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Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and sia and silent readers

Sorry for little  late update

Recap-Yash comes to know that adi is in relation with a girl pooja

He tries to inform zoya about same

Zoya n adi are in Mandap

Wasim attends yash’s call n is shocked  to know

He asks yash to meet him soon


Wasim is restlessly moving about in garden area

Yash comes there

Yash shows him printouts which have adi n pooja’s pics

Wasim makes a shocked expression

He tears the printouts. Yash is stunned

Wasim (angry tone)-yash whats kind of friend are u of zoya

She is getting  happily married n u want to spoil everything

I always had a doubt on u

Yash-uncle but

Wasim (interrupts )-I know about this girl we all know about her n adi

She is adi’s past

Yash -no uncle no Adi was speaking  to her that day on phone

Yash-uncle zoya’s life will get ruined  Adi doesn’t  love her He loves pooja For some reason he is hiding  all this  uncle we need to stop this marriage

Yash starts walking  towards hall

Wasim comes midway

He slaps yash

Yash is astounded

Wasim-yash get out from here get out How dare u

Adi is my son in law Stop pin pointing fingers on him

Just get out

Yash(firmly )-yes I will go but not until zoya asks me to leave i want to talk to her

Wasim holds yash’s  hands

He forcefully stops him

In Mandap

Adi n zoya are shown doing rituals

They get up to take pheras

Adi is unable to move but when Anjana  tells him

He starts taking pheras

In garden area wasim pushes yash

Wasim-i will not let u stop my daughter’s marriage

Yash is Bleeding

Wasim hits him more

Adi makes zoya wear mangalsutra

Adi takes his eyes from zoya

He just cannot meet her eyes

Zoya looks confused

Adi is filling zoya’s  hairline  with sindoor

His hands shake

Sindoor falls on her face

Adi panics

Anjana -no problem  it happens in excitement

Roshnaq  feels bad

Anjana  wipes sindoor  with tissue

Pandit says that zoya n adi are now husband  n wife

Yash arrives

He is badly injured

Wasim comes behind  him

Yash is shocked to see Adiya married

They are taking  blessings

Wasim-yash Dnt create a scene leave from here leave just leave

Yash leaves in sadly

Zoya notices Wasim

Wasim smiles looking  at her

Zoya hugs wasim teareyed

She hugs her ammi

A emotional moment is shown

Noor is crying

Arjun feels bad

Noor hugs zoya

Noor-I will miss u appi Adi juju my appi is my Jaan pls take care of her otherwise I am a dangerous  girl

Adi smiles looking  at way Noor threatens him

Adi nods at noor -yes I will

Anjana  hugs  them happily

Harshvardan  too blesses them

Arjun congratulates them

Zoya  looks around

Zoya’s pov-where are u yash today is a my happiest day yash

Yash is showing drinking  in a bar

Yash’s pov-Am sorry  zoya I couldn’t  stop ur marriage The Day u r considering  as ur happiest day Is actually  a day ur life got ruined  n I couldn’t  do anything

Tears fall from yash’s eyes

Noor Roshnaq n wasim get emotional

As zoya n adi walk towards car

Emotional bidaai is shown

Anjana -Roshnaq I promise  ur zoya will be queen of hooda house

Roshnaq hugs her

Wasim hugs Harshvardan

Wasim’s pov-now I will rule entire business  Though yash tried to ruin everything I managed  everything

Now this is my destiny nobody  can snatch  it from me

Zoya sits in car

She is crying

With heavy heart she bids bye to her family

In car zoya is crying

Adi looks on helplessly

Adi’s pov-This is the reason  I hate this marriages n all

He tries looking  outside window

He feels bad

He offers zoya his hanky

Zoya gently  wipes her tears

Zoya n adi arrive  at hooda house

Hoodas excitedly wait to welcome zoya

Anjana  happily  does arti

Zoya drops kalash n enter house

Precap-zoya is waiting  for adi

Zoya keeps looking  at wall clock

Adi doesn’t  come

Zoya falls a sleep while waiting

Early morning zoya notice that adi still hasn’t  returned

She gets worried

Just then adi arrives

Before zoya could  ask him any thing

Adi (rudely )-Zoya pls dnt ask anything  I had some personal work because  of which  I had to go Pls a request  Dnt tell about this to anyone  anyone at home they will create a issue

Zoya -but…

Adi-I hope u can atleast do this much for me Zoya i need my space I cannot share everything  with u I have my own life n I like living  it my way but mom will simply  create issue

So pls i request

He leaves

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

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