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Bigg Boss 12 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Deepika and Sristy nominated

Bigg Boss 12 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Nomination Day
Day 2
Sree comes to gate and says open it. Karan says you have swear on me, dont do it. Deepika says let me talk. Sree says all keep saying that I am wrong, I was supporting them as girls. Deepika says you cant taunt their upbringing, Sree says I said sorry.
Somi says to Saba that he wants to leave then let it be.
Sree says to Deepika that they taunted me too that I have filthy upbringing but I didnt say anything. Karan says to Sree that as a mature individual, it can be solved by talking to her. Sree says I said sorry. Shiv says if you want to leave then go with self respect, solve it first. Karan says to Sree that you should talk and solve it, she is a girl and have advantage and will take it, I will talk to her, promise me you will solve it, he

says okay.

Karan says to Somi that Saba is emotional, Saba comes there and says Kriti said that they both are same. Karan comes to inmates and says respect girls. Deepak says they are talking about Sree’s upbringing too, its poisonous. Kriti says to Saba that you are taking girls respect forgranted.
Neha says to Saba that you have difficult day today, you lost task too.
Deepak says to Anup that if Saba is taunting Sree about upbringing too then she is wrong too? Sree accepted his mistake, but Saba was not saying sorry. Anup says they wont say sorry. Deepak says its about self respect of a man too. Anup says we are trying to solve the issue so dont add spice in it.
Neha asks Somi and Saba that calm down, things are going wrong for you so dont do all this.

Karan says to Deepak that you shouldnt say words like that they are saying poisonous things, then say sorry from heart, dont use words like poison. Deepak comes to Somi and says I am sorry for saying you are poison, I shouldnt have used that. Karan brings Saba too. Deepak says I am sorry for saying poison word. Somi says I take it as compliment. Saba says its okay.

Shiv says to Deepak that I will talk and comeback.
Sree comes to Saba and says whats the issue? Saba says I feel guilty for prank. Sree says I am sorry, I was angry in task and you said that I should have played in task, I enacted in situation. Saba says it wont happen again, I wont do pranks, I have forgotten what you said. Sree says its my mistake, I am sorry. Saba says I am sorry for prank. Sree says I am sorry to your parents, Saba says it happens. Sree says I am very emotional.

Nirmal says to Sree that you shouldnt sleep in living room, you take my bed and I will sleep in your lounge, he takes blanket from him. Sree asks Nirmal to go to his bed, its not needed. Nirmal says no, there is too much light in lounge. Sree says I will sleep in living room, he lies on floor. He says to Nirmal that dont do it, I dont feel good, I came last in game too. Romil sleeps on couch. Deepak brings his blanket and lies with Sree on floor too.

Day 3
Song changa plays, all wake up and start dancing.. raita phel gaya plays. Karan dances with all. Neha is dancing in kitchen. She thanks bigg boss. Deepak says song suggests something, everything was going good so how to create a mess?

Deepak says to Jasleen that you are cool to be with cool person like Anup. Deepak says Anup is shaking of cold and you are giving him oxygen. Jasleen laughs at his english. Sristy says what he is saying? Deepak makes them laugh with his english. Deepak says Somi has low ram so she gets stuck, she should update her software, all laugh. Somi runs behind him. Jasleen says he is cute. Deepak says I am so cool that she is chasing me, I am not interested. Somi runs behind him but he takes her slippers and runs, all laugh. Nirmal says he will be taken for comedy show after this.

Kriti says I want water, Romil says go and drink. She leaves. Romil says to Shiv that she is good, Shiv says Roshmi is good too. Romil says yes, she is smart, I feel Sristy is clever too. Shiv says Deepika is not that clever, Romil says she is clever from mind, she has strategy to make her look very clever, I feel Sristy is real smart.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations for first time in this season, as Press conference task was rejected because of some inmates so no inmate is safe from nominations. He asks pairs to go to activity area, they leave.

