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Shakti 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Soham burns the rakhis and decides to take revenge

Shakti 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Soham shooting Heer. It turns out to be Soham’s imagination. He comes to Heer and slaps her hard. Everyone gets shocked. Shanno comes there. Heer looks at Soham. Rohan asks have you gone mad? Soham says you are asking your mom to dance, and says if you want to dance then why you are asking everyone to dance. Heer says don’t dance if you don’t want to. She says don’t talk to me and goes. Preeto says you started the dance first and tells that he shouldn’t have slapped his sister. Rohan asks Soham to apologize to Heer. Harak Singh says slapping is not the solution, she is your sister, like your daughter and asks him to apologize to her. Soham tells that many people have done mistake in this world and they shall apologize. Shanno says this is the return of Preeto’s slap. Heer cries. Preeto asks her to stop crying. Harak Singh says he has to apologize. Raavi says I will talk to him. Heer says why did he slap me? Soham throws the things in the room and feels disgusted to call her as his sister since childhood. He recalls slapping her and wipes his hands with sanitizer. He sprays sanitizer spray in his room. He sanitizes his hands again. He looks at the rakhis which she tied to him and thinks it is good that he kept it safely since childhood. He says a kinnar can’t be my sister, I will burn it and will be freed from this brother and sister’s relation. He burns the rakhis. Heer tells that Soham would have seen rakhi before slapping her. She cries.

Jharna tells Virat that she has learnt banana bread recipe from internet. She says I will instruct cook to make it. She says they have eat it on their date with coffee. Parmeet asks them to come to temple. Virat says he doesn’t like it. Jharna tells that they shall go.

Shanno comes to Soham’s room and finds him staring at Varun’s big photo frame. Soham tells that he will not repeat the same mistake which his father had done. He tells that he will snatch all wealth from Harak Singh and will torture him so much, and will settle all scores with him for his father, mother and dadi and dadi’s pain. Shanno applies tilak to him and asks him to trouble everyone, asks him to make a start. Soham says firstly I will make Heer go to the place which she deserves, then they will get weak and I will attack them right then. Shanno says if you can do this then I will think that Preeto’s slaps are answered. Soham says even you have equal rights like Preeto. Shanno says you have given me the right, and fulfilled the duty of my son. Soham tells that he will take revenge. Shanno tells that she will return the slaps with interest.

Jharna comes to college and sees Heer coming from the other side. She throws engagement ring on her way. Heer picks it. Jharna tells that it was her engagement ring, which slipped from her finger. She says yesterday Virat and I got engaged and shows the pic. Heer asks her to keep ring safely. Jharna says you had broken my engagement and now you are broken and listening to my engagegemnt news. She says now we have become famous. She tells that everything is fine now. Jharna asks her to say something. Heer asks what do you want to hear and says congrats to both of you and says she is happy for them. She asks her to take care and is about to go. Jharna says it seems you are not happy with our engagement and seems like you are….Heer slaps her. Jharna slaps her back and asks how dare you. Heer slaps her back. They hold each other’s hand and fight. Heer says I am understanding that you are trying to provoke me. Jharna and Heer pushes each other and fall down. Heer gets up and twists her hand. She tells that she has her to listen to her carefully. She says when she is congratulating then if she doesn’t understand. She says she is not broken and asks her to tie Virat to her Pallu as he will leave her very soon. She says I will broke your hand and ring if I see it again. Jharna says you are psycho and crazy. Heer says even you are. She gets her friend’s phone. Virat comes to Jharna and asks what happened? Jharna cooks up a fake story and tells that she will complain to dad. Virat asks her to come to Principal and says they will throw her out. Heer calls Nutan and informs her about Virat’s engagement. Nutan asks her not to cry. Heer says I can’t bear this pain and can’t believe how I can trust this betrayal man.

Shanno comes home. Preeto asks from where are you coming? Shanno doesn’t reply to her. Preeto taunts her. Shanno taunts her back. Harak Singh asks if she has forgotten manners and tells that she is misbehaving with the people who feeds her food. Shanno tells that she has stopped writing their favors and asks them to stop telling her. Preeto thinks Shanno never talked like this and this Soham is behaving strangely, if she….

Precap will be added later after the show airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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