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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 18

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Episode starts…

Ridhima: vansh Sorry for my all wrong deeds…I hurt you and blamed you….now I understood how much I was wrong. Please give on chance…..

Vansh was about to say but his phone range so moved out to attend the call.

Ridhima was in tears and remembering all the moments with vansh. She was afraid that if vansh didn’t give her one then she will going to lose him…lose her love…her true love. In frustration, she hit her hand on the headboard. There was a design that made nails so her hand was hurt and blood started flowing but she didn’t pay any attention to the wound. At that time only one thing was important that is her love vansh. she closed her eyes…..she got a flashback in which she was in the room which is filled with her photos and she was kissing a person passionately…..she was shocked with the view. Again she closed her eyes and tried to remember what she had seen earlier. Now this time she got the full and clear view.

She wasn’t in her senses and was not able to express what she saw. She wiped her tears and ran to vansh. She entered view was same as she had seen just before coming to the room. The whole room was filled with her photos….some photos were captured after her marriage and some before.

Ridhima: this room was not like this when I was living with him. This means he did when I left the VR mansion. This means we kissed yesterday night but I touch him. But how…. And why the hell he is hiding this fact from me. This proves that he still loves me and he playing with me. Now Vansh Raisinghania get ready to face me.

Ridhima moved back to her room and sat on the bed. Vansh didn’t come back yet. She was eagerly waiting for him. After time vansh came back. Ridhima looked at him.

Vansh thought ” what happened to her. Why is looking like this at me?”

Vansh asked ridhima ” what happened Ridhima”

Ridhima: nothing!! I decided to leave you as my proximity hurts you nah….I will go far from you so that even my shadow can’t touch you.

Vansh shouted ” No!!!! ”

Ridhima moved to him” what no!”…vansh stepped back. ” No need to go away from me. I am ready to give you a chance.” Ridhima came close to him.

Vansh: Ridhima what are you d.o.i.n.g…stay aw..ay…you chip…

Ridhima: you only said Nah… You are giving me chance…

This time he stepped back he dashed with the bed and fell on the bed. Ridhima laughed from inside and didn’t show any expression from outside. Ridhima ” what happen vansh”

Vansh was still on the bed and said ” what happened to you….why are you sticking like a magnet to me. Can’t you stay away from me?”

Ridhima with fake anger ” vansh your statements are contradictory. Tell me clearly nah what you want….you want me to stay with you or want me to stay away from you.”

Vansh with a frustrated face “do whatever you want….to make you understand a little thing is not a cup of my tea….(mummers) Chipku..”

Ridhima smiled and asked, ” wanna eat something…”
Vansh was about to say then she interrupted him” leave…I will make aloo paratha….” Vansh thought ” when don’t want to listen to me then why she asked….oooh God!! She is totally mad but mine…”
Angre came to the VR mansion and he was shocked Ridhima there. ” what happened Angre you are here?” Asked vansh.

Angre: these files are needed for you to sign.

Angre was looking at ridhima and she passed a tight smile to him. He took his eyes off from him.” Please sign them.”

Vansh: okay!!
He was about to get up but ridhima said: ” vansh first eat your food and he can wait also….by leaving food in the middle you are disrespecting food…”

Vansh signed Angre to wait and he looked at Angre with anger but she just smiled. She stood from his chair. Vansh” now where are you going?”

Ridhima: nowhere relax…

She took a plate from the kitchen and arrange paratha and other things. She gave the plate to Angre and said “have it till vansh is eating….”

Angre with coldness ” no need to do this as am not hungry”

Ridhima: I know I can’t arrange luxurious food as you eat in costly five-star hotels and restaurants but this is also eatable….take a bite if you feel you can’t eat then I will not force you.

Angre holds the plate and they finished food. Angre thanked her and asked, ” Ridhima why are you here?”

Vansh gave an angry look to Angre. Angre tried to cover up ” I mean….is any important work.”

Before vansh could answer him Ridhima came forward and gave him a tight smile.

Ridhima: Adat daal mujhe yaha drkhne ki mai ab se yahi rhne wali hu…..

Vansh was also shocked by her statement and he looked at her. Angre ” viyom allowed you to stay here…”

Ridhima: Angre, not this time….no one will decide where should I live or not….

Angre: he is your future husband.

Ridhima: not anymore….

Both were hell shocked with her answer…Angre and vansh “what”

Ridhima: I am already married nah….so (looking at vansh) I can’t deceive my husband by marrying someone else.

Vansh was on cloud nine and he wanted to kiss her lip from which she called “My husband”. His happiness has no boundary and he wanted to tell the whole world about his happiness. He was looking at ridhima like a lost puppy and his eyes expressing his unsaid articulations.

Angre with the cross finger: with whom are you married?

Ridhima: it’s a personal matter Angre and I don’t think we are that close so I should tell you…..even we are not friends…..

Now angre don’t have words to encounter her because she was saying truth…..vansh ” stop both of you and I have signed the file nah…tell me if you want something more…or han….today I will not come office I have to go somewhere so you have to manage all the things…”

Angre: okay!!

In viyom’s mansion
Viyom: Ridhima I accepted that you don’t love me but why are you leaving this house.

Ridhima: viyom I am grateful that I have a friend like you who think this much about me but I can’t be a burden on you anymore…

Viyom: friends can be a burden and I can not allow anyone to snatch you from me…..so you will not go out of this mansion that it…

Vansh: but if she doesn’t want to live with you then you can’t force her.

