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Yahi sach h…Shayad meine pyaar kiya …

Scene shows Rano ringing the bell of a huge mansion incessantly,when finally it was opened,an old lady appeared ,and staring Rano,actually glaring her,asked the reason that who she is ,and why she is here?
But Rano ,was an open hearted girl,she straight went inside the house,which shocked that old lady and some other people present in the house,
Rano( shouting): Now where are you hiding,what had you thought,I won’t know about you?
Hearing her voice,Riddhima,in torquoise blue saree,red bangles,completely dressed up as a newly wed,rushed outside,and when she saw Rano,sshe could not believe her eyes,she slowly inched to her,and was ,getting tears of happiness,was about to rush and hug her,but then realised that everyone in the house,her in laws,were staring them.
Still,this time,it was ,unresistable for her,so she finally hugged her,Rano hugged her back,and then breaking the hug ,again shouted,
Rano: How dare you marry without informing me? Do you think I am a mad? That when I will get back,villagers will inform me,and I will stay quiet? What had you thought,you have got freedom from me? Even after dying ,my soul will not leave you ..
She was just saying all this in one go,but was stopped by Riddhima.
Riddhima: Rano…its morning ,don’t say such…please,
Rano was to speak further,but Riddhima introduced ,Rano to Vansh’s grandmother,
Riddhima: Dadi..she is Rano,my childhood,best friend.
Everyone nodded,and asked Riddhima to tke her to her room ,and have some talks,to which ,they both just rushed to the garden side,
Riddhima: Acha baba listen to me na..Rano..
Resting her head on Rano’s shoulders,she held her hand tight,as they both ,shared the deep bond of ,sisters,even after not being,but they were not less.
Rano : How are you
Riddhima got up ,and with a smile,bowed down her head,
Riddhima: I am happy.
These words ,brought ,a deep feeling of calmness in Rano.As when she got the news,that Riddhima’s mother had died ,due to cancer,and she had been ,married off by her,when she was on her death bed,Rano was too much worried,that what will happen with her sister now,but these words of her,and the trueness of her words shown by her eyes,were more than enough,to just vanish off,all the worries,
Rano: Acha now will you tell me anything,what is the name of my jijaaa ji,how he met you,how you managed everything,tell me everything from the beginning to end.
Riddhima was gigling,she started telling her,shying a lot,
Riddhima: Vansh…Vansh Rai singhania.
Rano: Oohooo…shying to take his name
Riddhima: Don’t tease me na.
Rano: Acha tell me more….have you started loving him?
Riddhima stayed stunned by this question for a moment,but then got up and turned her face ,which made Rano jump in happiness,and shout,,,to which Riddhima covered her mouth,and asked her to stay calm..
Riddhima: Listen…its nothing like that..its just,
She got serious a bit.
Riddhima: You know,Ma…she married me in her ( her eyes got wet remembering her mother, Rano hugged her tight ,she knew ,that she was scratching her wounds,still ,she could not resist to know about her) ..Ma married me,I was broken,broken enough to commit suicide,I felt that,everything is shattered,frommy childhood,no pain was enough ,to break me,but this marriage was enough,I knew,that proposal ,was from vansh’s side,still,I never believed ,that he is doing this all …for me,because he loves me,I just thought,that he is doing favour,and my mom,is selling me …But it was all wrong Rano,it was all wrong,I ..am realising ( smiling widely and sparkling eyes,with tears of pain turning into tears of happiness), I am realising that ,it is love.
Aate jaate, haste gaate, socha tha maine man me kai bar
woh pehli nazar, halka sa asar, karta hai kyun is dil ko bekarar
ruk ke chalna, chalke rukna, na jane tumhe hai kiska intezaar

tera woh yakeen kahi mai toh nahi
lagta hai yahi kyon mujhko bar bar
yahi sach hai, shayad maine pyar kiya
Rano hugged her tight …. Rano: Where is Vansh then Riddhima: He would not have gotten up Rano: So come,lets wake him up..well Riddhi…what had happened ,,between you guys over these two weeks..I mean ,what sort of nights are you guys spending? Riddhima pushed her a little, Riddhima: You are so shameless na.. Rano: Are..tell na.. Riddhima: He is not like that.He had given me full time,to accept this relation ,by heart ,and till then,he will be my supporter.. These words were enough to assure her that her sister is in safe house. They moved to the room,and found Vansh coming downstairs,Rano stopped him,and looked him from upside down,and then pulled Riddhima and made him stand with her,Vansh was not understanding as this was all sudden,he had no idea who the girl was. Rano: Oh my my my…Riddhimaaa…finally you got a prince charming,,he is so so soooo handsome. Riddhima signed her to control,but Vansh smirked. Vansh: Even you are too beautiful. Rano: Oh,,so can we procced,for a brunch date? Vansh: It will be soon,but who can resist such a beautiful young lady? Rano: So..tell your wife to bring us brunch. Saying so ,three of them laughed,and Rano and Vansh moved back to Riddhima’s and Vansh’s room, Rano saw the room,it was just two weeks of their marriage,still ,everything had ,the touch of Riddhima,she was ,getting boundless joy seeing all that. Vansh sat down,and started working on laptop, Rano sat in front of him,and was observing the wedding photograph of Riansh’s wedding in the photoframe. Rano: I am Rano Vansh: I had got the idea Rano: Can I ask you something Vansh nodded Rano: What made you,love Riddhima? Vansh got back by this question,he rested back on his chair,got lost in flashbacks,showing that when ,he went to glass city,for ordering best bangles of country for her sister’s wedding,he met,a young ,chirpy girl,who was,in between ,thousands of bangles,as she was the daughter,of late bangle maker,he saw that girl,who was none other than Riddhima,enjoying every colour of bangle to the core of heart, and he fell in love with her,at the moment when she saw him ,and excused herself ,with innocent shyness. Back to reality, Vansh: Her,beauty Rano raised her eyebrows,and smileed, Rano: And? Vansh: her innocence,purity,devotedness to relationship,her ,trueness,everything.
tera woh yakeen kahi mai toh nahi
lagta hai yahi kyon mujhko bar bar
yahi sach hai, shayad maine pyar kiya

aate jaate, haste gaate, socha tha maine man me kai bar
hothon ke kali, kuch aur khili, yeh dil pe hua hai kiska ikhtiyar
tum kaun ho, batla toh do, kyun karne lagi main tum pe aitbar
khamosh rahu ya mai keh du, ya karlu main chupke se yeh swikaar
yahi sach hai shayad maine pyar kiya, han han tumse maine pyar kiya
And then Riddhima got the breakfast, scene ended with ,all three having it,and Riddhima observing,Riddhima and vansh’s,pure relationship,of shyness and innocence,blossoming in love by their ,pure eyelocks.

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