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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz flees from jail

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam calling out Farhaan. He comes out and asks what did you hear. She says that you will bring my dad here. He says yes, he is fine, I will get him here for you. She thanks and hugs him. Aayat comes. She asks Mariam to come home. They go. Omkar gets worried for Majaaz. Meher asks him not to worry, Lord will show some way. She goes to get water. A man comes to him and says its tough for Majaaz to get saved, I m your well wisher, call me if you need help. Omkar asks him to leave. Majaaz says Mariam is in Pakistan, she is waiting for me, let me go. Mariam comes to her room. She gets Majaaz’s pic and hugs.

Farhaan comes to her wearing mask. She gets shocked. He shows his face. She asks why did you wear this mask. He says I did this to make you laugh,

did you get scared, sorry, will you talk to your dad. She asks will you make me talk. Majaaz says don’t cancel my visa. He gets a call. Majaaz answers Mariam’s call. She says I have seen on tv, police came to our house, are you fine. Police goes out. Majaaz says I m fine. Mariam asks where are you. He says I m at a friend’s house. Farhaan points gun at her and threatens Majaaz. He asks her to come soon. Mariam says you come soon dad. Majaaz says yes, I m coming soon. He thinks Mariam is in problem. The inspector says that number was untraceable, what are you going to do. Majaaz says Mariam is my daughter, she is waiting for me, I have to go there. Inspector says leave this dream, you won’t go out, you lost all your chances, its court hearing tomorrow morning, you will go jail, you can’t cheat me with this innocent face. Omkar comes to meet Majaaz. Majaaz says its tough for me to leave, just you can save Mariam, her life is in your hands. Omkar says I will get you out of here, I will talk to big lawyer.

Majaaz says there is no bail in this section, you know this. Mariam and Jibraan play. Majaaz begs Omkar to get Mariam back. He cries. Jibraan says you packed your bag too. Mariam says I need to keep few more things. He sees his pic in her bag. He says I got a sister and friend in you, I will feel lonely when you go. She says you are my brother, I will ask dad and Aayat to send you with me, we will draw now, there is no color pencil. He says we will get it from Farhaan’s room. She goes to get it and hears someone. He sees the man pointing gun at Farhaan. Omkar asks what can you do to save Mariam. Majaaz says I can go to any extent to save her. Omkar says don’t say anything, this is only way to save Mariam. He gives him a note and goes. Majaaz reads the note. Mariam thinks the man is bad. Farhaan tells the man that Majaaz will come to meet Mariam soon. He tells the change in plan and calms the man.

Mariam hits the man to save Farhaan. She asks Farhaan to come fast. The man catches her. Majaaz drinks water and falls down. Constables call ambulance for him. Majaaz is taken by them. Omkar is dressed as doctor. He injects the constable. He says he fainted for some hours. Police follows the van. The van gets punctured. The man says police is gone. Omkar says Majaaz, he is Shamsher, its his plan to make you escape. Majaaz thanks Shamsher for help. Shamsher asks for ten lakhs. Majaaz asks who gave it. He asks Omkar did you give ten lakhs. Omkar says we will settle it later. The man gets angry on Mariam. Farhaan worries.

Majaaz’s family is in jail. Shamsher helps Majaaz and Omkar to cross the border.

Update Credit to: Amena

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