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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Visits Jaya’s Home

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarika’s wedding vows continue. Pandit asks her to repeat that she will trust him and will be with him always. Jaya repeats vow. Inebriate Samar says she took all vows, marriage is over. He stands up and dances. Everyone laugh. Jaya pulls him back. Wedding finishes and bidayi starts. Samar hugs Sarika and says he wants to tell her a top secret, he is drunk. She says she knows. He asks not to tell anyone. Sarka asks to take care of himself and gets into car. Chachaji says bride’s brother lifts palanquin, so Samar should walk with Sarika’s car. Samar walks till car leaves and stands emotional. Jaya holds him and takes him to his room and makes him sleep on his bed. He murmurs have food and go. She says she will. He continues murmuring, and she leaves laughing.


morning, Samar joins family for breakfast. Dadaji says Samar worked most in Sarika’s wedding and was served guests well, he was addressing each guest thanks for coming, have food and go. Chachi says he asked even her. Dadaji asks if all payments are done. Daya Shankar says everyone is paid except Jaya. Dadaji asks to prepare cheque and send via someone. Samar says he will go. Everyone look at him. He says he or Lallan can go. Dadaji says he should go and thank Jaya. Rama says she write a cheque.

At Jaya’s home, she speaks to Satya and says her fever is better now and she is resting. She rests on Naani’s lap. Samar knocks door. Shikha opens door. He says he is Samar whose sister’s marriage Jaya planned. Shikha greets him in and informs Jaya. Jaya is surprised. He asks how is she. Sister says she is having 101 fever. He asks if she had medicines. Sister says yes. Naani asks her to let Jaya speak. Samar gives cheque. Naani asks to have food and go. Jaya laughs. Naani asks if she said anything wrong. Jaya says no, it is between her and Samar. Samar touches Daadi’s feet and leaves.

Back home, Samar gets busy in Jaya’s touch. Rama walks in and asks what happened to him. He says he is missing Sarika. She asks not Jaya.. He says yes..She says he can go to meet her tomorrow again as she had not signed cheque. At Jaya’s house, sisters yell that Samar is fraud and gave unsigned cheque, they should ask Satya to file case against him. Samar enters. They change their tone. Naani scolds them and sends them, says good Samar came in lieu of giving signed cheque. He asks Jaya how is she. She says better now. Naani asks him to have lunch and go. She tells Samar that Naani prepared rajma chawal. Samar says he had food and will come tomorrow again if she prepares rajma chawal. Naani says she will wait for him. He touches her feet and leaves.

Nest afternoon, Samar gets ready to leave for Jaya’s house. Rama asks where is he going. He says jaya’s naani invited him for rajma chawwal lunch. She says today he can have rajma chawal, tomorow aloo parantha, he can call Jaya to their home for rajma chawal 3rnd day. He asks how will Jaya come here. Rama says they can have another wedding at home. He asks who. She says him. He gets nervous. She says she observed his interest in Jaya during Sarika’s wedding, he should meet her and propose. He gets excited hearing that…

Precap: Samar proposes Jaya saying he really likes her and wants to spend rest of his life with her, will she marry him.

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