Singles are watching TV. Bigg boss shows them two pairs, he says to 5 singles that you have to decide if Romil-Nirmal or Kriti-Roshmi should be nominated and why? the one you dont nominate will be safe. Karan says to Deepika that Nirmal is strong, Neha says Kriti and Roshmi are strong too, they are choosy in work too. Singles decide that they will nominate Kriti-Roshmi and save Romil-Nirmal. Sristy says we feel that they are strong and can be a big competition, Karan says they are very choosy in work too.
Bigg boss hows new pairs which is Saba-Somi and Anup-Jasleen. Deepika says Saba-Somi destroyed atmosphere of house. Karan says they dont want to solve things. Sree says they dont let people have peace. Deepika says we decide to nominate Saba-Somi because of them taking out peace from house.
Bigg boss shows new pairs Urvashi-Deepak, Shiv-Sourabh. Deepika says they are all nice, Karan says Shiv is a little difficult, Neha says we have to see competition too, Deepika says Deepak is entertaining. They nominate Shiv-Sourabh because Shiv pulls Sourabh down and doesnt contribute in house.

Bigg boss asks all inmates to go garden. Singles goes to activity area and pairs go to living room.
Bigg boss asks pairs whom they want to nominate from Karan and Deepika? the one they nominate will save other. Shiv says Karan looks after things, he looks after people, Deepika is a little bossy. Romil takes votes. Majority votes to nominate Deepika. Romil says Deepika is dominating and she is strong contender too, she doesnt mingle too much.
Bigg boss shows Neha and Sristy to pairs. Saba says I want to nominate Sristy, she is not involved in house. Jasleen says she doesnt talk much. Kriti says I like them both but Sristy do create bad environment. Romil says I feel Neha should be nominated, Nirmal says Neha is not active. Majority votes for Sristy to be nominated as she is not involved in house.
Bigg boss shows Sreesanth’s picture and asks pairs if they want to nominate him or save him? Sourabh says he is mature, Nirmal says he doesnt say no to anything. Saba says he called my upbringing bad but he said sorry as a big man, he was trying to talk nicely too so there is improvement. Romil says we want to save Sree as he has nice relation with everyone.

Bigg boss calls everyone in living area. Bigg boss says nominations are done, as per votes, nominated inmates are ROSHMI-KRITI, SABA-SOMI, SHIV-SOURABH, DEEPIKA and SRISTY.

Saba congrats Karan for being safe. Karan hugs her and says you are strongest contenders. Saba says atleast we have name in Bigg boss, all voted in your favor. Karan thanks them.

Neha says to Kriti and Roshmi that I tried to take your side but it was collective decision, she asks Kriti what she sees when she nominates someone? Roshimi says strong competition.

Romil says to Sristy that you are strong thats why you are nominated. Sristy says thats a compliment for me.

Deepak says to Urvashi that you should mingle with everyone, talk to everyone. Urvashi says I dont like Kriti and Roshmi.

Kriti cries and says they say we are strong so nominated us, we are commoners, people dont us, we saved Sree even if he is strong contender, even Sree said that we are strong, we should have nominated Karanvir as he is strong too.

Karan says to Saba that Somi has soft nature but you are harsh, take it easy, calm down.

Sristy says to Shiv that I am putting effort to involve and have bond with everyone, I keep asking if they want help but nobody says anything but if I start working then they will say I am doing for attention. She says to Shiv that we all have tantrums at home but you should put more efforts in house, Shiv says I am already doing my max, Sristy says this is your max?

Anup says to Kriti that prove them wrong, show them you are strong, Sristy is not strong, she just talks to some people. Sree says she is always busy in her makeup, you are working in kitchen, you ask why we nominated you? I cant even go to school cricket ground, I miss cricket, I made plastic ball, you have to face situations. Kriti hugs him and says Sree brother.

Sourabh says to Shiv that they want to show we are not putting efforts. Shiv says I have a respect outside unlike them, Sourabh says you should control, Shiv says I am doing more work then I can, you dont understand that I dont say no to work, they dont want us to be shown working, I cant snatch things from them and work.

Deepika says to Neha that Shiv realized that he is defending himself only and not Sourabh, he is wrong. Deepika says Sourabh is feeling bad that Shiv is not listening to him.

Sourabh says to Shiv that I work in house, its my heart, I do work in my house too.

Urvashi says he is giving cheap expressions to a girl,

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