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Mere Sai 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Lokmanya Tilak Visits Sai

Mere Sai 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri mantra gets inscripted on stone when chants gayatri mantrea. All his disciples are amazed to see that. Ramdasi Bua realizes his mistake and falling on Sai’s feet apologizes him, says even after reading holy scriptures and trying to find Ishwar, he is a fool not to identify Ishwar near him; baba is right that people act as scholars without actual knowledge; he pleads Baba to forgive him and make him his disciple. Sai says he is a human like him; Bua read pothis/scriptures without understanding them, Ramdasi should be Ram’s das/servant without any desires and attraction in life, but he never left any desires and insulted a true human like Shyama, he can buy pothis again, but cannot find a true person; he went far away from Ishwar with his act. Ramdasi thanks Sai for showing him true path. Next morning, Kashinath feels alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Sai says the problem with alcoholism is it takes a person into his past and future destroying his present; he was so much busy in missing alcohol that he forgot to see the beautiful morning.

Bapu Saheb Jog ji reads scripture and explains its meaning to Keshav and other disciples. He says they will read next chapter in the evening. A man asks Keshav who is the scholar. Keshav he is Sai’s ardent devotee Apu Saheb Jog ji who reads books and shares knowledge. Man thanks Jogi Ji and leaves. Bapu Saheb Jog ji then walks with Keshav and informs that a great person is coming to meet Sai baba and today’s day will be written in golden words. Keshav asks who is coming. Bapu Saheb Jog ji asks him to have patience, he will be here in some time.

Sai gives Kashinath grains and asks him to wash them and prepare something in front of Appa ji and Baiza maa. Kasinath leaves with Appaji. Tatya with Lakshmi and Shyama and others walks in. Sai asks them to clean Dwarkamayi soon as a guest is coming. Laxmi asks if a special guest is coming. Sai says one who serves the motherland selflessly is very special. Bapu Saheb Jog ji with Keshav waits at Shirdi main door eagerly for the guest. Sai along with them cleans Dwarkamyi and draws rangoli. Tatya and Shyama then prepare flower garland discussing that Sai is very excited, means guest is very special. A man comes and signals Bapu Saheb Jog ji. Bua signals everything is fine. Keshav identifies the man as a famous advocate Khapade who fought Lokmanya Tilak’s case. Bapu Saheb Jog ji asks if he knows him. Keshav says he had visited Sai once and is also Sai’s devotee. He asks whom he has come with. Lokmanya Tilak gets out of cart. Keshav is amazed to see him, rushes and touches his feet. Lokmanya Tilak says one should touch only parents, teacher, or god’s feet. Keshav says touching his feet is an honor to him, he is an inspiration to the youngsters and is like a lighthouse for them with publishings against Britishers. Tilak asks who is he. Bapu Saheb Jog ji says he is Keshav who studied law in London and is a barrister, but he loves his country and people very much, so returned back. Khapade says Tilak wanted to meet Sai, so he brought him here. Tilak says let us go then. On the way, he sees people fetching water from a single water well and gets says when the country is divided by religion, he is happy to see everyone fetching water from single well. He then praises clean roads. Keshav says Sai teaches and likes hygeine and says if they keep their land clean, they can keep their house clean.

Laxmi says decoration is done, when will guest come. Sai says he has reached Shirdi and is on the way. Tilak sees a child informing his father that he scored well in test today and teacher praising him told he should go to city for further studies. Keshav says Sai insists on education and children hear dream of attending Tilak’s established Ferguson college and follow his ideologies. Tilak says he wants to stay in Shirdi for sometime, but cannot. Khapade says police is searching him and he should leave Shirdi soon. British officer catches Tilak’s servant and tortures him to inform Tilak’s whereabouts. Servant informs that Tilak went towards Shirdi. Tilak reaches Dwarkamayi. Sai greets him.

Precap: Sai suggests Tilak to have food and go. Kulkarni with police walks towards Dwarkamayi thinking he will not let Sai protect Tilak.

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