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Bigg Boss 12 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 65
Rohit is sitting on Somi’s bed and partially lying on her. Deepak asks him to come to him. Somi says dont go there, I am ill, she stops him. Rohit says let me go. Somi asks Deepak who are you to call him? Rohit says leave me, Deepak is calling. Somi says Rohit is so nice. Deepak says die. Surbhi asks if he is heart broken now?

Romil asks Sree to clean garden? Sree says I will do it slowly. Romil says you can take some other duty. Sree says I am not doing anything. Romil says fine then I will do this with you too, see your game, Shiv is not here anymore.

Deepak asks Sree who are in top 6? Sree says tell Jasleen that she is not in top 6.

Jasleen says to Deepak that why you are deciding that I am not in top 6? Deepak says we were just talking.

Jasleen asks him to get lost. Surbhi says he gave his thought. Jasleen says I am not here to swim in pool. Megha asks them to not shout.

KV says to Rohit that there are two new groups in house, one is Sree, Dipika and Megha, second one is Romil, Deepak and Surbhi. He says we can make a third group with you and Sristy then we will decide which group to support, our group will be important then.

Day 68
The house wakes up to Amar Akbar Anthony’s title track, they all dance.
Sree says we will be given chance to save some inmates as per the song.

Sree says to Megha that I dont trust KV, its just me, you and Dipika in team. Megha says we can control Jasleen, she listens to me. Sree says we can destroy happy club if we remain together. Megha says we have to send Sristy and Rohit out. Sree says they are not grateful, I saved all and Dipika three times.

Sree is trying to make dosa. Dipika says you cant use this pan, its broken. Sree gets angry. Megha says let me try. He puts his pan on stove. Dipika says I dont understand why he is making it separately? Megha tries to cook for Sree but Sree says thank you, you eat it. Surbhi says why pamper him? let him make it. Sree says I was making it myself. Surbhi says she was making it nicely for you. She asks him to clean garden. He says I am not doing it, I am ill. Surbhi says you look fine.

Surbhi says to Deepak that you should be beaten for love. Deepak says we will leave as lovers. Surbhi says to Somi that you look nice with open hair. Rohit is trying to help Somi with pan handle. Surbhi says why Rohit is giving her too much attention? Deepak says he does is deliberately. Rohit hugs Somi. Surbhi asks him to stay away from Somi.

Surbhi says when Sree was captain, he asked everyone to work but he is not cleaning garden. She tells Romil that he is not ill, he is working out.
Romil asks Sree to do duty in kitchen, I will give garden to KV.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that you people got nominated because of someone so we will give a chance to save some inmates. Three housemates can save themselves. Inside a safe zone, three people can sit and has flags of all contestant’s names. Surbhi, Dipika and Deepak will enter the zone first. On every gong, housemates will remove one person from the zone on mutual agreement. The outgoing person will decide who will take his/her place. The persons sitting in the zone at last will be safe from eliminations. Romil is already saved then he will be referee.

Romil says to Surbhi, Somi and Deepak that you three can mutually decide to save each other. Surbhi says to Romil that we can give rotation to Rohit too.
Jasleen says to Megha that we should keep rotating, happy club should not get it.

Surbhi says to Dipika that I am giving 100% in tasks. Dipika says we all do. Surbhi says you are alleging me. Dipika says I am not alleging you, you are destroying house peace so you should be eliminated.

Jasleen requests the safe zone members to let her be saved. Deepak says you should not be insecure. Deepak says that Rohit should be saved., but Dipika refuses and says he never plays for me. With sarcasm, Surbhi suggests that Sreesanth should replace Dipika so she can save her relation. Sree says I have a lot of fans, I want to save my sister, she is not getting up. Sreesanth tells Surbhi he doesn’t need saving. Deepak says to Dipika that we can send you first then Surbhi can go. Dipika says why should I go? Surbhi says you are like a mata in this house so do it. Dipika says I am not here to listen to all this, she flips and starts shouting. Romil says if task gets discarded then we all will be nominated. Dipika says we all know who has less manners between us. Deepak says I can get up when buzzer plays.

Surbhi gives her position to Somi and says she works a lot in house so she should be appreciated.

Megha says to Dipika that we can keep shuffling between us. Dipika asks Sree to come, I want to see you first in my place.
Surbhi says to KV that lets see if sister will give her position to brother.
Megha says to Deepak that dont save Rohit and eliminate your friend Somi.
Sristy says to Dipika that I wont be captain and will never get chance to be saved so please think about me.

Dipika says I want to give my position to Sree as I think he is the only person I would give my position too.

Surbhi says to Rohit that I have to think about my people first. She says that her preference is Happy Club as they have been with her since a long time. Surbhi tells
Rohit she will not be able to help him.

Third gong sounds. Deepak switches places with Surbhi.

Fourth gong sounds. Surbhi replaces her place with Deepak. Karanvir expresses displeasure at how the Happy Club is playing a game to save themselves. Surbhi says to KV that I am attached to people, I wanted to give to Rohit but I did not because now I will be selfish and keep position to myself.

KV says to Rohit that we dont need a chance from others, we have to make options for us. Sristy asks Rohit to not feel down, you are not new here. KV says join hands and we will snatch opportunity, we will see which group we should support.

Jasleen says to Megha that why did you ask to not send Rohit in? Megha says Rohit is playing bad on both sides.

Fifth gong sounds. Sreesanth replaces himself with Dipika and says she is not fake and deserves to be saved.

Sristy says to KV that Megha is not alone, she is in group.

Surbhi says to Romil that I am not scared of nominations, we can save Rohit to make him on our side.

Sixth gong sounds. Deepak replaces himself with Surbhi.

Bigg Boss says next will be the last gong.

Megha asks Romil to not save Rohit, Romil says we dont have a problem with him.

Megha asks Dipika to save her. Dipika says she will only come out if Sreesanth replaces her. Sreesanth agrees. Jasleen respects Dipika.
Surbhi says to Rohit that I will give first call and bring you in. Romil says I will announce your call.

Dipika talks to Sree and asks Surbhi that I am going out. Surbhi says I asked you two times but you said you wont go and now you want to go? Deepak says Dipika you are changing words. Dipika says we are not able to mutually decide then we will both try to go out.

Last gong sounds. Surbhi and Dipika have an argument as both want to step out of the safe zone. All inmates argue. Dipika says to Deepak that you said if I go first then your team will go so its my turn now.
Sristy asks Surbhi to not listen to Megha and save Rohit.
Surbhi says to Dipika that if you wanted to save someone else then it would be find but you want to save Sree who doesnt need it. Dipika says I am done with you always preaching. Somi says this is not right. Surbhi says she wants to use her celebrity power. Dipika says what do you mean by celebrity power? She shouts at her. Surbhi says if you want to save Jasleen then its fine but why Sree?

Jasleen says to Rohit that we are together, we will pack our stuff together.

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