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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Mangu witnesses a divine miracle

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mangu seeing the procession going towards Mata Rani’s cave and recalls Bhadrak asking him to kill Vaishno Devi if he wants his wife and son to get mukti. Narendra thinks how to go to the cave. Vaishnavi comes there indisguise and asks if he is going for Mata Rani’s darshan and says she will also come along with him. He says no. Narendra tells her that Bharti is adamant to keep Mata Rani’s idol in our house, but they can’t do as they are nastik/atheist. Vaishnavi says she is tired and sits. She asks him to sit. She asks him to remember his promise made to his wife during marriage. Narendra gets worried and thinks Bharti must be hungry. Vaishnavi asks him to fulfill his promise and asks him to realize that he is a husband also, of Bharti. She says it is your duty to take care of her happiness and asks him to go. Narendra says I will give her temple. Vaishnavi gives him apple and asks him to make bharti eat it. Narendra takes it and goes. She comes to her real avatar.

Narendra comes home and finds Bharti unconscious. He sprinkles water on her face. Bharti gains consciousness. Narendra hugs her. He asks if she is fine, I am worried. Devi Lakshmi asks Vaishnavi how she will make Mangu understand. Vaishnavi asks them not to worry. Devi Parvati tells that Mangu is coming here to kill you and says she will not leave him. Vaishnavi asks her not to do anything and tells that Mangu is her bhakt, but angry with her. She tells that he is coming here being angry with me, if he is my son then I am his mother, tells that a mother can’t punish his son, but can make him understand, this is my duty. She says a son trusts her mother and that’s why gets angry too. Narendra asks Bharti to eat something and tells that he will bring temple for her. Bharti asks you will bring. Narendra says yes and tells that he is her husband. He tells that an old lady made him understand and tells that she has only inspired me to say Bheema’s truth. He says today she made me understand what is husband’s duty and tells that he will try to be a good husband. Bharti folds her hands and thanks Mata Rani. Narendra gives her apple and asks her to eat. Bharti bites it and finds someone hearing them. They see Devendra going from there. Narendra asks if Pita ji came to know everything. Bharti says I don’t think so. Devendra turns to Bharti.

Mangu comes to Vaishnavi’s cave and recalls Bhadrak’s words. He tells that he shouldn’t have do this, he don’t feel that he is doing right. Bhadrak asks him to go ahead and watches Mangu from his place. Vaishnavi looks at Mangu coming towards her. Bhadrak asks Mangu to kill vaishnavi to get his wife and son. Mangu comes near Vaishnavi and takes out the knife. Sulochana’s son says Kataar…Mangu stabs the knife in Vaishnavi’s chest, but the knife becomes lotus flower in his hand. Everyone gets surprised to see the miracle. Mangu drops the flower and cries.

Narendra comes to the shop and asks the price for the temple. The shop keeper tells its price. Narendra thinks it is costly. Jyoti comes there and tells that she heard everything. She says if your father came to know then? Devendra comes there. Jyoti takes the temple in her hand from his hand. Devendra asks why she is standing holding the temple. Jyoti says it is of her friend who went to other shop. She says she came to buy vegetables. Devendra gives money to Narendra and asks Jyoti to come. They leave.

Shridhar and other devotees get angry on Mangu. Vaishnavi asks them to calm down. Shridhar says he has attacked you. Vaishnavi says I asked you all to calm down. A light falls on bhadrak and he shouts in pain. He pushes the pots. Mangu thinks don’t know what bhadrak will do with my wife and son. He tells that he is useless, tells that he couldn’t bring Golu and Dhaniya back in the world. Vaishnavi signs Shridhar. Shridhar helps him get up and says she is our Mata Rani, she fulfills everyone’s wishes. He says we have understood that whatever you did was for your wife and son. Vaishnavi tells Mangu that Bhadrak had cheated him to make him do his work, says your wife and son’s soul is not with him.

Precap: Narendra tries to climb the tree and falls down. Bharti shouts Narendra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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