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Zaroori Tha|I’ll Snatch You From Sky Too| Shot 4

Hey everyone this is the fourth shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

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Shanaya glare him for second then left the bar area. She was passing by when she strikes with someone.

Person was about to fall when Shanaya holds his arm and saves him.

“Walk carefully.” Shanaya spoke

“Sure, Next time i’ll” Dev spoke

He turn his face to glance the girl who save him but it was too late as Shanaya already stepped away.

Dev was left in thoughts when Shivaay came and brought him back.

“Are you fine, Dev uncle?” Shivaay asked with huge concern

“Yes, i’m fine” you don’t need to worry about me. Dev replied and matches away.

“Shivaay what happened?” Om asked

“Nothing!!” Shivaay spoke satisfactory

“Ok, then what you are doing here?”. Come all are waiting for you. Mr Kumar wants to meet you. Om said.

“Ok, i’m coming” but where’s Rudra? Shivaay asked.

“That duffer running after Miss Ruthless” Om replied

“Miss Ruthless” Shivaay spoke

“You know what you have to do?” Kabir spoke.

“Don’t worry Mr Beast, i’m here only for that”. Now only we have to see , what reaction he’ll pass seeing me infront of him. And then rest the prey will be all of Beast. Shanaya spoke munching snacks

“Yeah, for this day i’ve waited long but today no more wait.” Kabir eyes got red with revenge.

“Came down, and go before they caught you with me. I’m bring him to you just wait” Shanaya orders him to leave.

“Roll num 256, Kabir stretches on it and leaves.

Soon Kabir left a boy approached Shanaya

“Hey gorgeous, all alone” boy spoke getting close to Shanaya who’s facing back of him.

“Yes, i’m all alone. So as you i think” Shanaya spoke evilly

“Yeah, honey so don’t you think we should give smooth company to eachother and vanish this loneliness between us. I’m Rajveer Shah and you.

“That i’ll tell you after vanishing this distance between us.” Shanaya spoke

“Then what we are doing here, come lets go to my room” Rajveer holds her hand.

“Shanaya jerk him, not yours but mine room” She spoke while texting Kabir.

“I’m dead, i’m dead only with your attitude only i don’t know what will happen to me when i’ll see your prettiest face ”  He spoke placing  his hand on chest.

“Surely, you will die Shanaya spoke dangerously”.  My room number 256 you go and i’m coming informing my staff that i need no disturbance.

“Rajveer Shah waiting for you”

Scene shifts to Room 256

Rajveer was getting restless in room. Where that girl gone. I’m so desperate to enjoy with her. Rajveer was lost in thinking about doing dirt with Shanaya  when he felt someone hand on his shoulder.

“Thinking about be Raj” Shanaya spoke giving devilish smile to him.

Rajveer gets numb to see her infront of him, he stood up shockingly ” Shanayaaaaa you”

Shanaya pushes him on bed ” Yes, Raj me what you thought i’m dead”

Rajveer was about to take gun out when he receives the  hard punch on his face. He gets more shocked to  see the owner of the punch

….. Kabir you

Kabir punches him again not Kabir but ” Mr Beast” you womanizer

 You can’t do anything to Rajveer Shah and you Shanaya have you forgotten what i did with your purity.   ” Rajveer shouted”

Shanaya kicks him  ” today it will be take from you. “

Kabir hits him on his head and made him unconscious.

 “Mr Beast now you and your revenge begins”. Shanaya spoke.

Deal with Shah’s got locked and your revenge too got it’s key.

“But still daress are On Mr Beast”

Same for you as well ” Miss Ruthless”

@ RM 


Gayu were contionusly dialling Dev and Shivaay numbers. But one fone was out of reach and the other was off.

“Gauri di , what to do? Dad’s fone is out of reach” bhavya spoke worriedly.

Same goes for Shivaay bhaiya his fone is off. Now how to inform them about Maa condition.

“Call Omru, Gayu they are too with Shivaay ” Jhanvi said.

Gauri hurriedly dials Om number, Bhavya you go to Maa. I’m calling Omkara ji. She commands Bhavya.

Bhavya nods and runs to Aarohi.

Gauri calls om and infrom him about Aarohi’s health.

