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Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Soorapadman is attacking kartik while kartik saves himself.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with soorapadman appreciating his weapons to destroy all gods while kartik praises his weapons to bless him with help in today’s battle. Jayant is praising kartik while soorapadman’s wife takes oath to stop this war.
Soorapadman comes in battlefield while all gods with kartik too arrive in front of him. Veerbhau is telling kartik that this soorapadman had already ran out of battlefield once so asks permission to give him the opportunity to face him but kartik & ganesh tells him that to not take this enemy lightly as he had shocked narayan too earlier.
Soorapadman was challenging narayan to shoot his weapon which can’t do anything & narayan shoots his chakra but nothing happened to soorapadman & narayan loses against his security powers.
Ganesh explains veerbhau that soorapadman who has stunned narayan can’t be a simple warrior.
Soorapadman challenges kartik saying what are you thinking or are you scared seeing the person who has defeated narayan thinking you can’t do anything to me? Veerbhau challenges him & attacks his weapon by which soorapadman is shocked & veerbhau gets happy including kartik praising him.
Soorasahi feeling trouble while soorapadman’s wife thinks of stopping this war & soorapadman shoots his weapon towards veerbhau unknowingly which throws him unconsciously on feet of kartik & kartik is shocked while soorapadman laughs saying is this the foolish warrior who was sent in front of me & kartik shouts him saying you have done wrong by doing unethical way of attack for which you to pay & as kartik is trying to move alone then ganesh advises kartik not you alone & another god tells him I’ll come ahead with you & he brings a horse cart to go ahead with kartik. Soorapadman is challenging kartik what you can do with your weapon let me see while kartik too tells him the time will show you.
Soorasahi thinks whatever happens but I have to complete this havan while her daughter in laws are planning to stop soorasahi’s havan but stop thinking how to execute & gajmukhi too joins them & she explains them how ganeshji has showed me the correct path by encouraging women powers against soorasahi to destroy all her evil powers with help of mata’s kaali’s powers help & she says I am not alone & they see all asoor women behind her against soorasahi. Gajmukhi asks them how to create darkness as soorapadman had told her that soorasahi’s havan can only be destroyed in dark & one of soorasahi’s daughter in law reminds of crows help to take lovingly as per ganeshji & she advises ganeshji had shown the path of this too & they both call crows for help.
Soorapadman is shooting his all sorts of powerful weapons towards kartik but he destroys it telling him your weapons can‘t do anything towards my weapons. Then soorapadman uses his weapon of creating storm towards gods army & gods are harmed with it so immediately kartik helps them by his powers making all of them safe & soorapdman is wondering how he saves everything?
Kartik shoots his arrow weapons towards soorapadman which shakes him & all his army too getting killed but some arrows come towards him & he jumps from his cart to save himself but then too he sees his arrow hitting his army & also coming towards him too so he saves himself creating a dom over him by which kartik’s arrows bounce back.
Soorasahi is watching her daughter gajmukhi coming towards her with all asoor women including daughter in laws with help of crows to stop her havan so she acts quickly & creates power for crows to get killed by her powers & gajmukhi is surprised thinking what she is doing.

Precap: Kartik shoots his arrow weapon towards soorapadman by which he becomes helpless & changes himself in a tree asking forgiveness from his mother soorasahi & the arrow hits him while gods praise kartik.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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