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Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF) chapter:-55




Chlo chlo… Jldi start krte h.


Yaad hu n mai??! 😒😳😆😅.


Ok so,


Let’s start!



Ridhima:- don’t glare him! He said right I am never going to be your wife nor his bhabhi!

(😂le bezzati!)


Vansh:- but….


Angre:- bhai I am going to complete the formalities!



Ridhima:- yes please!


Now only vansh, ridhima and nurse were in the room.


Ridhima checks him and says!


Ridhima :-nurse!?


Nurse:- yes doctor!?


Ridhima:- he can be discharged in few hours… Make sure you give his file to dr. Abhay! And pass all his medical history… He will make sure that there are no complications in future due this wound .

Don’t forget! Meet u soon!





Without saying anything else she turned and excited the room!


Vansh was little confused from her suspicious behavior!


Vansh’ s pov,

Isse kya ho gya!

(What happened to her?)

Why was she behaving oddly! 🤨!

Pov ends!



Angre was completing his discharge formalities on the reception!


On reception,


Nurse :- please, sign here,!


Angre:- yea!


Nurse gets a call,

Nurse:- just a minute sir!

Angre :- yes pls!

Nurse:- (on call) yes, we have done the her on paper formalities!


Angre -:done!?

Nurse:- yes sir! (Smiles)



Meanwhile ridhima left for R.S. villa!




After all the formalities were done and after changing he went to R, s, villa to pacify her!


In car,


Angre:- boss! (Cutting him)


Vansh:- why you called her ridhima!?


Angre pov’s

Now guys, please come to my virtual funeral, I am gone now! All are invited!

Pov ends!


Angre:- boss, she would have started scolding me!


Vansh:- not from next time.


Angre:-(brimming with happiness) ok bhai!


Angre’s pov,

The funeral invitation is revoked guys. I am alive!

Pov ends.



That’s all for today’s guys!


It was short, but will be back with the normal length soon!

I am busy with lots of schl works.



So here is the episode do tell me how you find it! Don’t forget to comment!

It’s decreasing, please! 🙃🙂😞💞!



Love you all!



Theories For:-

Did you all also found anything suspicious!?

Do tell me or just point out and stay tuned!



Silent readers please do comment guys. 😇🤗😇🤗.



Thank you for reading,



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