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Santoshi Maa 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh tries swati pulling out of the house but mata santoshi saves her.

Santoshi Maa 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with indresh sitting with nidhi in garden & the person whom he had beaten comes to return him money which was demanded by his father. A brahman passing by comes chanting “har har mahadev” towards indresh asking donation & indresh is little stunned hearing mahadev’s chanted mantra & keeps steering him while mata paravati is informing mahadev to see that your devotee seems to be coming out of his senses meeting your another devotee & other side swati is giving test for her love. The brahman is bringing his pot towards indresh & as he is about to give him, swati’s brother intervenes watching this & claps talking about his this good deeds doing towards a brahman & other side are torturing my sister who is your wife which is not at all good but indresh says I was giving money to swati but she didn’t accept so what’s my mistake while nidhi interferes saying when indresh does not wish to lead his life with swati then why doesn’t she go away from her life & swati’s brother replies warning both of them that if anything happens to swati then I won’t leave singhasan’s family & also, while leaving, gives warning to nidhi too saying you also won’t be spared & as she tries to stop him then indresh stops her saying he has become mad due to his sister’s condition. Indresh tries to give money to brahman but brahman refuses cursing him saying I saw in your eyes & felt you must be nice so came to ask you but I won’t take donation from a person like you who tortures his own wife but indresh stops him & brahman puts powder scalp on his forehead wishing to get good brains by blessings of mahadev & leaves.
Mata paravati appreciates mahadev saying you do such things at a right time then mahadev explains her how human’s mind becomes in some intervals of his life when he has to face such things but he gets the opportunity once is such intervals when it’s on his part to become good or act evil.
Indresh is remembering all what he had done with swati torturing her & also praying mahadev earlier thinking & becomes uneasy taking her name as nidhi asks him what happened indresh as she smells indresh changing so tells him let’s go home but he refuses saying you go to your home & I’ll go to mine but sits on seat of garden saying what has this done by me towards swati cursing himself & nidhi is shocked.
Here swati is feeling pained & very hungry becoming uneasy while meditating for mata santoshi & she falls down in pain as polomi is using her powers on her but polomi understands saying some problem has aroused because of it my devotee is calling me so need to go there.
Indresh has sat holding his head while polomi comes & indresh says yes I have to go & meet swati immediately but polomi says foolish man is still taking name of swati & thinks I can’t enter in his body due to powder scalp but tells nidhi to clean the powder scalp from his forehead or my powers will get cleared from his body & she does that immediately which makes him again stable asking what had happened to me & praises nidhi for being besides him at this time.
Here swati is falling down feeling uneasy while indresh’s mother calls indresh to come immediately as swati is creating trouble here & she also informs indresh’s father that I have called indresh to control her but indresh’s uncle says why you called indresh instead tells his father to call her father or if anything happens then police complain may take place & we have to face trouble here so his father calls her father but swati’s father refuses saying I can’t come now as indresh will look into it & keeps the phone but thinks I spoke this keeping stone on my heart.
Indresh arrives with nidhi & his mother asks him now see what to do about this swati & nidhi says to throw her away from this house asks indresh if she is right? And indresh goes towards swati as she moves her hand towards him for help but he takes it saying you have to be thrown now & he starts pulling her but she stops herself holding a chair & chanting name of mata santoshi & she can’t be pulled with his powers so all come together getting surprised how come she is having so much powers for herself to hold tight & it’s mata santoshi who is helping her to keep strong.
Devi polomi is shouting from her bhawan saying what are they doing can’t control simple swati also but dev rishi comes telling her while moving within humans I think you have forgot your powers to see that mata santoshi is helping her so has your powers being reduced then polomi replies that I know what you wish to say but I was only uttering because of am a asoor woman & dev rishi tells her to go & see if your evil wins or mata santoshi’s devotee & polomi also goes to help them pull her as santoshi mata & polomi come face to face for help but mata santoshi leaves the hand slowly & swati falls down lying on ground while all fall down on the ground suddenly getting her hands left from them while indresh’s mother & father get some hurt falling down on the ground.
Devi polomi & mata santoshi arrive on the sky as polomi asks mata santoshi were you scared by me & mata answers that I am seeing anger in your eyes but on human land goddesses fight is not a good sign if at all we are not visible for them & leaves. Dev rishi arrives to ask polomi what happened & she says you only informed me & he says what you got lesson from it you know better & he too leaves.
Swati is helped by indresh’s aunty & telling all of them see what her condition is & stop now while she is taking her in the room & her husband tries to stop her but indresh’s father stops him let her go & they all are shattered using all their powers to pull swati so indresh’s father tells his mother to give all milk of badam daily to get powers.
Devi polomi says addressing swati that today you were saved but tomorrow no one can save you I’ll see to it while nidhi is surprisingly steering swati thinking about her powers.

Precap: Swati is in painful condition due to fast but forces indresh to earn for her till time she won’t end this fast & indresh’s aunty is holding swati & warning all of them if anything happens to swati then I myself will send you all to the jail while indresh is only watching her & santoshi mata is watching swati’s conditions too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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