmerized seeing such a beauty… Swara came in sense seeing Sanskar looking at her and run away from there… soon she came home aASd put everything in kitchen unknown of the fact that someone has followed her till her home…

Next Day
Swara as usual was working in kitchen making food for everyone and shamista was shouting on her without any reason… Swara was used to it but it did hurt her to hear bad about her mother… shamista said
shamista: God her mother died but left this burden for us God knows what’ll I do with this useless girl Swara get the dam food is it ready or not how much time will u take for it now
Swara: food is ready mom I’m coming
soon Swara came and set the table for food… after that she called kavya and Kavita for food… they had dinner while Swara clean their room… soon when they were done with the food she came and clean the table then washed that dishes… Swara was now having lunch when suddenly shamista came and said
shamista: get up fast and get ready in good cloths guest r coming
Swara: who is coming mom
shamista slap Swara and said
shamista: now you’ll ask me questions
Swara: sorry Mom saying this Swara left to get ready…. Swara came in storeroom and took a White Lashkara Anarkali… she get freshed and wore the dress… soon she came out and collision with something hard… Swara closed her eyes in fear of falling down but she didn’t fall down… Swara open her eyes and got shocked seeing Sanskar in front of her… Sanskar was again mesmerized seeing Swara… he kept looking at Swara with desired filled eyes by holding her in his arms… soon Swara came in sense by shamista’s shout…
shamista: Swara what r u doing
Swara immediately get out of Sanskar’s arms and said
Swara: sorry Mom I
shamista: go inside and get snacks
Swara nodded and run inside the kitchen… Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar: Mrs Gadodia
Shamista: yes Mr Maheshwari
Sanskar: I want her
Shamista: sorry I didn’t understand
Sanskar: u want me to invest in business right
shamista: yes
Sanskar: then I want her I wanna marry her and I’ll invest as much as u want
shamista smiled evilly and said
shamista: as u want
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar: call her I wanna talk to her
shamista nod and left from there… she came in kitchen and said
shamista: Swara
Swara turn and said
Swara: yes Mom
shamista: come out
Swara: ok
she came out and shamista send her in room where Sanskar was waiting for her… Swara came inside and saw Sanskar… Sanskar saw her and sign her to come close… Swara hesitate but came little close to him… Sanskar sign her to come and sit beside him… Swara nod no and step backwards… Sanskar get up and pull Swara on him resulting her to fall on him… Sanskar took her beneath her and said
Sanskar: no one say no to Sanskar
Swara get shocked because of the sudden act of Sanskar that she didn’t understand anything… Sanskar looked at Swara and said
Sanskar: u look even more s*xy now u feel so good against my body and ah u make me so hard baby saying this Sanskar start kissing Swara madly… Swara tried to push Sanskar so hard but failed… tears start flowing from Swara’s eyes and she tried to push Sanskar but he was too strong… Sanskar start rubbing his c**k on Swara’s p***y and said
Sanskar: ah it feels so good Swara ah
Swara: leave me please saying this. Swara start crying and Sanskar kissed her hard making her silent… Sanskar after 5 mins stop and said
Sanskar: it was so good baby now I’m going soon I’ll take u with me baby saying this Sanskar left and Swara run in washroom crying hard…

Next Day
Sanskar came and met Swara but this time he showed care for Swara… he shouted on Gadodia family that why Swara is working like a maid… he took Swara out and spend time with her… days passed like that and Swara get to know Sanskar well… Swara start liking Sanskar seeing his caring and loving nature…

One Day
SwaSan were having dinner outside when suddenly a boy came and hug Swara tightly…. Sanskar’s blood boil seeing it and he start getting angry… Swara known of this fact hugged that guy back and said
Swara: Raj u here
Raj: cutie what are you doing here
Swara: oh I came here with my would be meet Sanskar
Sanskar get up and shook hands with Raj and said
Sanskar: Sanskar Maheshwari
Raj felt something wrong but ignore it and sat there talking with Swara… after 1 hour Raj left and Sanskar asked for bill… Sanskar payed the bill and left from there… Swara run after Sanskar being shocked and hold his hand… Swara said
Swara: Sanskar what’s wrong
Sanskar hold Swara tightly and said
Sanskar: u bl***y s**t enjoy that bastards hug didn’t you I’m warning u if anyone else ever touched u I’ll kill him got that u r my bought slave only I can touch u and f**k u
Swara was shocked to hell… Sanskar push her in car and drive to her house… as they reach home Swara get down and Sanskar left from there… since that day Sanskar is rude and not the loving Sanskar anymore…

Flashback End
Swara came In Sense hearing a knock.. it was kavya asking her to come out as Sanskar is here waiting for her… Swara said
Swara: coming saying this she left to get fresh…
wow long one how’s it guys tell me

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