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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti appointed by Tiwari in place of Tilu

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

David asks Vibhu for coffee, Vibhu says go get it and while coming back wash the dishes, David leaves angry, Vibhu abd Helan giggle. Tiwari walks in, Vibhu says get lost, Tiwari says i have some work with you, actually you have some, i have job for you, Vibhu says i spit on it, and insults Tiwari, Tiwari says to Helan look at him he is so uncultured, Helan says so am I leave, Tiwari says you came today for job so I came, Vibhu says you insulted me, Tiwari says cmon forget it, Helan says how much will you oay, Tiwari says 5000, Vibhu says sorry, Tiwari says i cant pay a penny more than 15000, David says i will take the job, Vibhu says the job is mine.

Angoori serves Tiwari 20 roti and asks him to have more. Teeka walks to Tiwari and Angoori says may god keep blessing you. Tiwari says you insulted me in morning how come so generous now, Teeka says I’m sorry i realised my mistake and Tilus job is our survival, please forgive me. Tiwari says pay for your deeds now. Teeka says please don’t do this, Angoori bhabhi please tell him. Angoori says dont cry, but we gave the job to Vibhu, Teeka says how will we survive, Tiwari says if this new person doesnt work we will appoint him back, Teeka says okay and starts serving himself food.

Vibhu gets call from Anu, Anu asks where is he, Vibhu says I have good news, i have a job now at Tiwaris, Anu says what, how much will he pay you, Vibhu says he is paying 15000, Anu says wow, Vibhu says i will do here and there and earn some more around 20000, Anu says why you need to fraud.

Helan and David fighting, Vibhu says shutup im talking to Anu, David asks Vibhu for 500,Anu says dare you pay him for alcohol.

Vibhu walks to Angoori, and says i want to gift you something from my first salary, Angoori says no need and leaves.

Vibhu working at Tiwaris shop, says looks like Tilu never worked here, Vibhu greets him as Tiwari, Tiwari yells at him says you are my servant, and insults him. Vibhu says you are misbehaving, Tiwari says this is how i treat servants, go get me tea and kicks him. Vibhu goes out and starrs crying and says god if i leave this insulting job Anu will leave me, Saxena says relax its normal, dont bring negativity inside you take deep breath, it works and leaves. Vibhu says no it doesnt and sees Saxena missing.

Tiwari on call with client, Angoori on call with daddy, she tells Tiwari that daddy went to his old clients marriage, Tiwari says yes he insulted me, Angoori yells at Tiwari abuses him and calls him a fraud supplier and says daddy said that not me. Vibhu walks in and asks for keys. Tiwari yells at him and aske him to get up from sofa and asks him to go in kitchen and cook and asks Angoori to go in bedroom, Vibhu says we spoke for job, Tiwari says you are servant i will make use of you anyway and if you dont like leave the job.

Vibhu in fear of Anu, starts working in kitchen, Angoori slowly walks to him to help, Vibhu calls him madam, Angoori says dont call me that, call me bhabhiji, Vibhu says Tiwari will yell at me, Angoori says we won’t tell him, Tiwari walks in.

Pre cap:Tiwari fires Vibhuti. Saxena tells Vibhuti his uncle is no more and has named his 110cr property on you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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