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Muskaan 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak troubles Muskaan

Muskaan 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suzaine saying Muskaan has studied so that she really gets a smile on face and gets out of here to make way for her new life. Rakhi taunts Suzaine on her bad fate. She runs to see Sapna. Tabassum scolds Sapna. She asks Rakhi to ask Suzaine about Muskaan. Ronak stops Muskaan from using phone. He asks her fav subjects. She tells him subjects. He says you want to study, you can go. Suzaine calls Muskaan. She says maybe Muskaan is in class, so she isn’t answering. Tabassum says you have tried well, now I will get her. Ronak asks Muskaan to sleep. Muskaan thinks Tabassum will scold if I get late, what shall I do. Professors come. Ronak requests them to teach her, she has come from far, and wants to study. He asks Muskaan to sit down.

Ronak asks professors to make some comedy

king so that Muskaan smiles. He watches Muskaan studying. Muskaan says maths isn’t my subject. Professor says its your subject till Ronak is sitting here as principal. Tabassum calls her and asks her to come home, else her books will be thrown out. Muskaan says I m coming home. Professor says you can’t go, Ronak wants you to study, so study. Muskaan thinks what will Tabassum do. She runs away. The guy says she has runaway from studies. Ronak stops Muskaan. She goes. His sister stops him and asks why are you troubling her, Muskaan studies by hardwork. He says she is gone. She says what if dad knows… He says its good, dad should know that I have grown up. She says he is our dad, why do you say this about dad, come home. He says he is your dad, you go home. His friend comes. Ronak goes with him.

Tabassum warns Suzaine and says I won’t tolerate this from Muskaan, its her special day today. Muskaan comes home and hears Tabassum threatening. Tabassum says I m much angry on you, but your day is good, so I m leaving you. Muskaan goes. Ronak says no one can go against me, why. The guy says because you have heart, mind and hero body. Ronak says you are with me thanks. He boasts about himself. He says I wish to teach Muskaan so much that she gets tired, but I think maybe her mum is strict about her. The guy says she should have not raised voice against you. Ronak says she has much courage, but she looks scared. Suzaine makes Muskaan ready for the dance performance and cries. She asks Muskaan why is she crying. Muskaan gets sad and says I will get priced by the city’s rich people, I m studying for mum and will dance too. Suzaine says I m helpless to take you there. Muskaan says I m going to fulfill my promise to Aarti.

Muskaan performs dance. Everyone smiles. Kahe ched mohe….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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