Viyom: you better keep your mouth shut. I am not talking to you and it’s about me and my Rdhima…

Ridhima: viyom I understand you but you can’t talk like this to vansh…he didn’t say anything wrong…it’s all about my choice with whom I should live or not and I have never given this right to anyone, not even you.

Viyom: but…

Ridhima: viyom no if and but…I have decided that I am leaving this mansion that’s it. I respect you and your feeling but I can’t do two wrongs to make one right…I hope you understand what I want to say and you would respect my decision.

Viyom: Ridhima I always respected your decisions can how I go against you this time. But promise me whenever I need my friend you will be with me….

Ridhima: promise!!!

Viyom: ghar bhi aati rhna….

Ridhima: okay!!!

Viyom hugged her tightly and said, ” I miss you”.
Vansh didn’t like all this and he wanted to pull them out how can he tolerate this some other man is touching his sweetheart or should I say, wife…

Vansh: Ridhima I have to go for some work so can you please do your work quickly…

By this, they broke the hug. Vansh ” viyom I want to talk to you.”

Viyom: but I don’t.

Vansh: viyom jus hear me out nah…I’ll explain you…

Viyom: did I asked you for any explanation or clarification….so keep your justification with you only.

Ridhima felt bad for them as they were fighting because of her only. She was guilty and on the same hand don’t want to interrupt them as both are childhood friends but it doesn’t mean that she will allow them to keep fight. Ridhima ” vansh I am done. Can we go?”

When they were returning Ridhima tried to divert his mind but he was adamant. He just ends his answers in two to three words. When they reached VR mansion vansh told her to leave him alone for some time. She gave him his quality time.

It was evening time when ridhima knocked on his room but vansh didn’t open the door so she again knocked. Vansh replied from inside ” Ridhima please give some time.”

Ridhima: vansh I just give one answer….I am that bad so you even can’t share your worries with me.

After hearing this question vansh opened the door and came out. Vansh ” Ridhima I didn’t mean that”

Ridhima: vansh if you can’t share things then what the hell I am doing with you and what is the need of beings with you if you are okay with being alone and lonely.

Vansh: Ridhima I am like this only…

Ridhima: vansh I am not saying that you change yourself for me….but remember one thing that now you are not alone at all. you will be going to find me at every turn of your life and I will wait for you to hold my hand and walk with me.

Loneliness and being alone can give happiness for short period, not for the whole life. If you share things with me then you will feel light. I know I can’t vanish your worries but I can help you to handle them, tackle them and make them less painful.

Vansh: Ridhima what if I increased your difficulty.

Ridhima: first come with me to the lawn as today’s weather is good. In fresh air, you will feel good.

They moved to the lawn.” Vansh when two people handle things together then the problems will become small in front of them. They can handle anything when they have trust, faith and love. Okay! tell me if I will have any problem then will you help me or not ”

Vansh: of course I do…what the need of asking…

Ridhima: so when you are with me how can anything go wrong with me. If case any you created any problem for me then you are the only one who is going to help me then what is the problem in this and I trust you.

Vansh: Ridhima I am scared…

Ridhima: for what?

Vansh: I am scared to trust you…. Ridhima what if you left me like earlier.
Vansh voice became heavy and he was unable to say anything…. tears filled in his eyes. With difficulty, he continued ” how can I trust you Ridhima when am a curse….who will live with me or around me who’s life will get destroyed…that is why mom left me when I was needed her most….Ridhima was just four years old and she….(with choking voice) she….she left me like I was nothing to her….she said that I am a curse to her and her life gets destroyed at that moment when I took birth.”

Now he can’t hold his tears anymore and started crying very badly…even he was not able to breathe and panting heavily. Ridhima was also in tears and she hugged him tightly.

Vansh: if you come close to me then your life will get destroyed like others who’s life is get destroyed because of me…everyone left me…first dad then mom then you and now viyom…

ab to har haal mein…
Ishake aage Kio raasta hi nhi….

Ridhima itane bhi Kareeb mat aao ki tumhre bina mai saas lena bhi bhool jaaun…After coming his much close to me If you also leave me….(crying) Ridhima…mai maar jaaunga….I will die Ridhima…I will die…Repeating this line again and again…and his voice started breaking and soon he fainted….


Someone range the doorbell and Ridhima came to check. It is Angre and he looked at Ridhima who’s face was pale and traces of tears clearly visible on her face.
Angre: where is vansh and why he is not answering to my calls…

Ridhima: he is in room.

Angre: okay!!

Ridhima: koi kaam tha….

Angre: yes…we have a meeting after one hour.

Ridhima: he can’t attend this meeting

Angre: why? And who are you to tell all this…call him

Ridhima: I told you nah….leave it…. he is not well so kindly postpone the meeting.

Angre with a worried face ” what happened to him…”

Ridhima “was fainted”

Angre became angry ” what he fainted but why… have you again touched him…”

Ridhima didn’t reply and looked down tears started coming from his eyes…..Angre ” why don’t get it…damn it…just stay away from him…how many times I have to tell you…your closeness is dangerous for him…now move out from this mansion….this time you are going to leave this city…”

Ridhima: Angre he needs me….and my love….my love heal his wound….

Angre: Not a word Ridhima…I am booking you ticket….leave this city now….you will not go nah so I have to throw you from here…

He grabbed her arm and started dragging her…
So what Are you expecting from Ridhima she will leave him like earlier or she will going to fight for her love.

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