Outside the resort

Bagger was begging Shanaya ” please for god sake give me some money i’ve not eaten anything for days”

“From which gang you are hah? Shanaya asked furiously

“No, i’m not from any gang trust me” bagger pleads

Hahaha !! Tumhein kya laga ?mein tumhari baaton par yakeen kar lu ge, toh tumhare bhagwan ney bohat he pura insaan chuna hai , jisi ke samne tum hath phela rahy ho.

(Hahaha!! What you think? I’ll trust your words, then your gods  chosen very bad person, infront of whom you are bagging )

Ab band karo yeh natak and jao apne bhagwan ke agaye hath phelo na ke kisi insaan ke.

( now stop this drama and go to your gods and infront of them spread your hands not any human being)

“I’m not lying please gods made you to help people like me” bagger request her

But not me to help people. So go and help yourself and if you are dying with hunger , then why don’t you work and earn respectfully instead of being insulted by people.” Shanaya spoke and pushes him.”

Before bagger could fall someone holds him. Who with fire glare Shanaya.

“Is this the way to treat someone” Shivaay spoke helping bagger to stood properly.

Shanaya kept on gazing him when Shivaay voice brought him back to earth.

If you are blessed with everything that doesn’t mean that you will curse pity one. gods have given you so that instead of them , you became the cause of  someone well being so that your name can be written in their good books. ” Shivaay spoke while giving some money to bagger. “

You be in their good books congrats your name is written above all. And don’t show me yourself and believes. Did you get that? Now off from my way.  ” Shanaya approaches ahead “

Shivaay too approaches forward and kept on staring her ” born with cold shoulder rich brat”

Nahe mein berahem ho aur koi taklif hai ap ki kanji ankho ko, to jaa karna in ka check karwa ley. Samajh aya? Aur agar nahe to kisi se pouch lo, us andha se.

( No dear i’m Ruthless and any problem with your blue orbs, then get a check up done of them. Did you get that? If you didn’t  consult any , than get from that blind man.)

 ” Shanaya shuts her car door and drive out”

Shivaay throws his fone in range. ” how dare she to rise his voice in front of SSO.”

Om runs towards him  “Shivaay come we have to back go Pune , Maa is not well. I’ve told Rudra he’s gone to infrom Dev uncle too.”

Shivaay shouts ” Anikaaaaa”

@ RM



Maa please have soup, you didn’t have your dinner” Gayu pleads Aarohi”

Gayu beta i’m not hungry please don’t force me and go to your rooms ” Aarohi requests them.

Shivaay knocks and enters Aarohi’s room.  He sign Gayu to leave them alone.

Gayu peck Aarohi cheeks and bit night to her.

Aarohi hugs Shivaay and cries ” Shivaay beta i need Anu, you said you need three days more i gave you but know one again  gone. Please i won’t to see Anu before my eyes gets closed for…..( Shivaay cuts)

“No, Maa you can’t.” If Anu is not here than i’m here for you. And when SSO is with his Maa than nothing will happen to you never.

You rest i’m coming.

A week later


In Delhi

“Why this road is blocked?” Shanaya questioned traffic police.

“Ma’am students did strike” he replied

“What?” Shanaya spoke shockingly

“Yes, and it won’t get clear still they don’t get justice” he futher concluded.

“Acha, leave is there any other route to reach airport.” Shanaya asked him.

He nodded postively and guides her another route.

Shanaya gave him some cash as a tip  and turns her car towards other route.

Shanaya was driving ,thinking deeply about something. Something was striking inside her brain that was making her Ruthless with every second was passing on.

For Mr Beast live became Race, but for me , for Miss Ruthless life  motto left dare








She kept on increasing the speed of car, it doesn’t seem that Miss Ruthless increasing the pace because she’s in hurry to jump in future or it’s an other dare for her but in actual Ruth was running away from her past. She was continously increasing the speed.

When two bikes cover her from both sides.

Shanaya glance them from side mirrors and pov

So Mr Shah send his four men to catch me but they can’t as non can catch me. Saying this she increases the speed.

The bikers too increase the speeds and kept on blocking  her sides.

Shanaya puts her car in the last gear and increase the distance between them.

She smirk at her victory but her eyes got popped to find chopper infront of her blocking her way.

She took a reverse but got  more shocked to find  another chopper blocking her back.

Miss Ruthless got caged from all sides.


Percape no precape


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