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RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E21 (KILL ARTHALAHU?)

I’m so glad that my first ever OS received commendable response. Thankyou 😊 all!

Episode starts with:

Raichand Palace: Author’s POV;

Next Morning Riddhima gets ready and comes to the dining table, eating breakfast Abhay asked..

Abhay: Princess May I ask you something?

Riddhima: Go ahead dad!

Abhay: You are not at all tensed as today you have your Maths test. Still so chilled out! I’m mean that’s good but little weird.

Riddhima: Papa actually I’m prepared nicely. Yesterday I went to a friend’s house, remember? So I was taught Really well!

Piya: And nowadays you are glowing too much.

Abhay: My princess always Glows Piya.

Piya: Riddhima we have an important Business party in evening, will you join?

Riddhima: No! You both know na I don’t enjoy business parties. You both go.

Abhay: And you?

Riddhima: (thinking: This is best time to go on a romantic date with Vansh 😍) Aah! I’ll go to Shreya’s house and if not then I’ll stay here only na Alone, not alone even, whole day here are 10 servants working, they are also a family now. So byee I’m going to school.

(Saying so Riddhima Excitedly rushes to school, she reaches school and runs to Vansh’s cabin, without noticing Ajay and Angre, she as usual hung to his neck, giving a kiss on his cheeks says.)

VR School:

Riddhima: Good morning, I’ve a news for you.

(Ajay and Angre coughs, Riddhima hurriedly frees Vansh and gets back to normal saying..)

Riddhima: Good morning Sir, Good morning Angre Bhaiya.

Ajay: Good Morning Riddhima😊

Angre: Good morning Bhabhi.

Riddhima: Bhaiya please don’t call me Bhabhi, I’m way too younger than you. Riddhima is cool na.

Angre: But Bhabhi how can I?

Riddhima: Please!

Angre: I’ll try Bha.. I mean Riddhima.

Riddhima: Sorry I entered, I’ll leave.

Ajay: Listen Riddhima, next week our school’s co donator and your father are coming for school inspection, so I want you to look after the arrangements and represent the school as a topper!

Riddhima: Papa and Malhotra Uncle?

Vansh: Yes

Riddhima: No problem Sir, I’ll take care of everything but if there’s no problem then can I take V.. I mean Vyom and Shreya for help?

Ajay: Go ahead!

Riddhima: Okay sir.

(As Riddhima was about to leave, Vansh held her wrist, while Ajay said..)

Ajay: There is time for class to start, you both continue!

(Ajay and Angre left, while Vansh pulled Riddhima towards himself and caressing her hair asked..)

Vansh: You just don’t see surroundings and hung over me right?

Riddhima: I love you this much na 😍

Vansh: So what news you have?

Riddhima: Arey hnn, Papa and mumma are having some Business party and I hate those.

Vansh: Why?

Riddhima: It’s so f**k irritating, just wear a heavy, expressive dress and keep on dancing and talkin’, no fun! So I’ve an idea.

Vansh: What Idea?

Riddhima: We’ll go on a romantic date.

Vansh: What’s that now?

Riddhima: Aapko date nhi pta? I’m still thinking pyaar kaise ho gya mujhe aapse?

Vansh: Btaogi ki nhi?

Riddhima: Uff mere Angry Bird, date is where couples spend some quality time, over a coffee, or dinner or Lunch whatsoever it is. So today I’ll take you on a Date in evening, be ready.

Vansh: As my Sweetheart says 😘.

(Suddenly Vansh hears something inaudible to Riddhima, he says..)

Vansh: Sweetheart I’ll see you in the evening, right now I’ve to leave. You tell in class that I’m absent.

Riddhima: But where are you going?

Vansh: Will tell you in evening. Byee.

(Vansh leaves bidding a forehead kiss to Riddhima, she goes to the class and arranges a substitution, meanwhile Vansh reaches the ancient palace..)

Ancient palace:

Vansh: Bow down to you Aurrow! Heard you called me.

Aurrow: How are you Vansh? My bravest Boy! There’s a work for you.

Vansh: Say and it will be done.

Aurrow: Find ARTHALAHU.

Vansh: What? Why?

Aurrow: I want you to Kill ARTHALAHU!

(Vansh stands Numb and shocked..)

Episode Ends!

Precap: RIANSH’S DATE ❤️

Tell me your theories that What will be “Vansh’s Next Step?”

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